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How Pharmacy Technology Helps to Save Lives


While you can still find the occasional pharmacist who uses a mortar and pestle, this field of expertise is increasingly technology-oriented. From inventory checking to ordering and tracking drug interactions, pharmaceutical technology has many implications for saving lives. Participants in insurance plans such as Medicare Part D Plans can rest assured knowing that this technology offers benefits with each prescription drug order.

Drug Interaction Checkers

Some prescription medications interact with others or with foods, supplements and vitamins that you’re already taking. Drug interactions may reduce the efficacy of one or more of the medications, which in some cases can be deadly. According to this article, many pharmacies are offering a variety of drug interaction checkers that both you and your pharmacist can use. Drug interaction checkers are available on mobile apps so you can determine whether or not it’s safe to take an over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drug such as ibuprofen along with your diabetes medication, for example. If you participate in a Medicare Part D program through a retail pharmacy, your pharmacist should also be able to inform you of potential interactions at the time you pick up your prescription.

Allergy Trackers

Allergies to medications are a serious risk to anyone. A medication allergy can develop at any time, even if you’ve used that medication before. Automated drug allergy tracking offers your health care team a way to keep track of your drug allergies so they can avoid prescribing any medication with those ingredients. Information technology systems are quickly advancing in their ability to prevent these types of medical errors, explains this article. By participating in a Medicare Part D plan and keeping all of your prescriptions at the same pharmacy, you can also help to prevent medication errors.

Automated Medical Records Systems

As the field of health care information technology continues to grow, patient medical records are increasingly automated. The use of electronic medical records helps to track your information, allow sharing between your different providers and maintains a comprehensive listing of all your current medications, recent procedures and medical statistics, explains this article. This means that the pharmacy where you receive your Medicare Part D prescription drug discounts can receive electronic submissions from your primary care physician and any specialists on your care team. You may enjoy the benefits of reduced paperwork and less time spent waiting at the pharmacy or doctor’s office thanks to this technology.

Mail Delivery Services Through Medicare Part D Programs

Many participants in Medicare Part D plans enjoy the savings that these plans offer. To save even more, you can arrange for your prescriptions to be delivered through the mail. According to this article, you can go online to request your refills and the technology systems will automatically process and fill your order. Today’s technology features systems that check to make sure you receive the correct prescription medication before your current supply runs out.


The Trending Reverse Mortgage Alternative

Many retirees have found it difficult or problematic to remain in their homes until death. The popular option has often been to utilize a reverse mortgage equity loan. A reverse mortgage loan allows a homeowner to cash in the equity on their home while eliminating the burden of a house payment. New regulations on maintaining insurance and paying property taxes have changed the process significantly, so fewer homeowners will qualify. However, many seniors are still making the decision to sell the equity in their homes in the event that they are eligible.


Every homeowner isn’t necessarily qualified to enter into a reverse mortgage. There’s an age requirement in order to begin the qualification; all successful applicants must be at least 62 years of age. The homeowner still maintains technical ownership of the home, hence the requirement to demonstrate ability to maintain property insurance and taxes. Single family homes normally qualify for all types of reverse mortgages, but some lenders will accept multiple unit homes such as duplex apartments.

Involving your Children in the Decision

The home will stand as collateral for the equity loan, so it’s important for all senior citizens considering a reverse mortgage to discuss the situation with their children. This decision can have a major impact on settling estates after death which can, in turn, affect any inheritance issues for the next of kin. It may also be necessary to revise a personal will before entering into the loan agreement. Because of the legal ramifications of the loan and the interests of the lender, according to, it is also important to discuss the arrangement with an experienced potential reverse mortgage agency. This is a very serious decision, whether it is being made because of necessary health issues or just to alleviate financial budget overload after retirement.

