Discover What Your Influence Is On Pinterest with Pinpuff

Pinterest Influence with Pinpuff

A good many of us use Klout and Pinterest, which are two drastically different, but interconnected sites, for very different reasons. Nevertheless, we love sharing images on Pinterest and finding out our online influence via Klout, but what if you could have an influence score that is similar to the one on Klout for Pinterest? Pinpuff does just that. Okay, maybe I should have warned you by asking you to hold on to your hats or to sit down for this news because the mere thought of it is simply awesome.

Pinpuff is a free service that provides a clout score from the activities you perform on Pinterest. This service is not in affiliation with either Klout or Pinterest, but can give you an idea of how influential you are while “Pinning”, which is comparable to that of what Klout does with a combination of social networks. However, Pinpuff would give you a score that is solely based on your Pinterest activity.

By simply typing in your email address or Pinterest username, Pinpuff will then calculate a Pinfluence score from the amount of followers, pins, repins, and likes you have accumulated, as well as, provide you with a detailed look at the influence, reach and virality you have on Pinterest.

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It is a great site to use if you are looking to find out what your true reach is on Pinterest and in learning more about how well you are using the site. It is also perfect for businesses who want to connect with people who can share images of their products for more exposure and is helpful in tracking and measuring promotions or marketing activities done on Pinterest as well.

If you do enjoy using the popular photo-sharing site, than you just might like Pinpuff too. Find out more information about the activities you perform on Pinterest and discover just how Pinfluencial you really are with Pinpuff.

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