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Taxi of Tomorrow to Hit NYC Streets

Taxi of Tomorrow

When people think of the cutting edge technology that’s driving innovation, they normally think of tablets and televisions, spacecraft and computer programs. Rarely does one think of taxi cabs, but that’s exactly what New York City and Nissan are hoping will drive the innovation of the future with their Taxi o Tomorrow campaign.

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The True Cost of an iPhone


The ever-popular mobile device (we don’t call them “phones” anymore as that only represents a minor portion of how they’re used) has always been associated with the type of lifestyle that many people crave without having the type of outrageous expense that normally comes with such luxuries. What are the real costs?

This amazing interactive graphic is in a frame for a reason. As you scroll down, you’ll understand why.

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last update: August 27, 2014


Greening it Up on the Drive


Despite the trend of working from home rather than driving to the office, commuting on the roads is still a reality for millions of Americans. Rising gas prices have many people contemplating changing cars or even changing jobs. It’s starting to get ridiculous.

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Nerds vs Geeks: Three Nerdy, Geeky Infographics


It’s really a non-debate. Most nerds and geeks are above the classifications that society likes to place on people, making them indifferent to the foibles inherent with any such concept as differentiation through labeling.

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A Breakdown of the Biggest Social Media Sites

Facebook Privacy Concerns

If you’re reading this, chances are you got here from some social media site. The growing industry has changed the way that people communicate on a daily basis. It’s changed how we consume our news, share with friends, and go about our lives in general. The biggest social media sites in the world are larger than many countries and have an infrastructure similar in many ways to an odd form of government.

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Can AMEX and Twitter Save Your Wallet?

Social media has always been utilized in an array of different and creative ways, now, many businesses are scrambling to find new and innovate ways to capitalize on its popularity. The latest business to jump in is American Express. AMEX is partnering with Twitter and a myriad of businesses to give AMEX and Twitter users a new way to save.

The program is very simple. Register your Twitter account with your AMEX card (if you have one.) When you Tweet, you can use special customized hashtags (the text that looks like #TechVert) to get all kinds of discounts from participating businesses. There is no longer a need to print coupons, simply tweet and save money on the things you love. Many businesses, such as Best Buy, McDonald’s, Virgin Airlines and Whole Foods have already jumped on the bandwagon. To register your Twitter with your American Express card, click here.


LEGO Learning

Lego Mind

Some view toys like LEGO as fun distractions or ways of keeping kids busy. Others see the value in them as teaching tools and ways of expanding the imaginations of our youths in hopes of a brighter and more productive future.

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Stephen Hawking and his Bride on their Wedding Day, 1965

We all know him as a great mind with a physical challenge that may be one of his greatest strengths, but here we see the genius as just a normal many posing with his bride on their wedding day.

Stephen Hawking

(Via: Reddit. H/T: ML350 Los Angeles)

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