The Best Websites to Use to Look for an Apartment

The internet is chock full of different web pages. Many are filled with viral advertisements, banners and spammers. But there are also the millions that are quite helpful and virus-free.

Sometimes looking for a place to live can be tough. The internet has made it quite a bit easier, but even so there are still websites that are phony and don’t help people find what they are looking for.

There are plenty of sites that narrow apartment searches down. To the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, pricing, even the amenities included, there are great search sites specific to everyone’s needs.

Finding an apartment just got much easier

Many people find that moving out can be a hassle, but searching for a new apartment or rental can be just as troublesome.  Having to drive around for hours in search of a “For Rent” sign is usually a waste of gas, and stopping into each apartment complex usually turns out to be a bust. So, what is the easiest way to find a place to live?

The answer is quite simple. The power of the internet has it all, really.

In most areas now, communities are implementing websites that act as apartment search-engines. The sites are one-hundred percent local to the area to keep the searches relevant to people’s specific needs.

Which are real and which are phony?

Oftentimes it is tough to identify which websites are simply trying to track and spam personal information, and which are legit. For most apartment search sites it is good to check if they are verified with well-established online apartment guides.

Many legitimate search sites will be ILS members, a professional Internet Listing System that provides renters with the technology to search safely and browse listing relevant to their criteria.

Noticing if a site is a National Apartment Association Members also helps to ensure that information is safe and the level of professionalism is available.

What websites should I be using?

The internet is full of apartment search sites. Many of which are super easy and fun to use.

An excellent apartment-search website is 407apartments. This site is specific to the Orlando, Florida area and only that area.

It allows users to search through to specific neighborhoods including specific areas around universities and schools for students.

Users can browse by using keywords such as “Cheap”, “Luxury”, “Pet Friendly”, “Student Apartments”, Vacation Rentals” just to name a few.

There is an ‘apartment review’ section which allows current or old residents to post personal reviews for others to see. A section about resources and attractions in the area is also available.

Sounds Easy Enough!

Orlando is not the only area to have implemented such websites. Renters can find such sites in nearly every city or township they plan on moving into, simply using Google is a great way to start.


Cheaters Using Technology and Winning


In the gambling world there are cheaters everywhere looking to cash in on making some money fast. So much so, they have used technology to win and many have actually beaten the system, but like any crime, it catches up to you and they did get caught.

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The Technology Behind Memory Foam

When anyone is asked to think of mattresses and like products, they don’t really consider the science behind it. To be fair, a basic box spring, mattress topper, or pillow seems pretty simple, but there are some products that have technological advances which set them apart from the rest. Take Memory Foam products, for example. They have an interesting backstory, having originated in NASA testing labs, and have gone through a lot to be developed and produced for everyday consumers. Currently, Memory Foam pillows are some of the most popular on the market, and are proving to offer results that are unrivaled by the alternatives.

The History of Memory Foam

Memory Foam was developed by NASA engineers in 1966 for G-Force pressure relief on the space shuttles and to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Memory Foam succeeds in relieving 87% of gravitational force, alleviating that pressure from the neck, spine, and hips. In the 1980s, NASA released the rights for Memory Foam to the public and Memory Foam was developed for commercial use.

Since Memory Foam was made available to the public, manufacturers figured out ways to produce it at low costs in order to make it accessible to a large market. It has also found its way into hospitals and recovery centers, especially in cases where patients are confined to their beds for long periods of time. Memory Foam is able to eliminate most problems that these kinds of patients experience with other mattresses– such as bed sores and poor circulation– over an extended period of time.

What Sets Memory Foam Apart From The Rest

Memory Foam is characteristically denser and more supportive than other foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows. Its super dense cell structure, comprised of spherical cells, makes it reactive to body heat and weight, which allows it to form around the shape of the body and deliver maximum support. Because of this extra support, Memory Foam has been found to alleviate pain in the shoulders, neck, joints, hips, back, and more. It is also able to provide healthier sleep for many users and help relieve snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea, and many more sleeping disorders. The higher density foam products, which will be the most comfortable and long lasting, are going to be the best product available.

The amount of research that went into developing and manufacturing Memory Foam products has paid off in quality, affordable mattresses which have an array benefits. Memory Foam has been known to help people get to sleep fast, stay asleep, and have healthier sleep that offers more energy throughout the day. Using a Memory Foam mattress can help prevent and alleviate pains in the back, shoulders, spine, joints, knees, and more, and can offer relief for sleep disorders like sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, bruxism, fibrositis syndrome, rheumatic pain modulation, and sleepwalking.


Technology Versus The American Movie Industry

These two industries have influenced each other and have helped one another to advance. Movies have become better in quality due to new developments within the tech industry and the tech industry creates better gadgets with movie viewing in mind, but how do these linked industries compare?

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Technological Superiority: Star Wars vs. Star Trek


It’s an age old debate: which science fiction franchise is superior, Star Wars or Star Trek? There are many angles to take when wading into this debate, but this infographic looks at the technology in both universes, comparing what the Empire and Federation both have at their disposal.

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Nissan’s Live Chat Will Drive You to New Places

Check out this unprecedented opportunity! Nissan’s hosting a live chat on Facebook with the engineers who’ve put together the Altima for 2013. This new vehicle features innovative designs such as seats inspired by NASA and a Driver Assist Display. Find out about all of this and more during the live chat, Thursday, July 26th at 10:00AM PST.

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A Little goes a long way

Personalized Gift

I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who receives and reciprocates every ounce of my affection. With minimal arguing and a lot of laughter, I believe I’m in the crème de la crème of relationships; a coupling in which happiness outweighs any form of negativity. What luck! After all, achieving this kind of romanticism is often a difficult journey. However dating someone so down to earth certainly has its disadvantages. My boyfriend, and I’m sure many boyfriends, doesn’t long for many material possessions, making gift giving a nearly impossible task. So while yes, I’ve been lucky to enough to find someone really special, finding a good gift for my special somebody is an entirely different story.

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Windows Phone Goes Up to Bat

Microsoft’s Windows Phones have entered a brand new realm: Baseball. Thanks to the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List, fans of Major League Baseball will get a taste of all the wild and crazy adventures they wish they could have on a field. Steve Gebhardt and John Tramutolo – editors from The Roosevelts – will be executing the list, which includes:

- Attend the Hall of Fame Inductions
- Take a dip in the Citi Field dunk tank
- Water the Ivy at Wrigley Field
- Catch a home run ball
- Deliver the first pitch on a Harley at Miller Park
- Throw batting practice to a MLB player

Now feast your eyes on these incredible panoramic views of some of the sweetest MLB stadiums. (Photos taken with the HTC Titan II.) Submit your own Bucket List ideas via Twitter (@RSVLTS) using hashtag #WPbaseball or on Facebook.

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