Technology Advancements are Making a Difference

The reverse mortgage option has been used in the past often by retired couples or individuals who have children living in distant locations who are not primarily interested in inheriting a home. Many seniors were opting to move into retirement communities or extended treatment apartment complexes while taking the equity out of the home for financial stability. Increasing contemporary technological advances are now making it possible for those with health and mobility issues to stay in the home with real-time monitoring and communication abilities that were not available in the past. In addition, many urban areas are upgrading public transit and disability accesses that make staying in the home a feasible and appealing option. The continuing of technological advancements will assuredly increase the number of seniors who opt for the reverse mortgage.

The decision to obtain a reverse mortgage home equity loan is a serious undertaking, but many individuals who did not think they qualified before may reconsider this option today. The availability of information online can help in deciding if they qualify beforehand as well as offer the opportunity to consult with multiple reverse mortgage lending specialists.

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Streamlining the Moving Process with Cutting Edge Technology

Although many people in the Windy City look forward to the prospect of moving to a new residence, these same individuals tend to dread the prospect of the move itself. The process of finding reputable Chicago movers, getting the contents of a home packed up and actually making the move is a closely orchestrated task that can easily go awry.

As is the case with so many other aspects to day-to-day life in the 21st century, dynamic technological developments now exist that are designed to make the moving process substantially more manageable, according to this article. As a prelude to beginning the moving process, a person should consider what applications and resources exist to keep the process moving smoothly.

Organizing the Move: Leaving Nothing Behind

A residential move runs far more smoothly when it is organized from the beginning. Unfortunately, in many instances, a move becomes nothing less than a confused, rushed and muddled experience.

When the decision to relocate is made, a person is wise to obtain one of the moving-management applications that are available on the market today. is a prime example of this type of application designed to bring a sense of order to the moving process from conception to completion. Another similar type of product is the House Move application. Both products are available for download to smartphones.

These moving-management applications represent relatively comprehensive solutions. In addition, these applications provide resources for after the move.

Technology and Scheduling a Move

A surprisingly common complaint lodged against at least some moving companies in the Chicagoland area, and across the United States, is the failure of a mover to show up at the scheduled time. Indeed, the Chicago Better Business Bureau logs a number of complaints annually about movers that do not show up at all.

Although this issue involves only a limited number of moving professionals, scheduling-related mistakes are always a possibility even with the most reputable moving companies. One meaningful solution that is lowering the possibility for errors in the scheduling of a moving company involves the introduction of more interactive appointment technology.

Historically, movers were scheduled through phone calls. With more interactive, Internet-based scheduling technology, a person in need of a mover can submit a request easily online. From that point forward, a person planning a move can access the appointment and track the processing of the request. Moreover, this type of system automatically sends appointment confirmations not only to the person relocating but to the team at the moving company as well. In addition, the system enables the customer to directly contact the moving company through email or live chat.

Some companies have enabled live updates. Like a package, movers can identify where along the route their belongings are, and they can estimate arrival time much more closely. This is very handy for those who are moving to a new area. The experience can be complicated, but there are tools available to make it go much more smoothly.

Merchant Account Solutions are Helping Businesses Thrive

Businesses are capitalizing on a variety of innovative trends in merchant services to build their enterprises, increase sales and have greater profits. Most retail stores and online merchants require the use of credit card processing to thrive in their businesses and build their customer base. Convenient credit card processing methods help to promote business efficiency and improve performance and productivity. Also, companies are taking advantage of options to customize their accounts to fit their business needs.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

Mobile credit card processing allows companies to accept credit card payments on the spot from any location by using a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone. This is beneficial for small and large companies and independent contractors who travel to their clients’ locations to perform services and accept payments. A card reader can be attached to the mobile device, allowing you to process payments and direct the funds into your business bank account. You can simply swipe your client’s card or enter the credit card details from any location in the world.

According to Entrepreneur, mobile systems are transforming the payment environment. Barclays Capital reported that sales performed through mobile devices in the U.S. accumulated up to $5.3 billion in 2011. This represented an 83 percent increase between 2010 and 2011 with regards to companies that transacted business using mobile card readers. This convenient method not only increases sales, but businesses can save time and money and process payments quickly rather than billing clients for services rendered. If you can access the Internet from your smartphone or tablet, you can accept credit cards online. There is no need to determine whether a client has the available funds to pay for your services or spending unnecessary time keeping track of billable hours. The mobile credit card reader will withdraw the required amount for your services immediately from the client’s account.

