Hottest Gadgets of the 1980′s

Last week we brought you the hottest gadgets from the 1970’s, and before that we published gadgets from the 1960′s. This may not be the first time these types of technology hit the market, but in the 1980′s these are the products people would have stood in line for, much like they do for the iPad and iPhone today.

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  • Josh says:

    Isn't Nintendo NES redundant? NES = Nintendo Entertainment System.

  • G2D2 says:

    The original NES was released in 1985, not 1986.

  • Trev Edwards says:

    11985 for VHS??

    We got ours in September 1980. Rented.

  • Aaron says:

    Why is "available" misspelled twice in this infographic?

  • DEEP NNN says:

    Wikipedia pegs VHS delivery to consumers starting 1977.

    This fits my memory of events at that time.

  • Tim says:

    I still have some cassette tapes laying around.

  • techfox says:

    I feel nostalgia right now. I owned C64 at the times of its glory. This was so awesome machine.

  • George says:

    The walk man is my favorite

  • RaulJones says:

    I had the Radio Shack Color computer, a Beta tape thingie, a wired video camera (huge thing, it was), and an Atari 2600. I rocked.

  • noname says:

    The microwave and fax machine are both still selling well. Ha someone here mentioned renting a vcr, i totally remember that lol.

  • Carlos says:

    In this moment i`m listening my favorite FM radio in my Sony walkman I can`t believe how many years a have it with me.

  • Matt says:

    That's totally a picture of a Betamax player. My grandfather owned the exact same one with the haunting blue display.

  • Coop says:

    My dad had three commodore retail stores in Colorado. We started selling Vic20's, then went on to sell C64's. We always had the games before anyone else. Favorite game: Jumpan

  • Jayman says:

    Seeing the list makes me sad. What I wouldn't do to go back to that time and age!! Makes me realize how old I really am and it really sucks!

  • Dan the Man says:

    I think I got my Commodore 64 in 1985 and fell in love with it. I was still in elementary school. The games were awesome! Some of the video game midi-tunes are out there on iTunes, and I have them on my iPod now. I got my first CD player in 1987, but I don't think we got our first VHS player until the following year.

  • stilusmen says:

    Seeing the list makes me sad

  • whorker says:

    the dates aren't wrong – they reflect when they were most popular, not invented. (some of then even say "though invented much earlier")

  • Charles says:

    Wish I could share in the nostalgia, but, for some reason this all seems too recent to me.

    Have the last 20-25 years really gone by that quickly?

    Seems like just yesterday I was trying to get rid of this stuff.

    On the one hand, I still have our first Mitsubishi VCR from 1986, cost was $1000. Is it in an heirloom? A memento? Should I just chuck it?

    (And, yes, I also remember renting a Beta VCR in 1980 for my sisters birthday. The movie? Fame)!

    I don't think that I'm ready to reminisce too much about this stuff (until I have a few more grey hairs)…. or maybe I just started to, above.

  • michele says:

    My son used to play Zelda for hours on end. He's a career Navy man now.

    I miss those days…

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