5 Gifts That Help Keep a Man’s Desk Organized

Everybody wishes they were more organized. You hear it every New Year’s Eve – people’s resolutions are to lose weight, give up a vice, travel the world, and get more organized. But then real life takes over, you put on weight, don’t quit your voice, browse YouTube videos instead of maps, and let your workdesk look like the aftermath of a hurricane. Fortunately, the man who lets chaos has options to put things back in order. Here are five gifts that help keep a man’s desk organized.

1. Desk Caddy

Pens, paperclips and other paraphernalia are useful, but they’re always so small and easily scattered or lost. Help your man consolidate all his writing and filing implements with a revolving desk caddy. It’s small, so it won’t take up much room on his desk; and it revolves, so he won’t have to constantly shift it to get access to the rear compartments.

2. Overlap Tray

Balancing comfort and organization can be tricky, but with an overlap try, it might become a lot easier. If his desk is getting just a bit too cluttered, the overlap tray will give him enough room to lean back and get work done without feeling claustrophobic. The recessed arms allowing for storage of pens, accessories and even a coffee cup will make a man feel organized – even if he really isn’t. This may be one of the more odd graduation gifts to purchase, but the luxury it offers is unparalleled.

3. File Box

Papers make the world go around, and files help us keep those papers together. What keeps the files together? That’s where a file box comes in handy. Get that stack of files off the desk and into a box, where they can be neatly arranged and pulled out only when needed, not unnecessarily take up space long after they’ve been used. A file cabinet is a similarly great idea, but a file box might be a preferred option if space is at a premium.

4. Post-It Holder

Post-Its are great, aren’t they? Scribble a note, stick the paper somewhere, and you’ve got a reminder. But what do you do when you can’t find a pad of Post-Its? Or a pen? Imagine if you always knew where you could easily, and simply, just pull off a piece of Post-It paper, and a pen was always there. That’s why a Post-It Holder makes for a great gift. Your man can download all the organization apps his smartphone can handle, but Post-Its will never go out of style, and the holder will always keep them there.

5. Stacking Organizer Trays

On a busy desk, preserving space is paramount, so anything that can stack is very welcome. Anything that provides some form of organization and stacks is a winner. With a set of stacking organizer trays, a man can have all his documents, stationery and accessories neatly arranged when needed, and easily put away when not.


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