AT&T's is Now Open to the Public

Do we really need another buzz? AT&T thinks so, and today, they’ve opened up to the public. Buzz is a location-based search and review site for businesses where users can rate, review and favorite their local hot spots. As if we didn’t have enough ways to do this already (Google Places, Yelp, 4 Square, etc.)

Unlike Google and some of the others, Buzz is integrated with Facebook Connect and will likely soon integrate with Twitter as well. That means you’ll be able to send out a question or get a recommendation on the platforms you already use. Easy peasy!

Buzz is in beta right now but will likely see upgrades and changes as the user base grows. We’re also interested in seeing how AT&T will integrate its own network of users, specifically those with smart phones like the iPhone in hand.

Here’s a video that does a little bit of explaining of what Buzz does from AT&T’s end:

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