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Discover What Your Influence Is On Pinterest with Pinpuff

Pinterest Influence with Pinpuff

A good many of us use Klout and Pinterest, which are two drastically different, but interconnected sites, for very different reasons. Nevertheless, we love sharing images on Pinterest and finding out our online influence via Klout, but what if you could have an influence score that is similar to the one on Klout for Pinterest? Pinpuff does just that. Okay, maybe I should have warned you by asking you to hold on to your hats or to sit down for this news because the mere thought of it is simply awesome.

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Online Casinos vs. Regular Casinos

Anyone who plays poker has their preference of playing in a traditional casino setting or playing in an online casino. The two may have the same objective of bringing in money while providing entertainment, but both are drastically different in their approach to maintain customers and the rules that go along with them.

Traditional Casinos

Casinos bring in millions of dollars every year. Casinos spend tons of money by adding fluff to attract players into their venue. Most people in the United States recognize Las Vegas and Atlantic City as the casino capitals. The Native American areas also have a share in the traditional casino market. They will offer free drinks, hotel perks, and shows to get players in their casino and stay for a while putting money on the table or in the slots.

When someone wins big, everyone turns to see what happened. The excitement fills the room, and people are more likely to keep playing in the casino. Big crowds usually entice others to join in. When someone sees several people gathered by a table, it is human nature to be inquisitive and want to know what is going on. Many walk in wanting to win big bucks, but very few walk away with the big jackpot.

Online Casinos

The popularity of online casinos is growing rapidly thanks to the ever expanding use of technology. Europe features the most online casinos among all seven continents. Most people do not know how many online casinos there are around the world. When it comes to the different countries that allow their citizens to join in online gaming, every continent has hundreds to thousands of online casinos available.

The online casino Australia community features over 400 sites for people to enjoy, whereas, the United States has over 1700 sites for players to put their skills or luck to use. Online casinos offer players comfort in their own homes and the ability to concentrate better by giving them control of their surroundings.

Differences in the Two Types of Casinos

Where traditional casinos hope to attract many people to their tables and slots, they also hope to gain revenue in their restaurants, shows, and hotels. In doing so, traditional casinos can offer many perks that online casinos do not. A lot of patrons, who play in the traditional casinos frequently, will receive many loyalty gifts.

They can earn free hotel stays and free food vouchers. Online casinos reward their patrons by providing invitation only tournaments and credits to keep playing. Almost all online casino sites will entice newbies with signup bonuses. There is less overhead with the online casinos making pay outs to players more likely. Players at a traditional casino will have a different strategy than players at a traditional poker table. Both casinos have the same agenda to bring in revenue; however their motives are carried out in different ways.

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Science Inspired Gadgets in 2013

Popular TV shows such as Star Trek made us wonder what life may be like if these magical and artificial intelligent gadgets featured in the show really existed. Let’s have a quick glimpse on the latest technology developments such as touch screen gadgets, self-driving cars and smart communication devices that are ruling over the marketplace.

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Top Five Old School Hackers

Turning on the television brings news of hacking organizations like Anonymous, and logging into Facebook often brings claims that a friend’s account has been “hacked.” While the two terms are used to describe any unwelcome entry to an account or other online system, they really do not mean the same thing, and it is more than just guessing a password or taking the time to learn JavaScript.

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Top 5 Augmented Reality Games

Fans of science fiction have been longing for realistic, full immersion, virtual worlds since the early 1980s when the potential implications of slipping away—either by choice or by force—into a virtually concocted universe both captivated and horrified audiences of movies such as Lawnmower Man and later The Matrix. Unfortunately, despite the immense effort and research devoted to making virtual reality technologies accessible to mass audiences in the 1990s, and despite the substantial developments in at-home gaming and hand-held devices over the last two decades, no clear path to the fulfillment of the virtual reality dream has been forged. Until recently, that is, with the advent of something called Augmented Reality (

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Top 5 Apps to Travel With

Traveling is great. It’s fun and adventurous and sometimes, it’s very, very stressful. Flights get delayed and baggage gets lost and once we get there, new languages and food and street signs and maps are almost enough to take the joy out of traveling. But which the advent of apps geared towards travel, it can be all fun and games.

Getting started

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Cheaters Using Technology and Winning


In the gambling world there are cheaters everywhere looking to cash in on making some money fast. So much so, they have used technology to win and many have actually beaten the system, but like any crime, it catches up to you and they did get caught.

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How Your Business Can Tell a Story without Using a Single Word

Every business can tell a story and it can be done without using a single word. As most of you have seen there has been a major increase in the amount of photos and videos being shared on various social networks. Each photo, video, and infographic tells a story, whether it is a funny animal or adorable kitty, something is being said with each post.

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