13 Unique and Complicated Calendars

We’ve all got digital time displays now (and some of us have $15,000 bullet proof watches) so no need to learn how to read clocks and whatnot. But, if you’re a historian, or a plain old clever guy or gal, maybe some of these complicated and unique time displays will tickle your fancy. Enjoy!

1. Jewish Calendar

Interpreting dates from this calendar would be a Herculean task, taking into account the irregular date formats. The duration of the month is different, the year is different, and pretty much everything else. Thank god, that a day still represents 24 hours!!

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2. Voice Activated Calendar

Have you ever forgotten your friend’s birthday or an important appointment? Well, then this is the calendar for you. You can record important notes in your own voice and when its time, the calendar will remind you.

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3. Shredder Calendar

The shredder calendar rules, not only because it shreds the days as they go by, but it’s called the Shredder which reminds me of TNMT and my youth. Plus, it’s almost impossible to read this one wrong.

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4. Roman Calendar

The Roman calendar is yet another complicated calendar from history. With each day represented by a different symbol denoting the planets, the calendar gives first hand information to historians on the importance of astronomy to our ancestors.

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5. Ink Calendar

This is the most innovative calendar-idea I’ve seen in a while. The ink is slowly absorbed so that each day the date becomes visible and at the end of the month, the ink dries out. Certainly, a great way to make you aware of the how time elapses slowly and significantly.

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6. Solar Calendars

The dates indicate the position of the earth on its revolution around the sun. Interpreting the symbols and signs seems a little too complicated to me. I’d rather pull out my iPhone.

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7. Perpetual Calendar

This perpetual calendar is made of magnetic pieces that have to change position to indicate date and month. It comes in black or red and it’s definitely a conversation starter. Good luck explaining it though.

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8. Imbroglio Desk Calendar

The imbroglio calendar is like a treasure-hunt. What you get as the result, is a hidden date! Imbroglio means “deception” in Italian, moving the magnetic cursor along the steel plate of the calendar reveals the disguised dates.

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9. Spiral Calendar

Why go for the long calendar that takes up your valuable space? Here is a minimalist-spiral calendar. It might take a while to get used to it, but once you do, you’ll have a fun time showing it off to friends.

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10. Multipurpose Calendar

Here’s everything that you want from a calendar and more. The 2009 concept shows weeks, months, holidays, and time all at a glance. The little hand shows the current day while the bigger one gives you the month and other information. Oh and you’ll need an inheritance to afford this piece, which will run you $94,950.

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11. Match Stick Calendar

Each date is a match stick that can be burned at the end of the day, or just saved for later. The unique calendar was designed by Yurko Gutsulyak. Just be careful what you do with the match once you light it.

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12. Timor Calendar

Here’s the Timor calendar, a rare combination of the best of past and present. It’s based on 20th century calendar design, but has a more modern Ikea feel to it.

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13. Scratch Calendar

With this calendar, it’s kind of like winning the lottery everyday, just without all the money. It’s a pretty fun looking calendar and is made from the same material as your standard lotto scratch off.

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