Cash Advances for Businesses

When overhead costs increase during low sales periods, many small businesses struggle to pay their expenses and keep their businesses afloat. However, due to increased government regulations on banks, many banks are denying loans to small businesses. They are requiring applicants to have higher credit scores and larger assets to get approved for loans. According to a study conducted by Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management, 48 percent of privately held businesses who responded to the summer 2011 survey revealed that bank loans are a major source of funding to help keep their business operations running smoothly.

Because of the declining rate of bank loan approvals, businesses are finding alternative ways to secure loans. Credit card processing companies are offering merchant account cash advances to businesses, providing lump sum payments at quick turnaround times, competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options. According to Motor E Magazine, merchant account cash advance loans are now accessible to companies without credit checks. Therefore, businesses that do not need meet the credit score threshold required for bank loans have options to secure capital from alternative lenders.


Tips for Finding the Perfect Care Home for Your Loved One


If you have an elderly or handicapped loved one that needs some sort of assisted living facility, you may be anxious about helping to make the decision. The same can also be said if your loved one will need a nursing facility to recuperate from surgery before heading home. Here are some tips for finding the right care home.

Search Inspection Reports and News Stories

The Medicare website allows you to check on the track record of facilities you may be considering. You can also ask for copies of inspection reports from the facilities, which they should happily furnish. If administration hesitates to provide them, look elsewhere. Also, run a search and carefully review any news stories about potential facilities, both positive and negative. If the facility was shut down at one point or has undergone a complete change in management, you may want to restrict your searches to only include items that have occurred since that event took place.

Consider Reviews and Opinion Sites

Do some digging on the Internet and see what families and the residents themselves have to say. While no facility is going to be perfect, be alert for allegations of cruelty, neglect, an overwhelmed or indifferent staff and other such claims. There are disgruntled people everywhere, but decide for yourself which complaints will factor into your decision.

Weigh the Total Costs

Few families can say that cost isn’t a factor when it comes to choosing a facility. If your loved one is on a fixed income, some places may be simply out of reach unless members of the family are willing to make an ongoing contribution towards their care. If your loved one’s care may last years, you don’t want to have to move them because of financial concerns. Choose a place that is acceptable to the family budget.

Visit the Facilities Yourself

Whether you’re looking for a long-term nursing home or a nursing facility for short-term recuperation, make it your business to go and check each place. Don’t be afraid to talk to the residents and those working there. If your loved one has certain religious, dietary or accommodation needs, now is the time to ask about them. The facility should be clean, fresh-smelling and welcoming. Trust your intuition. If you feel welcomed, at peace and happy while you are visiting, there is a great chance your loved one will.

Other Comfort Considerations

While everyone is different in what they would like in a nursing home, talk to your loved one about special circumstances for their comfort. Most facilities allow residents to have their own bedding, but they may not be allowed to bring in their own bed. Find out about the visitation policies, especially if those who will be visiting regularly work odd hours. If your loved one is a night owl, is there a lounge or solarium they could enjoy? What about opportunities to be outside or interact with therapy animals?

Being called upon to help choose a care home for a loved one can be an anxious experience, but it doesn’t have to be. By keeping these tips in mind, you can find the best possible facility for the one you love.

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Beyond the Car: Honda Technology On and Off the Road


Honda is a well recognized brand across the world. It is known for its quality cars that retain high residual value. Hondas are known to resell for top dollar in the private and public sectors, but what most do not realize is the reach Honda really has throughout the world. Honda not only builds the best vehicles, they also build other mechanical machines that outrival the competition in all facets of their business.

