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Roughing it: 5 Hi-Tech Essentials for Outdoor Adventures

When the weather gets warmer thoughts turn to outdoor activities.  Whether you’re a nature lover that can’t wait for some al fresco adventure, or you are simply looking for a way to make an upcoming outdoor experience more convenient, we’ve found the best gear for your time in the great outdoors.

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Sacred Orders of Various Geeks

Star Wars Geeks

Not all geeks are created equal. It’s not like in the past when geeks were a singular classification of people that everyone wanted to avoid. Today, the concept of “geek chic” is in fashion. Everyone wants to be a geek of some sort.

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last update: September 22, 2014


After Living With The Pain For Decades, A Solution Has Finally Been Released

All of the frustration, pain, and dread associated with opening electronic merchandise has finally been relieved. The more we see of these, the better the world will be. There can finally be peace.


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iPhone: NY Times 2012 Election App

NYTimes iPhone App Elections

It is in full swing, the great debate and the race is on for the presidential election of 2012 and voting time is just around the corner! Thanks to our friends at the New York Times because they have just made your voting life a little more tolerable. With all the different media outlets we tend to get bombarded with so much presidential information. Get excited iPhones owners; you will be able to keep up with every aspect of the race in a more simple way.

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The Facebook IPO: Good or Bad for Business?

The most popular ad-supported website in the world is about to become available to own for anyone — but why on earth would anyone want it?

When Facebook’s stocks become available for public purchase this Friday in the largest IPO in American stock history, there will be quite a few things set in place that may make the purchase more or less worth it for the average stock buyer.
The immediate effects of buying stock in Facebook look very appealing: every stock is estimated to be worth roughly $35 apiece, and for the true social media aficionado, online networking will no doubt be somehow reshaped by the profits of the stock sales, an estimated 13 to 100 billion dollars, connecting all sorts of smaller social media hubs to the Facebook conglomerate and making it even easier to share content between sites with family and friends from all over the web.
We all know that the majority (some 85%) of Facebook’s revenue comes from the ads that target users of specific interests with a goal of simply being clicked. When you factor in the fact that one seventh of our online time is spent meandering around Facebook alone, social media advertising doesn’t seem like a totally farfetched income source. In the Age of Facebook, it seems an entire economy has been built off social media ads, and the pay-per-click advertisements will likely continue to bring in cash for the site and its shareholders.
Still, is is really wise to be the one to own stock in Facebook?
Skeptics’ concerns for Facebook surround the fact that Facebook will have to reinvent itself in order to keep the world wrapped around its finger: if more people become bored with the same-old same-old accessibility of the site, the ads that support it will be limp and useless to stockholders. Additionally, with most of the internet-accessed world listed on a Facebook profile of their own, there is a very limited window for the website to grow into a significantly larger community upon whom to advertise, especially with services that allow you to buy Facebook fans and market your Facebook page. Experts say that the site is entering a plateau era unless or until it gets creative with its accessibility or function: the media monster’s next big move will likely have to be an expansion to other electronic platforms, something it has struggled to perfect in the past. A hiatus of Facebook’s expansive progress may result in the same amount of users, with many frequenting the site less, in which case Facebook ad sales would decline.
Going by the potential of similar-type websites, the potential value of a stock in social media can be overestimated but quickly deflated. In the case of LinkedIn, stocks rose about a third in value before sinking back to the same value.
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You Don’t Look So Good: How Pinterest Might Hurt Your Blog

Pinterest for Blogs

I have been blogging for a while now and having a tremendous blast. From the resources I have acquired, I have discovered many facets of adequate blogging tips and strategy. I reach out to my buddy Veronica (Confessions of a Social Media Girl on Social Media Today) for advice when there is something on the social media front that I can’t figure out.

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The Exploitation of Facebook Users

Facebook Privacy Issues

In this hyper digitized world of instant access and mass communication on a global scale, people hook themselves to social media as an integral part of life.  Between Facebook, Twitter, email and cellphones, it’s nearly impossible for me to cut ties with anyone these days.  Posting any information on the web invites any and all people to gain access to my intimate affairs.  From my parents to exes to the people in high school I don’t want to think about to even insurers, the IRS, prospective employers and criminals, sensitive information is out there for anyone to snatch up and finally someone is talking about the inherent dangers involved.

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Dear Facebook Critics (aka the media): Back Off the Hoodie and Look at the Numbers

Mark Zuckerberg Hoodie

Should Albert Einstein have been attacked in the media over his hair? Is Adele any less of a singer because she doesn’t look like Katy Perry? Was Steve Jobs unfit for duty because he liked jeans and a turtleneck?

Can Mark Zuckerberg lead the biggest IPO in history from his hoodie?

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