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How Companies Make Sure the Internet Always Has More Room

The Internet is a vast place and it is of utmost importance to make sure that it has enough room.  Many jobs depend on the Internet being big enough and if the Internet runs out of room, many jobs would be at risk and so would modern life.  There are some ways companies can make sure the Internet always has more room for their expanding businesses.  One way is by making sure they have enough Internet servers and another way is by making the switch over to the new Internet address system.  Without doing both of these things, existing websites will be unable to expand and the potential for new websites could be halted.


Make sure there is enough server space to accommodate one’s site.  Having enough web server space is highly important to a company.  If they don’t have enough servers, then they won’t be able to handle higher volumes of users and visitors, which could create a lag on the website or even disable it temporarily.  There is no lack of web servers available, so any web based company needs to make sure their server space has plenty of room to handle their site.  Some companies use thousands of different servers to ensure that their website has enough space to accommodate all of its users.  According to, Google has almost 50,000 servers at its Lenoir, North Carolina data center and will continue to add to that number to make sure it has enough room for its users.

Companies need to make plans to switch over to IPv6.  One of the big Internet scares recently was the Internet running out of IP addresses.  IP address availability is crucial to both consumers who are accessing the Internet from a computer or phone and to Internet service providers and web based companies.  If there aren’t enough IP addresses for all individuals and websites to have one, then the Internet has run out of room.

That issue has been resolved, though.  In June 2012, IPv6 was launched which made sure that there is enough IP address to accommodate everyone.  The available number of IP addresses went from approximately 4 billion to trillions.  According to the World IPv6 Launch website, companies who have switched include Google, AT&T and Facebook.  Not all companies have made the switch to IPv6 technology, though.  Any large company who is continually adding websites to their business needs to make plans to switch over so they can be sure that there will be enough Internet room for their company.  Companies who sell cell phones that have Internet access should also make plans to switch to IPv6—making the change may take time, but it will only ensure the potential for business growth.


Eight Technologies that have Changed Transportation

Technology has always been applied to the needs of improving transportation.

For centuries, transportation speeds were limited by the muscular capacity of humans or beasts, or harnessing the wind for travel across water.

Navigation out of sight of land was dangerous and frightening. The angle from the horizon to the sun could be give sailors their latitude, but determining longitude required the accurate measurement of time. In the early 1700s the British government offered a prize for an accurate method to keep time at sea. The result was a marine chronometer, improving sea travel.

Steam power was applied to transportation needs with the steamboat and railway engine in the 1800s. Suddenly, people could travel at unheard of speeds of more than 20 mph. Steam power dominated for over 100 years, when diesel and electric motors replaced it. Personal vehicles also became powered in the late 1800′s, as steam, electricity and gasoline vied to become the fuel of choice for automobiles.

Another technological advance was communication that outpaced the speed of transportation, or lines of sight and sound. Smoke signals, beacons, etc. had been the standard. The electric telegraph, patented in 1837, improved safety on railroads, and became important in military strategy and transportation.

Perhaps the Romans conquered the world because of their excellent stone roads. Surely the technology of paving has changed transportation. Cobblestone and brick were labor intensive. Around 1800 a Scotsman, MacAdam, developed a way to layer aggregate and crush it to firm the surface. This process bears his name: macadam. When tar was added to bind it, the result was called tarmac. Automobile drivers demanded better roads. The technology of road paving must keep pace with transportation.

The airplane, heavier-than-air flight, conquered in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, changed transportation forever. Within just a couple of decades people were traveling anywhere in the world in a few hours.

Computers revolutionized transportation. Without the computational power of electronics, the flight to the moon would not have been possible. Humans can not manually do the required math fast enough to control space flight.

GPS navigation systems have now transformed personal transportation. It is possible to know one’s global position in just seconds, and to determine how to find another location.

One might consider the rise of the recreational vehicle as an important change in transportation technology. In the 1920s people began to think of travel as fun, not just as a means of moving around. They demanded vehicles to serve those desires.

If you are one of the millions of people who struggle to hitch a travel trailer to your vehicle, or to position the trailer on a campsite or in your garage, the Trailer Valet is the solution to your transportation needs. Visit to learn about transportation vehicles.

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10 Ways Technology is Helping People Improve Their Math Skills

Technology has vastly transformed the classroom. Education advocates like applaud these technological innovations, because they help children learn essential math skills with greater ease.

