How Technology Is Keeping Athletes Safer

Each sport gets to determine the type of gear the athletes will wear, and pro athletes can be penalized for not following all the rules. No matter what type of equipment the athletes need, all of their gear is design to help keep them safe.

Gear has changed over time, and it continues to evolve constantly. Scientists and engineers are always working on ways to minimize athlete risk and keep them safer. Check out some of the most recent innovations below!


With the threat of pee-wee concussions becoming a real concern, football engineers have been looking for ways to improve the helmets the players wear. They analyze the shape of the helmet, the arrangement of the pads inside, the placement and size of the holes in the sides, and the shape of the facemask.

All of these seemingly minor details can make a huge difference when a player gets hit. Next time you watch a football game, take note of how different the helmets are based on the position the athlete plays.

Mixed Martial Arts

Although these talented fighters wear minimal equipment, their gloves are an integral part of MMA fighter safety. They usually wear small, open-fingered gloves that weigh 4 or 6 ounces.

These provide sufficient padding to protect the fighters’ knuckles and hand during the impact of a strike. But they have another (possibly surprising) safety feature. Receiving a blow to the head with an MMA glove is far safer than with a traditional boxing glove. The latter are much heavier, which would lead to harder blows.


The most important piece of safety equipment for a soccer player are going to be the shin guards. These are usually made out of some sort of padded material designed to absorb the shock of player-to-player contact during the game.

Getting kicked in the shins might not seem like a big deal, but repeated trauma to the bones in the lower leg can lead to stress fractures as well as several types of bone cancer. The shape, length, and amount of padding on the shin guards varies greatly: Scientists are working on designing materials that are lighter and more comfortable but deliver the same amount of protection.

Some professional soccer goalies also wear soft padded helmets. A goalie diving for a ball and striking his or her head on the side of the goal post is not an uncommon occurrence, and some soccer players have suffered concussions or neck injuries. Currently, these are not required, but the leagues may decide to mandate goalie helmets in the future.


3 Ways to Use New Technology Toward Your Fitness Goals

New technologies and applications can be incredibly useful in getting you closer to your fitness goals, but they’re only helpful if you take advantage of hem. One of the reasons more people don’t utilize these tools is that they’ve had a bad experience with one that isnt effective.

There are lots of fitness-focused technologies and apps out there, so which ones are legit? And how should you use them? These are great questions. Here are three answers.

1. Diet

Diet is the most powerful potential contributor for positive results with your fitness plan. The best analogy here is to compare your body to any other machine that requires fuel.

If you filled your car’s gas tank with sewage and garbage chemicals, would you expect the vehicle to run well? Of course not. In much the same way, you can’t expect solid results from your fitness plan unless you’re closely monitoring your diet as well.

The diet-related technology we recommend is 100% mobile. Why? Because you need to make this as easy as possible and not add an extra step of having to get to a laptop, desktop, or tablet computer.

Here are five of the best applications for fitness-related dieting and food consumption. Make sure to check other “top five” lists frequently, in case you might find an app that works even better for you!

2. Goal-focused

Lift is a great new app that makes your journey a socially supported one. Whatever your fitness goal may be, on this app you can find a training plan and a group of people who are trying to accomplish the same thing you are.

3. YouTube

YouTube is a great resource to learn new types of exercises, and see exactly how to do them properly. The power of a visual tutorial is helpful and faster than written resources.

Downsides of application-based fitness

Of course, no technology or application can provide quite the level or quality of direction of a qualified fitness coach, but it’s a good start toward the accountability of coached exercise. It’s fairly easy to do the right exercises in the wrong way, and at this point in technological history, it’s not possible for an application to tell if you’re doing the exercises the right way (or resting correctly).

It’s also difficult for an application to replace the positive reinforcement and excitement that human coaching can provide, which can be the extra boost we all need to achieve long-term fitness goals and the creation of excellent habits!

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8 Ways Technology Keeps Your Back from Breaking

Everyday we take technology for granted. From the convenience of having a smartphone to the innovations of modern medicine, technology is everywhere. Unless someone is suffering from back pain, they probably don’t put much thought into what technologies are out there to help treat a range of back problems. However, those technologies can be found in homes, hospitals, and treatment centers across the world and help millions of people overcome pain each and everyday.

