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4 Tips To Simplify Your IT Processes


Information technology, or IT, is at the heart of many business and professional structures these days, regardless if information is the primary focus of the business itself or not. Grocery stores, transportation companies, construction contractors – they all have to use IT to some extent or another, which means that understanding IT workflow is going to help you out as a person no matter what industry you’re in.

To get a better look at four tips that can help simplify most of your typical IT processes, consider hiring 3rd party help for your file migrations, keeping up with IT news with the latest trade publications, using the cloud to make sure you don’t lose any important data, and doing your best to deconstruct the language involved in IT work.

3rd Party Help With Migration      

If you can find a reliable file migration company, then you’re well on your way to peace of mind when it comes to knowing your data is stored and organized securely. There are a tremendous number of details that go into things like storage, organization, metadata, getting rid of duplicate files, and ensuring that formatting is not lost when moving files from one place to another. Rather than take this on yourself, at some point it’s just a good idea to hand that job over to the experts.

Keep Up On the News    

By reading the latest IT trade magazines, you’ll be making sure that you aren’t taken by surprise by changes in technology. This can be everything from new computers and processors, to new software that makes IT jobs easier and more efficient. Subscribing to online magazines is probably the best way to have up-to-the-minutes information about what is going on in the world of technology that can potentially affect what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.

Use the Cloud        

Cloud computing has been a godsend for many IT professional and IT departments within existing businesses. No longer do you have to have a physical computer on site to handle all of your storage needs. Instead, the cloud handles the data storage and is even accessible from mobile phones and tablets, which means that business can happen on the go more easily now.

Deconstruct the Language    

The IT language can be a little obtuse sometimes. However, if you take some IT classes, you’ll see that it’s possible to deconstruct the language down far enough that you can have conversations with anyone about it with a little bit of translation. Often, IT professionals get so used to only talking to other IT professionals that it begins to sound a bit like gibberish. To avoid that trap, make sure that you know what all of that language means when you get to the heart of it.


Using Stock Photos To Enhance Social Media Posts

Social media is a big part of today’s business and personal sharing worlds, so it’s no surprise that there can be a big emphasis on the photos and images that we share along with those links as well.  Two basic pathways that you can use when it comes to the images/photos riddle are to either make all of your images on your own, or potentially use stock photos to shore up your presentations. In addition to actually using the stock images themselves, though, you can potentially also use them as inspiration, use them to find color schemes, and also use them as learning tools.

Use Them As Inspiration          

In terms of inspiration, researching stock photos is definitely a way to go. Because there are highly-trained and very talented professionals that take and edit these photos, you can be assured that they are of a specific quality.

If you look into some of the most inspirational sites specifically, they will even have different categories and subcategories for you to look into that might satisfy more in depth questions you might have about what particular conditions should be present in order to use certain types of photos. For example, when would you want an image that shows action, and when would you want one that showed more of a static scene.

Use Them To Find Color Schemes  

Color is a major sticking point of social media posts. The right color schemes will attract the right kinds of people, so you should be sure that you understand as much as possible about the study of psychology of color. Once you have those basics down, you can use stock photography sites to see how they are using the human psyche to their advantage as well. If you find that stock colors that suit your mood the best, you’ll find that you can use these psychological triggers to help gain yourself an audience as well.

Use Them as Learning Tools      

Stock photography and stock photography websites are great learning tools as well. Why sign up for graphics classes when you can simply try to reverse engineer the best images and graphics that are already up there? Though that may not be everyone’s best course of action, it is, at the very least, free!

By emulating the behavior of expert, professional material, you’re testing your own powers of observation and synthesis, thereby becoming better at your own job as well. You’ll find that a lot of masters confess that they have stolen ideas from people they’ve found to be talented as well, so really, you’ll just be standing on the shoulders of giants one more level deep when it comes to making your own progress.

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Technology and Distracted Driving

We’ve been driving distracted long before we started being glued to our cell phones. However, with the technology we have all around us now it has given us more to distract ourselves with.

Comedy Defensive Driving recently posted an infographic filed with the best in driving fails on their website, and it’s pretty likely that some of these happened when the driver was distracted, whether it was by texting or putting on their makeup.

Here are some tips to help you avoid distracted driving so you don’t end up like one of those people.

Cell Phones

Many states in the U.S. have laws about texting and driving. Many people have been in accidents or even died because of texting and driving. in fact, texting while driving raises your chances of a crash up to 23 times more likely.

Texting isn’t the only distraction. Are you checking your Facebook while driving? That’s even worse! And it doesn’t matter if you just read a text. Plus, answering your phone and talking on your phone can also distract you long enough to get in an accident.


While eating isn’t tech related the drive throughs that put us on the road eating could be considered technological advances. Eating is a distraction, and so is drinking. Especially if you spill that scalding hot coffee in your lap.


