Change the Way You Listen To Music in Your Car with TuneLink

TuneLink Auto Wireless Adapter

Listening to the same old songs and commercials being played on the radio stations we often listen to in our cars just won’t cut it anymore. Many of us love technology and wish there was more offered for our vehicles, but without the hassle of connecting wires and using tools. We enjoy uploading songs to our iPhones and other Apple devices, but usually can only play them with an mp3 connecting while driving in our cars.

TuneLink is a remarkable Handsfree Car Adapter that allows you to easily play the music in your car without the need for wires. It uses Bluetooth technology, a built-in transceiver, an FM transmitter, and an advanced fast-charge USB charging port. As if that isn’t a complete transformation of how you listen to music in your car, you can also download a free application from the App Store, which makes your car speakers turn into a sound system for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad that can be played up to nine meters away. TuneLink also offers a “Share” feature that allows your friends or family members who also have the app and are in the car with you, play their music through your car speakers as well.

Play the soundtrack to your life loudly, with friends in your car, and while driving down the road. Easily make memories at the beach, in the snow, or while staring at the stars with TuneLink. It will ultimately change the way you listen to music while you are out living your life.

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