Mobile Advancements Driving the Current Personal Technology Disruptions


What do eye glasses, stoves, and cows have to do with our future? They’re all a part of the rise of “personal technology” that is currently disrupting the way many people live their lives. For the most part, it’s not a bad disruption (unless you’re in an industry that relies on old technology). It’s just a change that is being enhanced by the exponential increase in scientific and technological knowledge being applied to the gadgets we own and the emerging gadgets of tomorrow.

Mobile is the driving force for many of these. The advancements in mobile over the last decade are probably stronger than the advancements of the previous century. This graphic details some of these advancements and shows us a glimpse of what our future may hold. Click to enlarge.

The Future of Personal Tech
From: New Haven Kia Via: Frugal Dad

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