Technology to Saves Spines

Just in the last year, numerous new technologies have been introduced on the market to treat an array of spinal problems. Here are some of the top ones which stood out in 2012:

1      Bendini System by NuVasive, Inc.

2      The MAST MIDLF Procedure by Medtronic, Inc.

3      FIREFLY by Mighty Oak Medical, Inc.

4      Y-Wire by Safewire

5      DeRoduction System by Biomet Spine

6      Translation Screw by Biomet Spine

7      SpinePort MIS Access System by TransCorp Spine

8      NuQu by ISTO Technologies, Inc.

In all of these treatments, great strides have been made in technique, simplicity, and sustainability. The tools and machines that these companies produce make operations and treatments on the spine easier and safer. Procedures are performed in less time, with less anesthesia, and the quality of the tools, rods, and screws are improved and longer lasting.

Technology has allowed spinal treatment to advance a lot in recent decades. As treatments becomes simpler to perform, more patients are able to be seen and even more cases of spinal injury are able to be cared for.

Non Invasive Technologies That Promote Back, Neck, and Joint Health

The treatments listed above are all relatively invasive. On the other end of the spectrum, chiropractic adjustments are often just as effective for treating certain kinds of pain. Spinal adjustments help people around the world improve their back health and alleviate lower back pain which can result from anything from heavy lifting to sitting at a desk throughout the week from 9-5.

Suffers of many different conditions can find relief from their pain with pain-free, fast, and affordable chiropractic treatments and regular exercises. Chiropractors are able to treat a range of common problems including:

  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • elbow pain
  • hip pain
  • knee, ankle, and foot pain
  • back pain
  • headaches

Pain relief, improved overall health, and increased mobility can be achieved with treatments like chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and spinal decompression treatments (which treat injuries and displacements in spinal discs). All of these treatments can not only combat pain in muscles and joints, but also improve range of motion, alleviate stress, and even help patients get a better night’s sleep.

For more information about chiropractic technology, or to find treatment in the Seattle area, visit Graham Rehab on the web or at their wellness center in Downtown Seattle.


Windows Phone Goes Up to Bat

Microsoft’s Windows Phones have entered a brand new realm: Baseball. Thanks to the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List, fans of Major League Baseball will get a taste of all the wild and crazy adventures they wish they could have on a field. Steve Gebhardt and John Tramutolo – editors from The Roosevelts – will be executing the list, which includes:

- Attend the Hall of Fame Inductions
- Take a dip in the Citi Field dunk tank
- Water the Ivy at Wrigley Field
- Catch a home run ball
- Deliver the first pitch on a Harley at Miller Park
- Throw batting practice to a MLB player

Now feast your eyes on these incredible panoramic views of some of the sweetest MLB stadiums. (Photos taken with the HTC Titan II.) Submit your own Bucket List ideas via Twitter (@RSVLTS) using hashtag #WPbaseball or on Facebook.


Usage of Digital Signage in Banking, Finance and Stock Market Operations

Digital Signage

Marketing plays a significant role in setting up and promoting a business. With the advent of new technological innovations, marketing and circulating information has become easier and effective. Digital signage is an electronic process to put across information or market the products and services of a particular business. This type of marketing is found in the form of big board that is used for advertising which are eventually controlled by a computer. A very common example that everyone has noticed is the timetable of trains that is displayed on the platform. The simple functionality of this digital signage is that it is operated from the central location using computer software to provide the required information or used for marketing purpose.

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When the weather gets warmer thoughts turn to outdoor activities.  Whether you’re a nature lover that can’t wait for some al fresco adventure, or you are simply looking for a way to make an upcoming outdoor experience more convenient, we’ve found the best gear for your time in the great outdoors.

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How a Reputed Security Division of EMC fell Prey to Attackers

Security Breach

When it comes to cyber attacks and hacking, passwords are in the same league as aged, indolent security guards, employed by companies that prefer a false sense of security over actual protection. Users’ habits of keeping short or simple passwords, or ones based on personal details easily found on their Facebook profiles, have caused credible organizations to lose faith in the concept of “strong password security”.

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Science Over Showers

Plain Shower

Most first-world inhabitants take showers every day. We often take for granted access to running hot water and soap.

Sometimes, when we’re out in the world working or playing, we get dirty. It’s not like other modern amenities like phones or internet that we have access to at all times…

…or is it?

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