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4 Early Learning Software Programs for Your Baby or Toddler

There are few things that are more valuable than a passion for learning. Part of being a parent is wanting to give your children the tools they need not only to do well in school, but be successful in life and accomplish their goals.

Study after study shows that the earlier you start educating your child, the better. Early learning is an important part of raising a happy and healthy child: not only helping him or her to be academically smart in a traditional sense, but giving the child the confidence and curiosity to explore the surrounding world.

Early learning technology for your toddler

The benefits of early education are endless. Learning doesn’t start in kindergarten or first grade, it starts at home. If you’re looking for some tools to help cultivate your child’s learning, here are four software programs that are designed to give your child an early lead.

1. Jumpstart Toddler

Knowledge Adventure, the company behind Jumpstart Toddler, has a lot of the same goals you do: to prepare your child to succeed in grade school and beyond. The Jumpstart Toddler software encourages curiosity with engaging challenges, games, music, and graphics.

Preschoolers that use the Jumpstart Toddler software don’t just get the tools they need to become successful learners, but they develop that even-more-important interest in learning as well.

2. Crayola Magic 3D

Many early-learning software programs focus on reading skills, shapes, and colors, but those aren’t the only skills your child should have. With Crayola Magic, kids can draw to their heart’s content and there’s no fear about their leaving crayon marks on the walls.

Creativity and self-expression are important in every stage of life. This program gives kids an outlet to improve their skills and try new things.

3. The Reader Rabbit series

The Learning Company is known for its effective and beloved educational products for children of all ages, from babies and toddlers to fifth graders. With The Learning Company’s software — specifically, the Reader Rabbit games — your child will have fun and learn to read at the same time.

4. Millie’s Math House

Kids learn in different ways, and everyone ends up being better in some subjects than others, so you want to cover all your bases in early education with regard to both subject matter and learning styles.

It’s obviously important to give kids early exposure to thinking critically, exploring creativity, and discovering a love for reading; but the analytic, logical side of their brains usually goes ignored in early learning. A lot of kids struggle with math and science simply because they were never taught to think in terms of numbers, which makes it hard to learn mathematical concepts later on without that basic foundation.

With Millie’s Math House, toddlers are exposed to simple math concepts and get to try their hand at using that particular side of their brain.

As a parent, you want to provide a solid foundation for your child. Part of doing that is to take care of his or her health with a good diet and by treating common problems like colic or infant gas. But you also want to take care of the child’s mental health as well.

If you get children interested in learning from the very beginning, they’re more likely to do better in school (from kindergarten all the way through college) and become lifelong learners. Early education can help toddlers get a jump-start on reading skills and creativity, and even promote good self-esteem.


Intuit Gets You in the Game

One small business got the surprise of a lifetime when Intuit showed them how much they were appreciated. What started as a small purchase escalated quickly, much to the amazement and joy of the business owners. The gifts purchased were given to Bright Pink, an organization focused on reducing risk for breast and ovarian cancer in young women. Find out what happened in the video:

If you’re a fan of small business, help choose the one that gets the big prize. Visit and vote for your favorite business. The winner will get their very own 30 second ad during the biggest game February 2, 2014.

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5 IPhone Apps for Atlanta Adventurers

Whether you’re just visiting Atlanta or you’ve lived here your entire life, there’s always a new adventure to have in the city. With the help of some free iPhone apps, you can be on your way to finding a new favorite hangout or getting a great deal on a local attraction.

Here are five must-have apps to help you find your next adventure in Atlanta.

1. Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura is a great website and app that aims to help adventurers find really cool spots that aren’t very well-known. If you prefer to get beyond the typical tourist spots or you’re just wanting to try something new, Atlas Obscura has a ton of bizarre and amazing locations to visit in Atlanta and all over the world.

2. Scoutmob

Scoutmob is your key to awesome deals and bargains at restaurants, stores, and local attractions. Atlanta is just one of the dozen or so cities that this app covers.

3. Beat the Traffic

As with any big city, Atlanta traffic can kill a great adventure if you don’t time things right. With the Beat the Traffic app, you can do just that: find a way around slow traffic and frequent stops and get on to your adventure.

