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4 Creative Ways to Help Your Real Estate Sell Quickly

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When it comes to selling real estate, it seems like nearly every type of creative maneuver has already been executed. And while that might be true – somewhere, somehow, nearly every type of idea has been attempted once – that shouldn’t stop you from going above and beyond with your real estate listing, and being as creative as possible.

Your agent may have some unique ideas for you, but take a look around the Internet, and you’ll find all kinds of extra things you can try to help your home sell faster (or at least generate some free buzz and word of mouth marketing). Here are our favorite ways we’ve seen people taking creative action to sell their homes.

1. Arrows

It’s been rumored that directional arrows sell as much real estate as the computerized listing systems, although that claim is hard to track accurately. Whatever the truth, arrows work. Find the heaviest traveled streets and place signs in a pattern that lead people to your property. Also include a URL on the sign, for people walking past it.

2. YouTube

Video marketing is only just beginning to materialize in the real estate industry, and you can be an early innovator before it’s crowded. Online video viewership is happening at an astounding rate, so this trend is here to stay.

You could give the tour yourself and make it fun, with inside information about certain areas. And nobody can quite convey the emotion as positively as you, since you loved living there.

3. Flyers

This old-school technique is one of the most underutilized methods out there. Of course, you can’t put them in mailboxes, but there are all kinds of places around town where free flyers can be posted. Just look for them, and you’ll notice all the locations you can use to create a little extra buzz for your real estate listing.

4. Word play on the city or street

Think of how you might play on the name of your town, and what kind of promotion you might do around that. If your real estate listing is in Truckee, Calif., perhaps you could sell your old truck along with the property! The ad could say “Free truck in Truckee, first accepted offer drives away happy!” That’s the type of promotion that will stand out from the rest, and it’s such a simple idea to implement.


Improve Your Email Use, Improve Your Clientele

The good folks at Constant Contact have noticed 5 main issues businesses face when sending emails that alienate their client base. Check out this short video that details 5 things your email recipients hate and what you can do to correct them. These seemingly simple mistakes can be the difference between effective and ineffective communication via emails and e-newsletters.

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It’s going to be a big day for young girls everywhere

Debbie Sterling was upset. She had just spent years earning her degree in engineering at Stanford, only to realize how few women were graduating alongside her. Her training kicked in, she saw a problem and immediately sought a solution. So, she started Goldie Blox. Goldie Blox aims to engage young female minds in the world of science and engineering through the story and imagination. Her hypothesis was proven and now her company had a thirty second spot during the Super Bowl. Not a bad conclusion.


Ford Gives us the 101 on Hybrids

Ford Hybrid

There is more and more confusion added to the mix every time the automakers come out with a new version of energy efficient vehicles. There’s hybrids, plug-in hybrids, plug-in electric vehicles, and likely several more on the way that combine gas, electricity, solar, hydrogen, nuclear, and gravitational energy induction to propel our vehicles.

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3 Ways Technology Is a Major Money Saver

If there’s one thing every household wants to accomplish, it’s saving money. Whether you live within a tight budget or you simply want a bigger cushion in the bank, cutting spending is something everyone is interested in.

Something else most everyone is interested in is electronics and technology. How convenient would it be if you could incorporate your savings into your lifestyle by utilizing your technology? Pretty convenient; good thing it’s easy to do.

Download savings apps

Your smart phone is more than just an easy way to upload photos of your dinner for all your friends and followers to see; it’s a money-saving device. There are a number of free apps available that allow you to save money in just a few seconds time.

The RetailMeNot app makes it simple for you to find the store in which you are shopping and gain instant access to current coupons and codes good online and in stores. For example, if you’re in a store with a coupon for 20 percent off your entire purchase and your total is $100, this app just saved you $20.

Barcode apps are another great way to save using technology. Simply scan the barcode of the item in which you are interested and see if it’s available for a lesser price at another store nearby or even online. It’s instant savings in less than a few second’s time.

Household technology

It’s a nightmare to come home to a house that’s so hot you can’t breathe, but it’s also a nightmare to see the utility bill come in at the end of the month after leaving your air conditioning turned down low while you’re at work all day.

Instead of making sacrifices to your wallet and/or comfort, invest in a Nest Learning Thermostat. It’s simple to use; it learns your habits and works to your programming to keep your heat and air turned off when you’re not home.

You can even control it with your smart phone, computer or tablet, turning it on or off when you’re at work or traveling. It can save you as much as 30 percent in utility costs each year.

Bundle household technology

What three things do you use more than anything else at home? The answer to this question is your television, your phone and your internet. Instead of paying three separate bills with three separate sets of fees each month, bundle your phone, cable and internet and save significantly.


Technology makes life exceptionally easy when you let it. Let your technology make your life less expensive by taking a few minutes to see what type of technology fits into your budget, works best for your lifestyle and saves you the most money.

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Science Proves These Quirky Activities Create Better Athletes

Our bodies react to different stimuli and activities in surprising ways — ways that scientists and trainers continue to probe in an effort to understand the human body better, and mold the greatest athletes of the future.

Below are some of the most surprising activities that can boost athletic performance.

