120 Years of Radio History

Old Radio

For over a century, radio has been a centralized part of our lives. Before television and the internet, radio was the way that news was broadcast to people across the country and around the world. We were entertained, informed, and often shocked by the sounds coming out from the little boxes in their various forms.

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7 Startup Names with Cool Backstories

Have you ever wondered how successful startup companies came up with their name? It seems like a difficult task to find a great name that hasn’t already been taken.  We’ve dug around a bit and learned how these successful startups have all managed to find unique names.

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last update: April 23, 2014


Can Nissan Power Your Home With Their Cars?

Nissan Leaf

As energy prices continue to rise worldwide, many countries are implementing peak-time tariffs that charge more for energy when the grid is most taxed. The need for energy storage and alternative methods of non-grid energy production is growing and one car company is trying to position themselves in the middle of it all.

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Car Buyers Want Greener, Cleaner Cars

This article was originally posted on Green Car Reports.

While certain parts of the automotive industry might not be feeling the love towards the tough new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards announced yesterday, it turns out that 93 percent of car owners are want to buy greener, cleaner cars.

In a study conducted by Consumer Reports, 86 percent of those interviewed said they wanted to see fuel economy averages rise to 35 mpg by 2016, with 80 percent saying they supported a 55 mpg average fuel economy by 2025.
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The Original Hybrid

Part adrenaline. Part testosterone. All badass.

The Original Hybrid

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Science Over Showers

Plain Shower

Most first-world inhabitants take showers every day. We often take for granted access to running hot water and soap.

Sometimes, when we’re out in the world working or playing, we get dirty. It’s not like other modern amenities like phones or internet that we have access to at all times…

…or is it?

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Toothpaste, Re-Imagined


There are certain day-to-day items that we don’t believe need to be replaced. Toothpaste falls into that category, or rather the containers that they come in. There are very few variations. What works, works.

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Wil Wheaton’s Awesome Rant About Piracy

Wil Wheaton

When those who are from the entertainment industry speak out about it, geeks across the world rejoice. When it’s the controversial topic of piracy and who is to blame, that’s when the rejoicing has the potential to turn into a riot.

Such is the case for those who watch this video from Comic Con. Wil Wheaton wisdom shines bright and intelligently as his arguments about how the entertainment industry is prolonging the life of their greatest foe makes absolute sense. Bless you, Mr. Wheaton. Bless you. Continue reading Wil Wheaton’s Awesome Rant About Piracy

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