Do not do your makeup when you are driving (this goes for guys too). You won’t get that eyeliner on perfect in a moving car, so just wait. Or, better yet, get ready a little earlier so you can do your makeup before you leave the house.

Kids and Pets

If you are travelling with children and/or pets you know what a distraction they can be. Feel free to glance in the rearview mirror if you sense chaos in your backseat, but do not turn around. That few seconds it takes you to turn can put you in a ditch or worse. Here’s a chance, with kids anyway, to put technology to use. Give kids a tablet to play games on when on the road. As far as pets go, keep them in travel kennels or use a doggy seatbelt for larger dogs.

Pretty much anything that takes one or both hands off the wheel or anything that takes your eyes of the wheel, even for a moment, is a distraction and can cause an accident.

Your best bet when you are driving is to just drive. Pick your CD or radio station before you get on the road. Buckle the kids and pets in. And, put your phone away so that it doesn’t tempt you at all. Then you’ll be safe from driving into wet cement or other weird disasters!


Cool Again: How Toyota can Make Prius the Social Champion

Toyota Prius

If studies are to be believed, than Toyota has a problem on social media. It’s not the way they handle their accounts nor is it any negative news coming in from various news sources. The problem they have today has to do with perception. Social media is ignoring the Prius.

Again, it’s important to understand that this is based upon an anecdotal study, not something that has even hit Toyota’s radar. As Green Car Reports puts it: Continue reading Cool Again: How Toyota can Make Prius the Social Champion


Embracing Technology for Inside and Outside Spaces

Your first thoughts when considering advantages that technology can present are probably going to be about inside activities or interior spaces. Computers, communication networks, phones, and appliances – these are all ideas mostly associated with indoor environments. But how can technology affect outside activities? Well, there are a billion ways, once you get started thinking about it, but for a few simple ways to start embracing outside technology, think in terms of outdoor design and lighting, smartphone control systems, and resources and research about outdoor applications that are now available at the click of a few buttons, or the touch of a few screens.

Outdoor Design and Lighting

Outdoor design has often been considered to be the territory of folks who’ve been trained to experiment with physical landscaping. However, with new technology, anyone can design 3D spaces using specialized software. In addition to that, there are some incredible lighting systems that are available now because of new LED technology, solar technology, and battery technology. Now more than ever, you can create your dream backyard by simply following the trends of technology that are available even to the average consumer. Now it’s not so much about cost as it is about creativity, which means that the thinking man or woman has a huge opportunity to make some of his or her ideas come to life with a little bit of planning.

Smartphone Control Systems

Once you have your outside spaces designed and set up with lighting and such, then there’s another whole bunch of fun you can have with smartphone control. There are apps that match with lights that you can set to timers and all sort of interesting patterns. Whether you use this technology as a function for parties, events, or just to save energy over time, the possibilities are there to really take control of your home environment, and to do it automatically and using mobile concepts. Just imagine, you can turn on, turn off, or change the lighting at your home or office from anywhere you can connect your mobile device to the Internet!

Resources and Research

Another major piece of the puzzle that technology has added to the equation of landscape design is simple resource availability. Because you have access to so much information on the go, you no longer need certain books, certain tools, or certain access to get to all of the data you need to make good decisions. By looking at pictures of landscapes on your mobile devices, you can compare and contrast on the fly, and even make adjustments to your prior plans without having to second-guess these decisions. There are also a number of applications that allow you to save information that will be accessible when you need to reference the materials.

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What’s Powering Your Tech Company?

tech company

Have you ever sat back and thought – ‘hey, what’s powering my company – literally?’ Because that means you’re thinking about electricity, and the power grid, and generators, and transformers, and wires and outlets. All of your best equipment is powered through the grid. All of your data is stored on devices that are powered by the grid. The grid moves communication from one hub to the next. Without the grid, your company can’t circulate its life force. So what happens when the grid goes down? Asking yourself that questions will lead you down a path of logic a reason, starting with the idea of a commercial generator.

Consider a Commercial Generator     

Personal generators are one thing – commercial generators are another. While researching commercial generators, the numbers you see will be quite different in terms of efficiency, power, strength, reliability, and retailer guarantees. The better all these numbers are, added to the fact of overall consumer ratings in the history of the particular unit or company, and you’ll soon find out what you want to buy, and who you want to buy it from. It’s a good idea to work more from reputation than advertising as well, so keep that piece of advice in your pocket while you’re searching for the perfect match to your situation.