So we all know about Honda’s alluring vehicle lineup like the luxurious Accord, the sporty Civic, the CR-V, Odyssey, and Pilot, all of which can fit a large brood, the “green” cars that include the CR-Z, Insight, and Fit, and let’s not forget the rugged Ridgeline, but there is so much more to Honda than meets the eye. Did you know that Honda has a full line of powersports, jets, marine, and power equipment?

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Mobile Technologies That Allow You To Manage Apartment Investments

Apartment building ownership can be extremely profitable, so long as you have strategies in place to secure and manage your new properties. Renters can provide you with significant and reliable streams of income. Apartment building owners can keep track of their investments by monitoring several facets of their properties from their mobile phones. Take a look at these four app categories that will help you maximize your profits.


Some property owners will invest in home security solutions to safeguard entire apartment buildings, especially in areas with high crime rates. Vandalism and break-ins can cause damage to your property investment and lower the value. Security systems with remote monitoring features can help you or your property management company cut down on the risk of crime at an apartment building. Some of the security systems even from with automation features, allowing you to manage lights in community areas from your mobile phone, so that lights automatically switch on at a certain time in the evening.

Property Management

Property owners who decide to tackle management tasks often find that they have their work cut out for them. You can get ahead of these responsibilities by using apps like Yardi to track maintenance tickets and progress. These systems provide tenants with clear channels of communication when they need to report broken fixtures.

Rent Tracking

Some rental payment companies provide tenants and property managers with convenient mobile options. These apps allow your tenants to wirelessly access their online rental payment accounts, send money, and check their payments histories directly from their smartphones. Some local governments even provide online rent payment tools in their areas. As a rent collector, you can access these funds, get notifications when payments are late, and examine individual tenant accounts. Mobile app services cut down on the hassle of paper checks and postal systems, so your tenants never have to wonder if their payments have gone through, while saving you a trip to the bank.

Property Values

At some point, you might decide to sell an apartment building and hopefully gain a substantial profit. You can get an idea of property values in the area by monitoring apps like Zillow and Trulia. These apps can help you make an informed decision before you sell an apartment building.

Becoming an apartment building owner requires a significant amount of planning and responsibility. Take control over some of these processes by using mobile apps to manage maintenance tickets, rent, security, and watch property values. A well-managed apartment building can really pay off as an investment!


How to Squeeze Certification Into Your Lifestyle

Remember the college years when it was your job to study and do well on tests? Unfortunately those days are long gone and most people didn’t take advantage of that kind of sweet arrangement. Now you might have a full-time job, family responsibilities, vacations already booked and perhaps a pretty solid routine down as an adult. What happens when you realize an additional certification can boost your career?

Whether it’s a Microsoft certification or other industry certification course, it can make a huge difference in your career. It might lead to a promotion, the ability to demand much more money or opportunities otherwise closed off to you. However, some of these certifications are nearly a full-time job in themselves and you don’t have time for it. Or do you?

Time management skills

It’s time to buff up the foundation you set in college and get back into super time management mode. Start by knowing that every single person has time wasted each day and that everyone has the same hours, so you’re not at a disadvantage. Figure out some time at least five days per week that you can carve out for studying. It might mean staying up past everyone else, getting up early or giving up your weekends for awhile. Set your priorities.

There’s no point in pursuing a certification if you’re only going to do it halfway, but you can buckle down and give up some R&R time knowing that it’s temporary. Keeping a tangible calendar that marks down the date to the test can help you stay motivated. Also ensure that everyone in the house is on board to keep you accountable and not disturb you during study time. If you have kids, this is a great way to lead by example.

Tricks of the trade

Ideally, you can create a study space that’s quiet and free from distractions. Know your own best study habits (if possible, night owls should study at night) and keep any digital devices far away so you’re not tempted to check your phone or play Angry Birds on your tablet. With your laptop, keep any tabs and windows besides what’s necessary to study closed so you’re not tempted.

There are different options for certification courses including online, in-class and a mix. You know what environment is best for you, so don’t think that “just this once” you’ll be able to swing online classes if it’s not for you. Give yourself advantages because nobody else will volunteer to do so.


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