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Should You Get an Unlocked Phone?

Unlike most smartphones, unlocked phones aren’t enslaved to a specific carrier such as AT&T or Verizon. They’ll work on any network within the CSM cellular family via a SIM card.

In the US, only H2O, T-Mobile, and AT&T employ GSM networks. Other carriers opt for CDMA signals.

In other words, if you want an unlocked phone, your only options are those previously tied to the three GSM networks in the US. However, that still gives savvy shoppers plenty of options.

It’s legal to purchase unlocked phones with no contract or carrier plan attached, and it can save you a lot of money. You also need to buy a separate SIM card from either a carrier or prepaid company of your choosing in order to activate it.

In many cases, reputable companies that sell unlocked phones also offer SIM cards at a great price. Opt for a month-to-month service to avoid contracts, and rest easy knowing you can pick up a new SIM card anywhere in the world.

Benefits of unlocked phones

There’s no other option for international travelers who want to keep out-of-country costs to a minimum. If you plan to make calls in the country you’re visiting, you need to sidestep those disturbing roaming fees.

With a local SIM card, you get a local number and can use your phone as if you lived in France, Greece, or wherever else you’re visiting. For multi-nation hoppers, an international SIM card offers much lower rates than roaming charges.

However, if you want to call “back home” while abroad, you can simply travel with your US number and make calls as if you were in the US. Calls and texts will cost a little more, but there’s no need to keep changing your number for those who want to call you.

Carrying multiple SIM cards is a boon if you frequent the same international territories. When you have a US and destination country SIM card connected to the same phone, you can take calls via your US number while also receiving calls locally for the best rates.

Better selection and rates

Usually, even after you add in the SIM card, unlocked phones are less expensive. The total phone price becomes subsidized via monthly fees when you’re in a contract.

The initial price might seem like more, but not if you factor in the monthly rate of committing to a contract. Plus, you can always opt for cheaper data or voice plans to save even more. Crunch those numbers and see just how much you could save.

Finally, you’re going to have a wider selection if you go the unlocked route. Carriers have to pick which phones they offer, but that’s not the case with unlocked phones. You can go Apple, Nokia, Samsung, or anything else.


Four Ways to Increase Sales in Your Small Business

The International Data Group places the number of small businesses in the United States at just north of 8 million, which comprises a whopping 99.7 percent of all employers. If you are in charge of one of these small businesses, you likely focus on a variety of issues such as customer satisfaction, employee retention and loss prevention, but sales is likely one of the most important. If you’re hunting for ways to boost the bottom line and bring in more sales, here are some tips to attract more clients and increase their engagement with you.

Make Customers Aware of Their Options

Many purchases go together naturally. For example, if you run a camping store, your customers looking at tents may also be interested in sleeping bags and water-resistant pillows. However, they may not think of these items unless your sales associates bring them up and show them your selection. This is especially true if your store attracts those who are new to your products and what will be needed. While you don’t need pushy or hovering salespeople, your employees do need to point out logical connections and assist customers with their shopping experience.

Offer Solutions to Your Clients’ Problems

Everyone has heard of that one small business in town where the person in charge can fix anything, whether it be a computer business who can coax even the most fried hard drive back to life or a mechanic that has miraculously kept your 19-year-old Buick on the road. Strive to make that your business, no matter what your niche. Train your staff to be genuine and helpful at all times. Customers will always remember you, and will come to you the next time they need help. They will also tell everyone they know how thoughtful and gracious you are and will drive more business your way.

Carry Business Cards, and Have Your Employees Do the Same

You never know when a potential business contact will happen. You may run into prospective clients on the subway, or at a social gathering. When these moments happen, scribbling your contact information on a damp cocktail napkin is unprofessional. Carry some well-designed cards and hand them over when the opportunity arises. This small investment can go far in netting your lucrative clients.

Distribute Free Samples, When Possible

Makers of foodstuffs, soap, office supplies and other consumables will do well to offer up a taste for free. Fox Business advises that giving away a small portion of your products works better than marketing such as billboards or commercials, because you are proving your product’s value rather than talking about it. Customers who get a hands-on sample of your product are much more likely to buy it because they know for a fact they like it.

Increasing your sales in a small business can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to employ any high-pressure tactics or alienate your clients. By trying out these strategies, you can make your customers happy and improve your revenue at the same time.

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Seven Cars to Look Forward to for 2015

2015 Lexus RC 350 F Sport

As the 2015 model year closes, and the 2015 model year is hotly on it tale, car enthusiasts wait eagerly for the new and improved offerings from all manufacturers.  Questions that usually arise range from what kind of performance cars are going to be offered to what advance in fuel efficiency will be seen?  In addition to these concerns is what will the new body styles show up as, will we see a simple change or drastic improvements over old models?

Just like kids waiting for Christmas morning most car lovers cannot wait to see what comes rolling off the lines in the coming months.  Here is a sneak peak at seven cars that are really something to look forward to.


SEO+Product Descriptions. Mission Impossible?

If you’re charged with search engine optimization (SEO) for a company, you know it’s crucial to organically place key words and phrases on every landing page. However, that can be tricky when you’re dealing with product descriptions for a mega e-tailer, especially when many of the descriptions are inherently nearly identical. This can also pose a problem for keyword stuffing and duplicate content even when that isn’t really the case.

