How to Get a Job Using Google

Landing a job isn’t that hard, heck, passing out fliers is a job, but landing the job you want, now that can be tough, especially with the economic woes of late. With more people in the job market and less jobs to hand out, creativity just may be the only edge up you’ve got.

So, when Alec Brownstein went job hunting, he added 1/2 cup of creativity and ended up with exactly what he set out to get, thanks to Google.

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  • Hahaha! This is great. I actually did the exact same thing but with targeted Facebook ads. Worked like a charm!

    Now, all I do is recommend that people looking for work use social media and whatnot. Way faster and significantly more fun!

  • Marco says:

    Wait… so you are telling me that all these people google themselves on a regular basis? …I think I've done that twice in my life!

  • Kate says:

    Well, yes, these people should Google themselves often. What is said about these folks is part of their image and their company's image. For instance, say J.Q. Bigshot farts on a Tuesday. The media gets wind of this and publishes an article "J.Q. Bigshot of XYZ Megacorp. FARTED on Tuesday." Stocks plummet, investors are worried, and the board is in a tizzy. J.Q.B. sees the article before everything goes "all hell in a hand basket-y." The wisest decision he can make is to speak to the public or put out a release saying, "yeah, I farted on Tuesday. But, folks fart – I fart, you fart, kids fart. We here at XYZ Megacorp. are made up of folks, just like you and me. We are a company dedicated to helping improve the lives of common folk, who occasionally fart, like I did last Tuesday. If you happen to fart on Tuesday, join our Facebook page “I Fart on Tuesday” and let us know how she ripped. Stocks go up, public is warm and fuzzy about XYZ Megacorp, investors are happy, and board relaxes their butt cheeks.

    So, yes, absolutely – if you are a bigwig in a major corp., or even a small business owner you definitely want to monitor what the public (media included) is saying about you and your company – that includes Googling yourself and your company. It is when you don’t know what is being said about you and your brand, that the danger arises.

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