9 iPad Alternatives Worth Checking Out

Maybe you know someone that got an iPad. That’s cool, but it might not be for you. Check out these nine iPad alternatives to see which suits you best. Some of these offer features the iPad doesn’t have or can deliver what the iPad can but for less money.

1. The Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet

With its sleek design and 10-inch touch screen, the Notion Ink Adam Tablet is an iPad alternative to be desired. It also boasts a 16-hour battery life and 3MP camera. Also unlike the iPad, the tablet features a browser that supports Flash. Maybe the most striking is the Adam’s revolutionary Pixel Qi screen. The transflective LCD screen can switch between color and black and white modes for e-reading.

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2. WePad

This complete iPad alternative with Linux at the core is the WePad.  WePad is priced a bit lower than the iPad and comes with a web cam and 2 USB. Its 11-inch screen, faster processor, and bigger RAM makes performing multiple tasks a bit easier. And of course, it supports Flash!

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3. Dell Mini 5

The Dell Mini 5 is the smallest iPad alternative on the list with its 5-inch touch screen, but that just adds on to its ease of use. The device comes with a speedy 1GHz Snapdragon processor with WiFi, 3G and bluetooth connectivity. But the feature that really stands out is its ability to make phone calls (It’s like a big iPhone, or a small iPad that makes calls and fits in your pocket). Oh yeah, there’s also a 5MP camera on board.

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4. Fusion Garage’s JooJoo

With it’s 12-inch screen and onboard camera, the JooJoo is a worthy iPad alternative. It supports Flash and achieves 1080p video streaming. The Intel Atom / NVIDIA Ion powered tablet has a great interface and more processing power which gives the user an awesome visual experience.

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5. Viliv X70

This 7-inch iPad alternative is Windows compatible, supports Flash and has slots for SD cards and USBs. The Viliv x70 comes with a feedback touchscreen and unlocked 3G GSM modem. Its multitasking capability, built-in camera, and faster processor make it a windows-friendly iPad competitor.

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6. ModBook

The ModBook by Axiotron is an iPad and then some, including its Wacom-enabled 13.3-inch screen which you can write directly on for easy note taking. With a 120 GB hard drive, built-in camera and optical drive, the tablet is worth considering. It supports Flash, capable of multitasking and it’s even Windows compatible. How’s that for an iPad alternative?

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7. Lenovo Skylight Smartbook

Though the Lenovo Skylight looks just like a laptop, it may be a good choice for those still unsure if they should make the jump from laptop to tablet. The device mixes the features of a net book with those found in a powerful smart phone, making emailing and browsing a snap. It’s a lightweight WiFi device with 3G through AT&T. The device also comes preloaded with several apps to give you the ultimate iPad alternative experience.

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8. Viliv S10 Blade

Here’s a netbook with a swivel top-half so it functions like a tablet for easy mobility. The Viliv s10 Blade has 2 USB ports, runs Windows 7, offers simple multitasking, supports Flash and has a webcam. In addition, this iPad alternative has an unlocked 3G modem and video-out capability as well.

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9. Archos 9 PC Tablet

With a price tag starting at $549, the Archos 9 PCTablet it is a great iPad alternative and it looks awesome. It comes with an Intel Atom Z510 1.1 G Hz processor, 1GB on-board RAM, and is available in two models, 80GB and 160GB. The high-resolution 9-inch touchscreen and the two positioned leg-stands make the Archos 9 perfect for media and hands-free viewing without having to purchase additional accessories.

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  • John Smith says:

    Does no one know the difference between "its" and "it's" any more?

  • Adam Gorley says:

    Without (advanced) handwriting recognition, these things are useless to me. How hard is that?

  • Zach Gafford says:

    Would be nice if there were prices listed and links to the websites for each one of these.

  • Juivr says:

    Please, Please, Please, make a sortable matrix so we can compare these gadgets!

  • Libby says:

    NOOK?!?!??! Barnes and Noble

  • SlowX says:

    Is the vaporware store online yet?


  • Steve says:

    I stopped reading after mentioning the JooJoo. "Worth checking out" indeed.

  • jailbreak says:

    Nice list, I'm interested to see how the Archos does in the market….could do well!

  • Larry says:

    I'd like to point out that the ModBook is a Modified Macbook. It's a fully functioning former laptop computer.

    The pen is more than something to write with on the screen. It is pressure sensitive, so it's ideal for digital artists. And it's awesome!

  • amolpatil2k says:

    What will distinguish the iPhone its brand and ecosystem. The brand equity means Apple finds it easy to tie up with other brands. And iPhone app sales have shown that Apple can attract developers even with a steep 30% cut thrown in. Others won't get a chance to build their brand or ecosystem so late in the game even if they had the resources for it. Sadly most don't have even the resources to do so.

  • John Edgar says:

    But how mant of them can I buy right now?

  • Cameron says:

    How about the Iphone as an alternative? I did a blog post comparing the differences between the Ipad and Iphone and the iphone could do everything the ipad can do through the apps and more!

  • Dobbson says:

    This post brought to you by Adobe Flash.

  • Evan Jacobs says:

    @ Cameron – You're entirely missing the point of the tablet/slate form factor. It's supposed to have a larger screen so that you can more comfortably consume and create media… the iPhone's small 3.5" screen is not comfortable for continuous reading or media viewing.

  • Why do you fail to mention the Asus EEE touch series? T91/101 – they are fantastic and cheaper than the iPad and they are wonderful tablet/netbook hybrids.

    Also failed to be mentioned is the TouchBook…

  • Great roundup. I'd just been writing about how bummed I was that HP and Microsoft had backed out of their media tablet stuff, so I really appreciated your piece. Of course, now I'll have to quote you…oh, I already did: http://www.techrevu.com/php/Review-id.php?id=4327

  • rory naron says:

    oh apple knows about this, it's just they plan to release an improved ipad so people buy some more from them in the future and after that they make a much improved ipad so they can make more money

  • Teknisyan says:

    Nice… these are really nice alternatives but the question here is that which of them is faster, has an app store that can be compared to Apple's, though I sure all of them boast that Flash and AIR support.

    Need to make a comparison between these alternatives!!!

    Nice article!!!!

  • Techwatch says:

    I am a Dell mini man myself high quality image at a good price

  • Timsy says:

    Great list! I'll pick the first one :)

  • not2fly1000 says:

    There are more devices than these out there or that will be out soon. Check them out at alternatives2ipad.com

    @Adam Gorley: I imagine most of these devices offer handwriting recognition or at least that there's an app for it. My crappy smart phone has handwriting rec.

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