6 Excellent Money Management Apps

“There’s an app for that.” The phrase that Apple sparked with its revolutionary iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc., has taken the world by storm. Developers are working hard to bring an dizzying array of apps to the marketplace.

Games and other media entertainment are just the tip of the iceberg. Today, apps are used to promote weight loss, book travel, and manage finances — among other things. Managing finances through apps? Absolutely.

Developers have created apps that give both high-level and detailed insight into personal finances, in a way that is user-friendly, informative, and easy. Instead of tackling a user’s personal finances by one credit card, loan, or savings account at a time, the following apps gather them under a single umbrella to make managing money all the easier.

Spending and saving habits can be calculated, providing the analytics to make smart money choices and modify counterproductive ones. Instead of sifting through the many available apps out there, here is a “best of” list to narrow down the field.

1. Pageonce Money & Bills

This is the creme de la creme: get a comprehensive financial overview with this app. By connecting bills, credit cards, bank accounts, cellphone minutes, loans, and even travel reward programs, everything money-related in life comes under a single app that boasts bank-level security. On top of valuable insight, Pageonce is making bill payment available at a nominal cost.

2. iAllowance

Kids today are 100% digital. Ditch the 20th-century chore chart for this kid-centric app. Parents act as the bank and the kids are the customers. The latter earn money (or stars) through allowance and performance of chores. When they want to withdraw from the account, parents hand over the cash and note the debit in the iAllowance record.

3. Mint

Getting control of one’s finances usually starts with the basics of budgeting. With this free app, you can get a full picture of finances and create budgets. The latter is pre-populated and determined by spending levels. There is also a cash vs. credit feature that gives a little extra insight into what the total credit card balance is compared to the available cash to pay it off.

4. Expensify

Anyone who has traveled for business holds onto receipts like they are cash. The result? A lot of small bits of paper to sort through when it comes time to submit an expense report. This app simplifies that process beautifully. Snap photos of receipts, link a credit card, and magically find the info transferred to the expense report.

5. PayPal Mobile

Gone are the days where “I don’t carry cash” is an acceptable excuse for not pitching in. With the PayPal app, money can be transferred at no charge. With the payee’s cell phone number or e-mail, payments are made quickly and securely. The recipient receives an alert when the money is transferred and is able to collect the funds through his or her PayPal account. Like the eliminating all those paper receipts, your pockets become lighter with this app: no more IOUs!

6. Chase Mobile

Chase has led the way in integrating technology with money management. Mobile check deposits are available through a number of financial institutions, but Chase is considered the gold standard of remote deposit. Paired with easy bill payment and customizable alerts, Chase has made it a no-brainer to keep tabs on finances.

Different consumers have different needs. A single 20-something is less likely to need iAllowance than Mint to juggle a budget. These apps are affordable — many of them are free — and a no-brainer for anyone who is need of basic finance management or even close oversight of money.


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