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Car Buyers Want Greener, Cleaner Cars

This article was originally posted on Green Car Reports.

While certain parts of the automotive industry might not be feeling the love towards the tough new Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards announced yesterday, it turns out that 93 percent of car owners are want to buy greener, cleaner cars.

In a study conducted by Consumer Reports, 86 percent of those interviewed said they wanted to see fuel economy averages rise to 35 mpg by 2016, with 80 percent saying they supported a 55 mpg average fuel economy by 2025.
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The Truth About (so called) Green Products

Green Products

Environmentally-friendly products have been big business for a couple of decades. They’re almost as old as the eco-movement itself as science discovers just how badly we’ve been treating our planet. Are products truly “green” or are they just bringing in more green to the bottom line of companies taking advantage of the trends?

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last update: July 26, 2014


A Breakdown of Healthcare Tech Jobs


One of the only industries that remains strong in the job market regardless of the state of the economy is health care. It doesn’t matter how much money people are spending on products and services – when they’re sick, they’re sick.

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The Facebook Wall of Shame

The bigger they are the harder they fall. Or at least in Facebook’s case, the foibles get more publicity. Whether it’s ill-thought words on the part of Mark Zuckerberg himself, failed deals or lawsuits, Facebook has had it’s share of PR fiascoes. This graphic shows them in greater detail. Continue reading The Facebook Wall of Shame


Prosthetics Gets Real. Ultra-Real.

Freaky Prosthetic Scanner

As health science goes, prosthesis technology is one that creeps many people out. It’s hard for most of us to imagine being without a limb and the way that science is able to make them realistic and usable is amazing while oddly offsetting at the same time.

If you’re one of those people who gets freaked out by prosthetic limbs, do not continue reading this article.

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4 Ways Smartphones Can Improve Now (Besides Better Battery Life)

I get frustrated with the battery life of my Droid X2. If I don’t take a charger with my everywhere I go, I risk being stranded without means of communication or being connected to my email and the Internet almost constantly.

But once I start ranting, I stop and realize this is basically a hand-held computer that I expect to do everything my desktop or laptop does, plus make phone calls and take photos and videos.

For the time being, I won’t hold my breath that battery life is going to improve. I just need to keep a charger on me at all times and get backup battery packs.

So what are some other ways, besides better battery life, that smartphones could improve and make my life easier?

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Most Exciting Forensic Science Jobs


Do you fantasize about growing up to become the real version of CSI’s crime-solving forensic scientist, but aren’t sure if the job is really as exciting as it seems on TV? Although you’re right to be skeptical (and many of the law enforcement processes depicted on fictional crime shows are inaccurate or flawed), forensic science is truly an exciting field to work in. Sure, there are boring branches of forensic science like odontology, which takes a bite out of crime by studying teeth.

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Why Reddit Wins The Internet Today

Reddit Queen

The announcement that Reddit has earned its independence from Conde Naste and will operate as a separate corporation owned by Advance Publications is a victory for many. It’s a victory… Continue reading Why Reddit Wins The Internet Today

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