4. CityPass Mobile

See the local tourist attractions — the zoo, CNN studios, the aquarium, museums, and more — and save a bunch of money while doing it. Those admission prices add up really fast; with the CityPass, you can get in at a fraction of the price, and all you have to do is show them your smartphone.

5. Atlanta map and walking tours

This app has both a free and a paid version, and it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to learn more about Atlanta and you don’t quite know where to begin. Make your iPhone your tour guide and get out of that hotel room … or if you live in Atlanta, get out and learn something new about your city.

To find more restaurants and businesses in the area, you can always check online directories — either while planning your trip in advance, or on a spur-of-the-moment decision to try something new. Whether you’re driving through Atlanta, flying in, or just taking a walk through your own neighborhood, there are always new places to discover and new adventures waiting to be had.


The 5 Most Outstanding ADHD Apps of 2013, for the Smart Device

Many people around the world suffer from ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This disease can be very debilitating and cause problems in all areas of life.

Not only children suffer from this condition, but adolescents and some adults struggle with its effects. There are many ways to treat the illness and many options to think about when dealing with the symptoms. One of the worst symptoms of ADHD is the inability to concentrate or focus.

Medical professionals, ADHD sufferers, and their families are always searching for ways to deal with these issues. Believe it or not, there are now apps for the smartphone that provide help in dealing with ADHD symptoms. Because technology has entered so many facets of our lives, high-tech companies have developed apps for organizing and remembering important tasks.

Here are five of the best.

1. Due-Super reminders/reusable egg-timers

This amazing app, compatible with the iPhone, reminds you of important tasks that need to be done throughout the day. The application uses 12 different alert tones with louder pitches being used for more important tasks and softer ones for casual reminders. This program is perfect for those who have difficulties with memory due to ADHD.

2. EpicWin

Never before have apps been this interactive and productive at the same time. With EpicWin, you can create an avatar with opportunities to gain additional riches and improving stats as you complete your chores.

If chores are not catalogued, then the avatar cannot be updated. This helps children with ADHD learn the importance of finishing their work through a reward system.

3. Dragon Dictation

This app is perfect for people who simply cannot wait to send an email or take a note. Instead of trying to text while driving, use this voice-activated app to do the work for you. For those who suffer with an attention-deficit condition, this app is perfect for keeping up with your fast-paced mind.

4. Attention Exercise

This app may just be what the doctor order for the ADHD patient. To help improve your focus and lengthen your attention span, its drawing exercises can work wonders. You should notice an increase in patience after the completion of each task.

5. Adult ADHD

Not all sufferers of attention deficit disorder are children. Many sufferers of this illness are in fact adults. This app provides a questionnaire to ascertain whether you definitely have this condition. The program suggests doctors and medications that might assist in the treatment of the illness.

ADHD is a serious illness, and having a way to control the symptoms is the best avenue of treatment. Medications, natural remedies and therapy are all good options. But using smart device apps can help to organize and control these overwhelming areas of your life even further.


8 Apps That Will Power-Boost Your Job Search


So you’re in that place again: searching for a job. The first thing to do is update your resume and cover letter. Then it’s time to hit the streets — or the web, that is.

Looking for a job these days consists of constantly tapping into the system. Whether it revolves around putting in applications, making follow-up calls, or even the interview process, there’s no time to waste. The competition is fierce.

It’s a good thing there are apps for your smartphone that make searching for a job much easier. Below are eight notable apps for your job search.

1. Snag-a-job

This free app lists both full- and part-time job positions. The search engine on this site allows you to search within a certain radius of your home for jobs that would suit you.

2. Job Search Engine by

This free search engine provides access to job openings listed only on the employer’s website. This gives you the opportunity to find jobs that aren’t publicized anywhere else on the web.

3. What Color Is Your Parachute? (Job Interview tool)

This app lays out information on how to nail an interview. The program offers advice on how to dress, how to speak, and how to present your portfolio for serious consideration. These tips were created by Richard Bolles, author of bestselling guide of the same name, What Color Is Your Parachute?.

4. Facebook for iPhone

Yes, the most popular social media site is also a great place for finding a job. Use the Facebook app to post your qualifications, check out all job pages, and keep in touch with various updates and statuses. Facebook is a virtual stew of information and there’s a constant flow of opportunities.

