MakerBot 3D Photo Booth Makes a Souvenir You Are Sure To Remember

MakerBot 3D Head Souvenir

We have all used a photo booth at one time or another while at a shopping mall alone or with family and friends. Once one is spotted, there is something that draws us in, whether it is for the simple reason of capturing fun moments or the possibility of making silly faces to be sealed in a keepsake photograph; we end up squeezing into the photo box, pulling over the curtain, sitting on the tiny stool, and allowing our picture to be taken.

After spending a few minutes in the photo booth smiling for the camera, you find yourself filled with excitement awaiting the photo strip to slide out of the slot. You laugh at the photos with silly faces and critique the serious ones, but in the end you would do it all again because it is just so much fun.

Over time, photo booths have gone from providing black and white to colored photos, to almost becoming obsolete, but now we can enjoy the fun a photo booth brings, but this time, in 3D.

MakerBot, the makers of 3D printers, recently unveiled a 3D photo booth powered by ShapeShot. Although it is not exactly like the photo booths we are used to, not yet that is, it does allow for you to get a 3D print out of your head. The photo takes only a couple of minutes and for five dollars, you get three reusable shots. Then you are able to order 3D prints of your head, which range in price depending on the size you order. So instead of taking home a photo booth keepsake photo strip, you can take home an awesome 3D printout of your head.

MakerBot 3D Photo Booth

Take a trip to the MakerBot store in New York City to try the one of a kind photo booth and get a 3D souvenir you are sure to remember.

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