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The Elements for iPhone

There are millions of applications for your favorite iPhone gadget related to every field of your interest. It will not go in exaggeration that this company, Apple has really brought some great features, programs and applications that have been designed, especially for the scientists and inventors.

If you are not a scientist in present but you for all time wanted to be the same, these applications for the scientific needs and inquiries will definitely quench your thirst. Some of the top recommended applications for the scientists are mentioned below –


This is an excellent application for the scientists which allow them to view any image or hairpiece with the viewfinder of the device. It will be to a certain extent easy to use such applications which can zoom in or zoom out even the captured photos. You can set your own magnification level for a selected photo snap.

The application also provides the user with friendly scale which lies at the bottom of your screen. This is an application which also offers the alternatives to save the image or share it or send it to other scientist friend.

Genetic Decoder

For the students who are more interested in studying and researching in the biology department, Genetic Decoder offers you a platinum choice to disclose you’re genetic or DNA coding. It will be quite capable of organizing and compiling the significant data.

The application designers have further allowed the software an intuitive and comprehensive interface which can analyze the complied data about the amino acids and RNA codons. So, what you are needed to do now? Well, you are required to download the latest version of this biological application to your iPhone and start knowing the specific codons.

The Elements of iPhone

If you like the concept related to chemistry basics, this application can work wonders to your knowledge pool. In the name of The Elements of iPhone, it will offer you a wide variety of information of every element available in the periodic table. Just click on the specific element on your screen and leave the rest to this application.

It will show you all the required information, from top to bottom that will include atomic weight, uses and valence. Apart from it, there is Wolfram Alpha, which will provide you the latest information and news about the specific element. Though it is the costliest application for the scientific purpose yet consumers will love the elegance and importance of this application.

Solutions for iPhone

This application will make your chemical calculations and preparations much easier. It has the capability of supplying you with a lot of information about morality, weight and volume about any specific element.

It has also got recall functionality which indicates that the application will also store the previous searches done by the user.

Summary: - Scientists would love to work and explore many things on their iPhone. This is because the Apple online store has plenty of applications available that will give you the required scientific data.

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