5. LinkedIn

This app has all the amenities of a social site with the addition of open job search capabilities. When you fill out the profile, the LinkedIn system automatically does a search for classified job ads that fit your qualifications. This app is a multi-purpose job tool that works wonders.

6. Pocket Resume

This app empowers you to make and send your resume right from your smartphone. You not longer have to wait to snag that job.

7. Interview prep questions

This awesome app uses flash cards with every possible question that might be asked at an interview. The app also provides the best possible answers in many different job situations.

8. Snap Dat digital business cards

This app designs and sends an unlimited number of business cards to prospective employers. Both the design and delivery of each card is free of charge, just like the app.

It’s worth repeating that each one of these smartphone apps is free. To maximize your chances of getting a great job, turn to these apps to get an edge over the competition.

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4 Superheroes That Have Office Day Jobs

Who doesn’t love a superhero? I mean, comic books have came to the rescue of many a mundane life: they take the average kid into a world of amazing feats and magic. The superhero with amazing abilities is larger than life.

But there’s another side to the superhero to which we rarely pay homage. The fact that these superheroes have a regular life with an ordinary office job makes them more human to us.

They deal with some of the same issues that many of the rest of us face in the office environment. So which one of our dashing heroes has that 9-5 office job? There are four very well-known superheroes that work in an office during the day.

1. Spider-Man

Peter Parker, high school grad and newspaper photographer is our hero! While in costume as the web-crawling crime fighter Spider-Man, he amazes and intrigues with his ability to capture villains.

His life is clearly a duality. By day, he’s a geeky free-lance newspaper photographer who just cannot seem to catch a break from his boss, J. Jonah Jameson. The difference between this character and his costumed alter ego is as huge as from day to night. Who would have believed that Peter Parker could have such confidence in costume?

2. Iron Man

Tony Stark, the conceited CEO of Stark Enterprises, is an amazing superhero. Though he transforms from office to armor-wearing hero by night, his personality remains the same within the office.

His careless attitude and demeanor have unnerved many of his coworkers and subordinates. Does Tony Stark care about his reputation? Not at all!

3. She-Hulk

Not only is Jennifer Walters strong and undefeatable as the crime-fighting green monster, she’s also a ruthless lawyer with the firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and Holliway. She seldom ever loses a case. On many occasions she has helped her fellow superheroes in legal jams as well.

4. Batman

Bruce Wayne, the gothic superhero we all love, has a fairly normal life as a wealthy businessman. His high-society lifestyle is the flip side of his serious personality as the Batman.

When he fights crime, we can almost see him standing aside and dusting off his costume. His values and focus on the good of society show in his clean-cut hero attributes.

As we see, superheroes are not usually reckless (with the possible exception of Tony Stark). Some superheroes live something of the day-to-day life that most of us do. By day, the serious office duties may hold their attention; but at night, the world is grateful for the superhero’s daring rescue.


7 Things to Consider Before You Upgrade to iOS 7

With the release of the new iOS 7 for the iPhone and iPad, millions of Apple product owners have been diligently upgrading their devices. If you’ve yet to do so, now’s the time to focus on whether or not the new upgrade is for you.

There are a few things Apple owners should consider before downloading the new iOS 7. Consider the following seven items.

1. A different look and feel

One of the first considerations is the fact that the iOS 7 is going to change the entire look and feel of your operating system. Even the icons on your phone will change.

This is the biggest shift in the Apple operating system since the debut of the iOS about six years ago.

2. It saves time

Ever spent a few precious moments unlocking your iPhone in an attempt to get to your calculator or flashlight app, so you could do what you needed to do as quickly as possible? If so, you know it can be time-consuming.

The new iOS 7 saves time using these apps. It offers shortcuts to commonly used features such as your camera, flashlight, calculator, time, and even airplane mode.

3. Notifications are more streamlined

If you use your Apple device often, you know that you now have to check your notification application to see what’s in store for the day. It’s a busy screen with a lot going on, including stock market readings, small calendar updates, and a minimal weather logo.

The new notifications settings make it easier to see your entire day, the weather, and even what’s in store on your daily commute. It’s faster, more streamlined, and more efficient.

