Bottle Opener iPhone Case

So you have an iPhone AND you’re a lush? Well then, this bottle opener equipped iPhone case is perfect for you. You’ll be able to open a beer while you’re talking on the phone, playing Angry Birds, or searching for new apps. Right now the iBottleOpener is only available for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs, but I would imagine the case for the iPhone 4 is right around the corner.

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PR2 Robot Draws a Self-Portrait

Robots are great. They’re continually challenging and proving how robotics can help us move toward a smarter society. And then of course there’s the beer-fetching and game-playing robots we’ve come to love. Now, Willow Garage’s PR2 robot has been given a pen, and with it, it drew a pretty good self-portrait.

Check out the video:

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last update: April 18, 2014


USB Wall Socket

These days, the iPhone and other devices that we interact with most are USB friendly and often times, USB dependent. So it’s no wonder some genius decided to develop a wall socket equipped with USB ports. Not only does this wall socket allow you to charge devices using USB, but it also potentially doubles the number of things you can power from a single wall socket. Bonus!

The best part is that this socket retrofit can be installed easily on any existing wall outlet. All you’ve got to do is swap them out. Oh, and no need to worry about the vampire effect. The USB ports will only draw power if something is plugged in.

The USB Wall Socket can be preordered here.


Hottest Gadgets of the 1990′s

Previously, we brought you the hottest gadgets from the 1960′s, 1970’s and the 1980′s. This may not be the first time these types of technology hit the market, but in the 1990′s these are the products people would have stood in line for, much like they do for the iPad and iPhone today.



Thanko Button Camera Perfect for Spying

Ever pretend you were a spy as a kid? Well, your childhood dreams are about to come a reality. Sure there are other spying gadgets out there, but this genius camera masks itself as a button on your shirt. And don’t worry about matching your shirts, the buttons come in three different colors, black, white, and pearl. Happy spying!

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Diamond Lights Add Bling To Your Bulbs

This creative lightbulb design comes from product designer, Eric Therner. You can pick ‘em up from here if you wanna bling out your apartment.


Game Pad Turns Your iPhone into Game Controller

Gaming is HUGE on the iPhone, and what better way to enhance your game play than turning your iPhone into a full on game controller. Well, with the iPhone Game Pad you can do just that. The Game Pad slides over the iPhone and lets you play your favorite arcade style games. Right now, it’s only a prototype for the first generation iPhones, but in time, Game Pad could change the way we game on smart devices.

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Apple Gets in the Battery Game

Apple’s got a new product, again, but this time it’s not a computer, digital music device, or tablet, it’s… a battery charger. Yup, Apple just got into the battery game. Their new battery charger comes with 6 AA nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries.

Apple has also brought these products to market with the environment in mind. The new battery charger not only keeps you from buying and throwing away tons of toxin spewing batteries, but it also cuts off power after the batteries come to a full charge. Clever.

The charger comes with a removable AC plug so you can swap it out for other types of plugs if necessary. You can also use any AA NiMH rechargeable battery, not just the ones that come from Apple. You may never buy another battery again, or at least for the next decade, as Apple says their batteries last for 10 years and for hundreds of charges.

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