Here are ten ways math students are benefitting from tech devices.

1. Online math games put the fun into learning. Many children have little tolerance for boredom. That’s particularly so in today’s media-saturated environment. Math games bring a world of “edu-tainment” to children. That eliminates the seat-squirming boredom that can put the kibosh on learning.

2. Endemic calculators have eliminated the tedium. In primary school, doing calculations manually still has educational benefit. However, as children attain competence in arithmetic, calculators give students freedom. Instead of doing rote work, children no longer have to spend precious time working a problem that seems unsolvable – that is until the child realizes a number was accidentally transcribed. Baby Boomers have been through that scenario many a time.

3. Interactive software puts the zing into computations. The popularity of computer games prove beyond a shadow of doubt that interactivity is crucial to a learner’s engagement with the lesson material. It’s akin to that famous transition in the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, when the movie went from black and white to color.

4. Internet search engines allow a student to explore a math topic effortlessly. Programs, which teach while also guarding innocent children from toxic websites, have been welcomed as an important learning resource for students. Safe surfing allows both children and parents to tap some of the many mathematical resources available online.

5. Collaboration through social media adds sociality to math lessons. Social media and math can be a powerful combination. Although sometimes it may be used for cheating on assignments, a few bad apples shouldn’t discount the merits of crowdsourcing new ways to practice math skills.

6. Richer media provides easy access to detailed explanations. Self-directed learning has never been more supported than it is now. Teachers are evolving into coaches, which frees up time to assist students who are struggling. It’s a much better use of resources.

7. Touch-screen technology engages math students. iPads and tablets have revolutionized mathematical instruction. Apps help students easily access lesson plans, and what technological development has been more engaging for children than tablets?

8. Online drills reinforce newly acquired math skills. Drills are important in the beginning stages of mathematical literacy. Few students have the willpower to perform math drills in solitude. What could be more boring than reciting multiplication tables in an empty room? Online math drills spur students to finish homework.

9. Email and chat give students improved access to instructors. At some point, every student needs one-on-one help from an instructor to understand a mathematical concept. Often, teachers do not have enough time in the day to give every student the attention they need. Yet, with email and chat, an instructor can be much more effective in giving children feedback on lessons and offering help, when it’s needed.

10. Online diagnostic testing individualizes instruction. This is something teachers have dreamed of for decades. After all, each student has a unique set of skills, talents, and challenges. Online testing provides important feedback, so an instructor can pinpoint those specific areas in which a student may be struggling.


Make Your Friends Envious With This Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway

Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway

There are a lot of race car fanatics that enjoy the sport, as well as, collecting car racing mementos. Whether it is to relive the rush that comes when watching cars compete or to envision themselves as the driver speeding down the track, collecting items of cars is one that many revel in. If you are one of these enthusiasts and have $125,000 to spend, then the Porsche 917 Le Mans Raceway may be the latest addition to your growing car collection.

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8 Ways Technology Keeps Your Back from Breaking

Everyday we take technology for granted. From the convenience of having a smartphone to the innovations of modern medicine, technology is everywhere. Unless someone is suffering from back pain, they probably don’t put much thought into what technologies are out there to help treat a range of back problems. However, those technologies can be found in homes, hospitals, and treatment centers across the world and help millions of people overcome pain each and everyday.

Technology to Saves Spines

Just in the last year, numerous new technologies have been introduced on the market to treat an array of spinal problems. Here are some of the top ones which stood out in 2012:

1      Bendini System by NuVasive, Inc.

2      The MAST MIDLF Procedure by Medtronic, Inc.

3      FIREFLY by Mighty Oak Medical, Inc.

4      Y-Wire by Safewire

5      DeRoduction System by Biomet Spine

6      Translation Screw by Biomet Spine

7      SpinePort MIS Access System by TransCorp Spine

8      NuQu by ISTO Technologies, Inc.

In all of these treatments, great strides have been made in technique, simplicity, and sustainability. The tools and machines that these companies produce make operations and treatments on the spine easier and safer. Procedures are performed in less time, with less anesthesia, and the quality of the tools, rods, and screws are improved and longer lasting.

Technology has allowed spinal treatment to advance a lot in recent decades. As treatments becomes simpler to perform, more patients are able to be seen and even more cases of spinal injury are able to be cared for.