How can you get around such a conundrum? It’s going to take serious skills that only an SEO writer has. This is why it’s important to hire the write SEO agency that tackles SEO from all angles, including the requirement for high quality content at all times. Not all writers are SEO professionals, which is why who you hire can make all the difference. Luckily, there are some SEO gurus who can handle this problem.

Variant skills

Every key phrase has variants, but you need to look beyond the variant tools and suggestions from Google AdWords. A good SEO writer will know how to pinpoint these variables and use them in correct balance. Plus, “duplicate content” is somewhat subjective and Google algorithms are smart enough to differential genuine duplicate content from “duplicate content” that isn’t black hat trickery but rather a common phrase (such as, for example “garden hose”).

If you’re staring down a site that offers a variety of different tapes, writing unique product descriptions that abide by SEO best practices can seem maddening and it is. That’s why the best SEO pros get paid well for what they do. Trying to do this yourself solely to save money is going to drive you crazy and lead to poor results. SEO writing requires a type of patience that most people don’t have.

Digging out the unique

The good news is that even very similar products have big differences (otherwise they wouldn’t be a separate product). Your mission is to find out what that is, highlight it and still work in those keywords like a boss. While it might not seem like it, a job like thousands of product descriptions is actually more challenging for an SEO writer than drumming up creative content from scratch.

Most SEO writers are also naturally talented writers to begin with, so the creative side of things come easily. It’s the daunting and repetitive tasks that can be a struggle (just like with non-writers). However, practice makes perfect, and that’s what product pages need.



Get the Most Out of Your Company Training with These 3 Note-taking Apps

It can be hard to recognize the true value of your company training until after the fact. Start connecting the dots and learning how to apply your company training to various aspects of your life, such as your entrepreneurial efforts or non-profit work. Many of the lessons we learn at one organization can be easily transferred and applied to fit in our outside endeavors. Effective note-taking apps can help you fully engage with the training that you receive and retain it for later use. Here are three apps that can help you excel during professional training sessions.


This cloud-based note app can be your single point of reference for your training notes. Evernote’s system encompasses a wide range of image, video, and audio formats, so that you can supplement your text-based notes with multimedia. If your training sessions involve searching for resources on the web, then Evernote has you covered. You can quickly save clips of websites to Evernote for future offline viewing. This can be invaluable if you need to access online materials when you do not have access to a cellular network or Wi-Fi connection.


You might retain information better if you write it out with pen and paper. However, the downside to this medium is that you cannot access it via the cloud, and it lacks a digital backup. That’s where Livescribe comes in. This digital pen and app combination automatically converts your notes into digital text, which can then be synced with your mobile device or computer later. Livescribe makes it easy for you to record hand-drawn and hand-written content in digital format.


Sometimes it’s impossible to take notes during a training session, especially if you must participate in hands-on exercises. Ask you trainer if you can take audio notes during the session. The DropVox app records voice memos and automatically uploads the clips to a cloud account for later listening. This can be an extremely useful resource for work groups that need to share lectures and other resources.

The professional training you receive now can be invaluable to your future endeavors. Author John Rossman explores this idea by infusing the lessons he learned from Amazon into his daily business practices. It’s crucial for employees to unlock the potential of professional training by paying attention, taking great notes, retaining information, and reinforcing concepts with practice.

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Technology for the Creative Voice is Expanding


New technological advances in creative writing and expressing one’s ideas into images and words have provided many platforms for people to organize their thoughts into collaborative collages and other various artistic projects. During the Internet age, most people are dealing with information overload and the ability to easily retrieve data about any topic in a matter of seconds. Most people absorb 34 gigabytes of information every day with conventional forms of media. With all the accessible information that is available, it’s easy for someone to have hundreds of cluttered thoughts daily.

Keeping Track of Thoughts and Ideas in the Digital World

Various images and ideas can come and go in your thoughts. You can think about an idea that relates to a goal you’re trying to accomplish or a project that you’re creating, and without having the ability to clearly jot the idea down or save it for future use, it may become difficult to remember at a later time. Most artists are aware of the importance to keeping track of their collective thoughts from day to day, and organizing these thoughts to help them with their work is essential. This method of practice can work well for just about anyone.

In the digital age, different apps, social media sites, podcasts and online video libraries are helping people with the right technology devices, an Internet connection and basic navigation skills log their ideas and thoughts. These innovative technologies also provide easy mechanisms for people to share their thoughts for others to see. New methods to support creative writing are being invented every year. There are even various online publication mediums that allow people to share and provide inspiration to other people around the world.

The Best Ways to Express Thoughts

Not everyone can access online media quickly and straightforwardly to take note of their thoughts. If you’ve ever experienced a time when you thought of the perfect idea or answer to a question and you failed to write it on paper, you know it can be frustrating trying to remember the thoughts later in time. Being unprepared and unable to place your thoughts in written form can be infuriating. By simply having a journal and a pen near you at all times, you can always use the traditional method of expression and write your thoughts on paper.

