Hottest Gadgets of the 1960′s

Think your iPad is cool? Check out these awesome gadgets that were the envy of all geeks more than 40 years ago.

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  • Robert Capa says:

    "… and hence began the era of amateur photography."

    Are you fvcking high? Ever heard of the Kodak Brownie or Polaroid-Land camera?

  • Chris Robison says:

    The bit about instant cameras is way, way off. Polaroid began selling instant cameras in 1948; my grandmother owned one.

  • Indialoka says:

    They were certainly expensive :(

  • Brian says:

    You people are retarded, the post never said anything about these being the FIRST, it just said they were hot in that decade. Also, maybe there were other cameras before, but who cares, it's not like people could afford them, it took a long time before an affordable mass market consumer camera was available. Get bent

  • The Polaroid Swinger (wildly popular, "it's almost alive! for only 19 dollars and 95!") took incredibly crisp, perfect pictures nearly every time. Although the lens was plastic, the film stock was great. I had several Swinger photos blown up and they had silver gelatin, Ansel Adams quality to them. Later instant cameras were a let down. Wish those cameras still had film stock.

  • Retired Engineer says:

    Funny, I still have my 1960 transistor radio and my Asahi Pentax SLR, My how things have changed.

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