Squeeze with your left, not with right

In perhaps one of the strangest studies ever conducted — one from which you would expect absolutely no conclusive or meaningful results to come — it was discovered that clutching something in your left fist (or even just clenching your empty left fist) increased athletic performance in pressure situations and prevented “choking.”

Clenching the right fist rendered the opposite result, however. It had a negative impact on athletic performance.

The reason behind this surprising result is that the left hemisphere of the brain, which is devoted to rumination (in other words, potentially over-thinking during critical moments), becomes activated when the right fist is clenched, and that may increase tension and introspection. By contrast, clenching your left fist activates the right hemisphere of the brain, which is associated with movement and motor functions, thereby improving physical functioning.

Sniff some jasmine

We know scents can have a powerful psychological effect on the body. It has recently been discovered that certain scents can even improve concentration and athletic performance.

A study of six Major League baseball players suggested that the ones who sniffed a jasmine-scented armband before each swing during batting practice greatly increased their hitting performance compared to those who sniffed an unscented armband.

The results showed that any activity involving hand-eye coordination or precise muscle movements could be enhanced by surrounding oneself with the sweet smell of jasmine.

Believe in something positive

Many athletes swear by visualization and positive reinforcement techniques to improve their performance, and science has backed them up on at least one aspect of this belief. In an experiment reported in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, white basketball players were better at shooting free throws after watching videos that portrayed white basketball players as the best free throw shooters.

Caucasian players who watched videos that depicted black players as the best shooters experienced a decreased performance. The study showed that believing in one’s own ability to perform a task, even when that belief stems from nothing but a generality regarding their race, can have a positive effect on performance.

So if you’re an athlete who’d like to fill your trophy cases with trophies and awards, consider sniffing some jasmine, filling your mind with positive reinforcements, and clenching a ball in your left hand when the pressure begins to mount.


3 Ways in Which Technology Benefits Travel

Most of the world has no idea just how much of a role technology plays in life. On any given day, however, technology probably adds to – or detracts from if you’re addicted to Candy Crush Saga – your life in a significant way.

One of the biggest impacts technology has on your everyday life is its ability to make travel simple. From gadets to apps, planning your trip online to staying in touch with everyone back home when you’re thousands of miles away, technology has made travel easier than ever.

It’s more convenient

A decade ago people used to use computers to check flight status and print directions to hotels, restaurants, attractions and homes of family members.

They then took that plethora of paperwork with them on vacation, being careful not to lose any of it lest they end up lost in the middle of a city or town with which they are unfamiliar. Today, you simply need a smart phone, laptop or tablet to do all of the above without a single piece of paper.

Now you can check in for your flight, download your boarding pass, check flight statuses, use your GPS for directions and book attraction tickets right from the palm of your hand.

It’s more fun

When you have your technology on hand, you can maximize your vacation time. So your beach trip is rained out and you’re looking for something to do. Use your technology to perform a quick search of the best indoor activities near your hotel and go from rained in your room to having a great time in minutes.

Technology also allows you to see which restaurants, attractions and events are the most talked-about, most fun and most entertaining wherever you are.

It’s easier

There’s no longer any need to spend road trips wondering if you’ll find satisfactory accommodations at the next exit. Now you can use your technology to get online and check to see what taccommodations are nearby.

For example, you’re traveling through South Africa in need of an accommodation. A quick Internet search using your handheld technology allows you to find the best Johannesburg accommodations available with your preferred amenities and price range.


Traveling is easier than ever thanks to technology. You can spend time FaceTiming your kids at home, checking your work email to stay on top of your game or just sending photos to your parents so they can see what a great time you’re having. All in all; it’s just simple and convenient.


5 Apps That Make Moving a Breeze


Finding a new house or apartment can be a long, arduous process– but it doesn’t have to be. These smartphone apps are like having a realtor right in your pocket. With better search options right at your fingertips, you’re sure to find the right home at the right price without any surprises.


This site offers an app that can serve as a go-to for quick listings. It boasts the most listings of any app, and it’s from one of the top websites for real estate resources.

2. Photo Measures

This might be the best six bucks you’ll spend while house hunting. This app tells you the measurements of a room just by taking pictures, so that you can plan where your stuff will go and visualize what it would be like to live in potential homes.

3. Mortgage calculators

When you’re serious about buying a home, a simple mortgage calculator will definitely help you determine what you can afford so that you can be focused in your search. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can get more out of real estate agents and try to tap into pocket listings.

4. Wikihood

Get to know your potential neighborhoods with virtual tours offered by this app. You can learn about a neighborhood’s history, demographics, and the businesses in the area.

5. Walk Score

Are you the kind of person who walks everywhere? If you want a neighborhood that has everything you need in one place, this app can help you get a feel for what it would be like to live in different neighborhoods. Find out which restaurants, grocery stores, and other services are nearby before you even go check out the listing.

A lot of these apps make it easier to find the perfect house on your own, but if you’re still wading through listings without any luck, you can find real estate agents or brokers online and benefit from their expertise almost immediately. It can be frustrating when the hardest part of house hunting is simply trying to get a hold of a real estate agent, landlord, or owner. These online and mobile tools should help you not only shop smarter, but also let you speed up the process.

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