4. Little re-learning

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the iOS 7 update is the fact that while it’s better and more streamlined, it won’t take you long to figure out how to use it. The updates are efficient but they aren’t complicated.

5. Downside of not updating

If you choose not to update your phone right away, you won’t notice anything. The only difference between your phone and someone with the update is the overall look and the access to some cool new devices. But if you haven’t had them, you won’t miss them.

In the long run, however, many different apps will start supporting the iOS 7 update only, and will no longer work on your outdated iOS settings. This won’t happen for a while, though, so there’s no need to panic.

6. Easier mobile content

By now you know that mobile content marketing is more popular than ever. You can see it easily when you click on a website on your mobile device and view it as either a regular version or in mobile format.

Because so many people use their mobile devices to search the Internet, read the paper, visit websites, and even shop, there’s a growing need for mobile content marketing — something worth learning more about.

7. Making the change

While it’s not going to hurt you to wait, this kind of update requires you to save your data, spend time backing up everything, and relearn some of your phone functions. Many experts recommend waiting a few months until Apple releases the first updated version of the iOS 7, which will be free of the glitches and bugs that will undoubtedly occur on this introductory version.

There’s always something to consider when making a big change in your Apple device, but these seven tips will help you decide whether or not the upgrade is worth taking now or waiting until the updated version is released.

The choice is personal, but it’s rarely a mistake to have the latest and the best upgrades and updates available on your mobile devices, especially when they’re Apple products.


7 Ways To Make Your Tumblr Look Better

Your website is yours. It says a lot about you. It’s your representation of yourself unto the world.

There are trillions of websites on the searchable world wide web and thousands more being made every month. Some of them were made by people like you, for nothing. Others were made by multi-national conglomerates of marketing and PR firms that charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for building and maintaining them.

No matter who makes your site though, crap is crap. And a lot of people putting stuff together for Tumblr users are making crap and charging you a boatload for it.

It’s 2013. The internet is teeming with a wealth of knowledge to help you do everything from tie your shoes, to building a business and beyond. Use its resources to help you. And to, more specifically, help you adequately represent yourself to the world. Here are some steps to make your Tumblr site look good.

Pay someone to make a theme

There are many ways to skin a cat. The easiest of which is to pay someone else to do your dirty work. When you first make your Tumblr there are a bunch of designs that you can pay for. You can get them for pretty cheap too considering that once you buy you have it forever. Don’t like it? Buy another one.

Buy a theme

You’re a new Tumblr user checking out those pay-to-install Tumblr themes, huh? Well right next to them are a bunch of free ones. A lot of them aren’t as sweet-looking. But they will suffice for what you’re looking to accomplish. But you should look carefully. There are some gems in the bunch.

Build a theme from scratch

If you want to build your own Tumblr from the bottom up, you can do your own coding. Even if you don’t code, there are tutorials online of how to make your Tumblr look exactly how you want.

This is one of many Tumblr pages that will coach you from the bottom up on how to rearrange and design your page to make it good and pretty.

This Tumblr page will show you exactly how to input code to get the look and design you were looking for. Pick it up, play with it and experiment. It will take some time, but at least it doesn’t cost money, right?

Use someone else’s theme

If you don’t have the patience to build your own theme or you don’t want to patrol all the options available for pay or for free just take someone else’s theme. You liked their page and the way it looked? Most all of them will tell you where the them originated. If not, ask the page owner. Go get it. Done.

Make your own graphics

No need to go scouring the web for graphics everywhere. Just take your own pictures and edit them at It’s not quite Adobe Photoshop, but it works very very well for most everything you need it for. And your pictures will look professional and unique…which is what you were looking for, right?

Keep it simple, stupid

K.I.S.S. From naming your Tumblr to choosing the posts things work better when you keep them brief and simple. The reason people come to your page isn’t to see you wax on at length about things you do and don’t like. If they did they’d be listening to the radio. Tumblr is a success because of brevity. Learn it. Use it. Love it.

Post every day

The #1 rule to getting eyeballs to your page is getting fresh content up every day. Several times a day if you can. But at least once. Even if you don’t tag your posts correctly. Even if you don’t always keep the focus of your Tumblr specific to why you created it. Posting consistently will bring you attention and establish you within the Tumblr community.

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