There are also convenient, hi-tech methods to express your thoughts in a room full of written and illustrative expressions. Like a toddler who enjoys drawing and painting on walls, you can also experience the fun and child-like ventures of expressing your creativity. With innovative, state-of-the-art equipment, you can write your ideas wherever you find available space on walls, ceilings and whiteboards using dry erase paint or chalkboard paint. This lets you create an entire room of art and written words without permanently damaging any fixtures or furniture in rooms, and when you’re ready to erase all traces of the work, simply wipe away and start all over again. The possibilities are unlimited, even if your wall space is.


How Pharmacy Technology Helps to Save Lives


While you can still find the occasional pharmacist who uses a mortar and pestle, this field of expertise is increasingly technology-oriented. From inventory checking to ordering and tracking drug interactions, pharmaceutical technology has many implications for saving lives. Participants in insurance plans such as Medicare Part D Plans can rest assured knowing that this technology offers benefits with each prescription drug order.

Drug Interaction Checkers

Some prescription medications interact with others or with foods, supplements and vitamins that you’re already taking. Drug interactions may reduce the efficacy of one or more of the medications, which in some cases can be deadly. According to this article, many pharmacies are offering a variety of drug interaction checkers that both you and your pharmacist can use. Drug interaction checkers are available on mobile apps so you can determine whether or not it’s safe to take an over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drug such as ibuprofen along with your diabetes medication, for example. If you participate in a Medicare Part D program through a retail pharmacy, your pharmacist should also be able to inform you of potential interactions at the time you pick up your prescription.

Allergy Trackers

Allergies to medications are a serious risk to anyone. A medication allergy can develop at any time, even if you’ve used that medication before. Automated drug allergy tracking offers your health care team a way to keep track of your drug allergies so they can avoid prescribing any medication with those ingredients. Information technology systems are quickly advancing in their ability to prevent these types of medical errors, explains this article. By participating in a Medicare Part D plan and keeping all of your prescriptions at the same pharmacy, you can also help to prevent medication errors.

Automated Medical Records Systems

As the field of health care information technology continues to grow, patient medical records are increasingly automated. The use of electronic medical records helps to track your information, allow sharing between your different providers and maintains a comprehensive listing of all your current medications, recent procedures and medical statistics, explains this article. This means that the pharmacy where you receive your Medicare Part D prescription drug discounts can receive electronic submissions from your primary care physician and any specialists on your care team. You may enjoy the benefits of reduced paperwork and less time spent waiting at the pharmacy or doctor’s office thanks to this technology.

Mail Delivery Services Through Medicare Part D Programs

Many participants in Medicare Part D plans enjoy the savings that these plans offer. To save even more, you can arrange for your prescriptions to be delivered through the mail. According to this article, you can go online to request your refills and the technology systems will automatically process and fill your order. Today’s technology features systems that check to make sure you receive the correct prescription medication before your current supply runs out.


The Trending Reverse Mortgage Alternative

Many retirees have found it difficult or problematic to remain in their homes until death. The popular option has often been to utilize a reverse mortgage equity loan. A reverse mortgage loan allows a homeowner to cash in the equity on their home while eliminating the burden of a house payment. New regulations on maintaining insurance and paying property taxes have changed the process significantly, so fewer homeowners will qualify. However, many seniors are still making the decision to sell the equity in their homes in the event that they are eligible.


Every homeowner isn’t necessarily qualified to enter into a reverse mortgage. There’s an age requirement in order to begin the qualification; all successful applicants must be at least 62 years of age. The homeowner still maintains technical ownership of the home, hence the requirement to demonstrate ability to maintain property insurance and taxes. Single family homes normally qualify for all types of reverse mortgages, but some lenders will accept multiple unit homes such as duplex apartments.

Involving your Children in the Decision

The home will stand as collateral for the equity loan, so it’s important for all senior citizens considering a reverse mortgage to discuss the situation with their children. This decision can have a major impact on settling estates after death which can, in turn, affect any inheritance issues for the next of kin. It may also be necessary to revise a personal will before entering into the loan agreement. Because of the legal ramifications of the loan and the interests of the lender, according to, it is also important to discuss the arrangement with an experienced potential reverse mortgage agency. This is a very serious decision, whether it is being made because of necessary health issues or just to alleviate financial budget overload after retirement.

Technology Advancements are Making a Difference

The reverse mortgage option has been used in the past often by retired couples or individuals who have children living in distant locations who are not primarily interested in inheriting a home. Many seniors were opting to move into retirement communities or extended treatment apartment complexes while taking the equity out of the home for financial stability. Increasing contemporary technological advances are now making it possible for those with health and mobility issues to stay in the home with real-time monitoring and communication abilities that were not available in the past. In addition, many urban areas are upgrading public transit and disability accesses that make staying in the home a feasible and appealing option. The continuing of technological advancements will assuredly increase the number of seniors who opt for the reverse mortgage.

The decision to obtain a reverse mortgage home equity loan is a serious undertaking, but many individuals who did not think they qualified before may reconsider this option today. The availability of information online can help in deciding if they qualify beforehand as well as offer the opportunity to consult with multiple reverse mortgage lending specialists.

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