Non Invasive Technologies That Promote Back, Neck, and Joint Health

The treatments listed above are all relatively invasive. On the other end of the spectrum, chiropractic adjustments are often just as effective for treating certain kinds of pain. Spinal adjustments help people around the world improve their back health and alleviate lower back pain which can result from anything from heavy lifting to sitting at a desk throughout the week from 9-5.

Suffers of many different conditions can find relief from their pain with pain-free, fast, and affordable chiropractic treatments and regular exercises. Chiropractors are able to treat a range of common problems including:

  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • elbow pain
  • hip pain
  • knee, ankle, and foot pain
  • back pain
  • headaches

Pain relief, improved overall health, and increased mobility can be achieved with treatments like chiropractic adjustments or spinal manipulation, massage therapy, and spinal decompression treatments (which treat injuries and displacements in spinal discs). All of these treatments can not only combat pain in muscles and joints, but also improve range of motion, alleviate stress, and even help patients get a better night’s sleep.

For more information about chiropractic technology, or to find treatment in the Seattle area, visit Graham Rehab on the web or at their wellness center in Downtown Seattle.

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The Classic Toy Stirling Engine 1900 Mercedes

Stirling Engine 1900 Mercedes

The love for classic cars is certainly nothing new, but increasing exposure has been given to the adoration of these vehicles since the introduction of the Internet and rise of social media, creating even more fans of these classic automobiles. Photos of these old-fashioned and stylish cars are being shared amongst friends and followers on various social networks; and it’s no wonder, for they are truly amazing machines.

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7 Biotechnology Jobs That Are Changing the World

Biotechnology is one of the fastest rising fields in the workforce today. That’s because biotechnology has a leading role in creating both jobs in the American economy and progress in the medical, biological and other fields. Jobs in the biotechnology industry are expected to rise at a much higher rate than other fields, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

This article will introduce the 7 careers in biotechnology that are the vanguard of scientific inquiry. Further research can be done into the educational requirements and average salaries of these fields.

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Biochemists and biophysicists perform complex scientific tests. A lot of their testing deals with the efficacy of certain drugs, issues concerning DNA, RNA and questions concerning the biological systems of organisms. A doctorate is usually required to fill these two positions.

Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers are the creators in the biotechnology industry. Their very important role is to make products for the medical community such as portable incubators. When making these products, they test them for functionality and safety. In the course of their work, biomedical engineers also work with doctors and scientists to make medical equipment such as prostheses, MRIs and CAT scans.


Epidemiologists study the process by which diseases are created. They are also heavily involved in matters of public health issues such as HIV prevention and spreading awareness about the importance of getting flu vaccines. Epidemiologists conduct experiments, surveys and interviews related to their area of expertise. They are also highly trained in the art of observation as a large part of their job entails looking at the patterns of human and animal behaviors.


Microbiologists are involved in the classification of human, plant and water organisms. This exhaustive process is started to study the possible effects of these organisms when combined with drugs. To become a microbiologist, one usually needs a doctorate from a research university.

Research and Development Process Development Scientists

These biotechnology workers are heavily involved in lab manufacturing activities. They’re the ones supervising lab technicians during the course of the day.

Bioproduction Operators

These are the hands on people in the biotechnology industry. Not only do they operate machinery, but they are involved in all aspects of shipping, handling and the packing of biomedical supplies.

Medical Scientists

Medical scientists research biological systems in order to study diseases. To become a medical scientist, a M.D/PhD from a medical school is required.

Even though entering some of these fields may require a lot of schooling (and the money to pay for it); the excitement that will come from working in a fast paced industry that’s making great strides may be worth it. More research into what a job in the biotechnology field entails will be needed before making a decision. However, a job in this industry has many rewards for those who decide to enter into its fray.


MakerBot 3D Photo Booth Makes a Souvenir You Are Sure To Remember

MakerBot 3D Head Souvenir

We have all used a photo booth at one time or another while at a shopping mall alone or with family and friends. Once one is spotted, there is something that draws us in, whether it is for the simple reason of capturing fun moments or the possibility of making silly faces to be sealed in a keepsake photograph; we end up squeezing into the photo box, pulling over the curtain, sitting on the tiny stool, and allowing our picture to be taken.

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