Think About the Weather

One of the primary reasons that the electrical grid is going to go out is from bad weather. This could be downed power lines from high winds or snow. This could be a tripped transformer from a tornado or perhaps a lightning strike during a thunderstorm. Coastal areas have hurricanes. Weather is a fact. And weather will cause power outages. By having a commercial generator at the ready for your business, you won’t lose time, money, or valuable resources because you’ve gone offline. You can literally save your business tens of thousands of dollars in lost hours simply by making sure your power never goes off.

Make a Plan and Practice It    

After you have your commercial generator in place, how important do you think it is to have a plan with your employees to make sure everything works right? That everyone knows where to go? Which buttons to push? To get this organized, you should hold frequent power outage drills at your company. You need to test your major systems as often as possible, because the last thing that you want to happen is to spend time and money on a backup system, and then not have it work in an actual emergency, simply because someone got lazy about checking a system, and didn’t do proper maintenance and risk assessment procedures. That’s double the trouble and the cost, and should be avoided whenever possible.



Choosing the Perfect Chair

Choosing a chair for your office didn’t used to be the big ordeal it is today. However, that was before it became common knowledge that sitting too much can be bad for your health. As the number of Americans who work from their chairs continues to rise annually, the issue of office chair technology becomes more and more important.

And the office isn’t the only place we’re sitting. Movie theaters, lecture halls, classrooms, and more keep Americans in their seats for many of their waking hours. If you’re sitting frequently, it’s important to have your seat serve your health — wherever you are.

You may feel at sea when it comes to choosing the best chair. After all, individual needs vary; you may have sat in a high quality chair before only to find it immediately making your back hurt. Fortunately, finding the perfect chair for your specific needs is now down to a science. When looking to buy a chair, consider the following.

How Many

Perhaps you’re buying a chair only for yourself. On the other hand, maybe you’re looking to fill a waiting room with seats. When choosing chairs for people other than just yourself, it’s important to assess the needs of the people who will be using your chairs. How long are they likely to be sitting? Are the people using them likely to be older, making lower back support a priority?

Write down a list of everything you need from your chair or chairs. You’ll be surprised how many different kinds of chairs there are. If you figure out exactly what your needs are, you’re likely to get the exact chairs you need.


Chair prices vary widely, as you may have noticed in your research. Some office chairs will run you less than $50, while others boast price tags in the thousands. Before you set out to choose your chair or chairs, lay out a clear budget. With a little research into the type of chair or chairs you want to buy, you can get an idea of the price range and what you get for your money.

If you’re buying many chairs, you probably want to buy all the same ones. Rooms look messy and unprofessional when filled with all different kinds of chairs. Many companies offer deals if you buy multiple chairs or rows of chairs; this can help you save money while making a sound purchase.


Choosing a chair requires a lot of careful consideration. One thing buyers today can be happy about is the diversity on the market today when it comes to chairs. Because so much health-oriented research has gone into designing chairs good for the human body, you can rest assured that the chair you pick will serve you well.



Greening Multi-Family Housing


People who want to make our world a better place to live in shouldn’t be penalized just because they live in multifamily housing communities. If you live in an apartment, multiplex or townhome, you can still make green choices. Technology is making it easier and easier to make the right decision for both the planet and your budget.

Saving Energy

It turns out a simple light bulb change is a very bright idea. When you switch from traditional incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, you use about 66% less energy. And, the CF bulbs last up to 10 times longer than incandescent ones so you don’t have to worry about changing the light bulbs as often.

One big waste is all the electronics that that you think are off. Here’s a big secret:  they aren’t really turned off. They are silently sipping energy constantly. So, unplug the tv’s, vcr’s, dvd players, cable tv boxes, computers, printers and other electronic equipment. The off setting for the majority of these devices is actually a standby mode. The average household uses 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity on standby in a year. That’s enough power to run an entire home for over two months. The best bet is to unplug anything you aren’t currently using.

Caring Property Management

The people who are in charge of the housing units can make a larger impact than just you in your small part of the world. If the property management team and the owners make the good decision to have a positive impact on the world, they can set a major example of how to go green. It doesn’t hurt that they can also save money. Plus, it has gotten super easy for them to make the choice and implement changes.

A new device, known as a submeter, is letting multifamily dwelling owners make green changes on a large scale. The submeters can be easily added to a new apartment building or retrofitted to a building that is completely full of families. Then, the submeter can let the utility charges for the actual amount of the utility usage be charged to the resident. Residents are usually happy knowing they are only paying for what they use. And, they have control over the amount they consume, so water conservation in submetered properties increases. In fact, those people that live in submetered properties tend to use 20-30% less than those who don’t have submeters.

The submeters let the unit owners and managers know about leaks that are occurring, as well. That way the leaks can be fixed in a timely manner before damage is done to the physical apartment. This saves money for the owners, but it also saves money for the renters, as they won’t have to pay for the wasted water. It also makes sense for water conservation.

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