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Dodge Takes on Technology in New Charger Ad

Dodge Charger Ad

Whether it was intentional or not is up for debate, but Dodge put a very compelling spotlight on a potential future that is both appealing and scary at the same time with their most recent Dodge Charger ad. Humans are depicted as having nearly everything done for them from selecting food portions to putting on clothes.

It is used as a metaphor for today’s world and positions the Charger as a resistant force to this change, but is it actually close to being realistic? Are we heading towards a world where choices are no longer made by us, where we are protected by our own bad decisions? Movies such as iRobot explored the topic in the past with a certain degree of success, but this particular video may have a more accurate view of our future.

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Three Mile Island vs Chernobyl vs Fukushima

Fukushima Cleanup

Nuclear disasters are rare, but when they happen, they suck. This graphic by LiveScience compares the three big ones over the years and the effects (and potential effects) that each had on both the environment and the people close to them.

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Rising Gas Prices Causing 18% More Stranded Drivers

Pumping Gas

With gases prices steadily rising, many drivers are no longer able to keep their tanks full.

AAA has revealed an increase of drivers who are being left stranded due to empty tanks, and increase of 18 percent since the beginning of March. And it's not simply a matter of people misjudging how much gas they need to get to a particular destination. Many simply can't afford the ever increasing price of gas.

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The Hidden Cost of Household Gadgets


It’s a gadgetized world. Chances are, you use or interact with dozens of different gadgets every day. We don’t even notice anymore much of the time as the concept of living without them has become a distant memory.

There is a cost. Despite the fact that these household gadgets are more affordable and accessible than ever before, we are creating a tremendous strain on our power grid (and our wallets) that many may not notice. We add surge protectors to our wall sockets in an effort to plug in our ever-growing inventory of gadgets. We often run these gadgets non-stop. It all adds up.

To put it into perspective, we look to our green friends at 1bog to break down exactly what is happening, what the costs associated with gadgetizing are, and we look at different ways to prevent the over-consumption of energy.

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Yes, Lambos are amazing, but 112 km/hr doesn’t seem that…



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Space Rose

Few would argue that space is beautiful. On earth, we have beautiful things as well, including the iconic rose. When you combine the two, the results can be spectacular. Do you see it?

Space Rose

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Radioactive Tuna: An Interactive Guide to Sushi’s Biggest Question


Sushi-lovers of the world, be afraid. Be very afraid. Or not?

This graphic by our friends at Mint breaks down the dangers of biting into raw, tsunami-induced radioactive fish. You may not need a lot of wasabi after all.

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Library Book Lending Coming To Kindle

Library Kindle

Amazon's Kindle has paper books beat in most respects, especially when it comes to not being made of paper. Having a Kindle also means you don't need to go to the bookstore anymore, and soon enough you won't need to go to the library either.

At some point in the not-too-distant future Amazon will be introducing a new library lending feature, which works just as it sounds. You can electronically borrow books from the library, using either your Kindle or any of the free Kindle apps for smartphones or tablets.

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