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The Technology Behind Memory Foam

When anyone is asked to think of mattresses and like products, they don’t really consider the science behind it. To be fair, a basic box spring, mattress topper, or pillow seems pretty simple, but there are some products that have technological advances which set them apart from the rest. Take Memory Foam products, for example. They have an interesting backstory, having originated in NASA testing labs, and have gone through a lot to be developed and produced for everyday consumers. Currently, Memory Foam pillows are some of the most popular on the market, and are proving to offer results that are unrivaled by the alternatives.

The History of Memory Foam

Memory Foam was developed by NASA engineers in 1966 for G-Force pressure relief on the space shuttles and to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Memory Foam succeeds in relieving 87% of gravitational force, alleviating that pressure from the neck, spine, and hips. In the 1980s, NASA released the rights for Memory Foam to the public and Memory Foam was developed for commercial use.

Since Memory Foam was made available to the public, manufacturers figured out ways to produce it at low costs in order to make it accessible to a large market. It has also found its way into hospitals and recovery centers, especially in cases where patients are confined to their beds for long periods of time. Memory Foam is able to eliminate most problems that these kinds of patients experience with other mattresses– such as bed sores and poor circulation– over an extended period of time.

What Sets Memory Foam Apart From The Rest

Memory Foam is characteristically denser and more supportive than other foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows. Its super dense cell structure, comprised of spherical cells, makes it reactive to body heat and weight, which allows it to form around the shape of the body and deliver maximum support. Because of this extra support, Memory Foam has been found to alleviate pain in the shoulders, neck, joints, hips, back, and more. It is also able to provide healthier sleep for many users and help relieve snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea, and many more sleeping disorders. The higher density foam products, which will be the most comfortable and long lasting, are going to be the best product available.

The amount of research that went into developing and manufacturing Memory Foam products has paid off in quality, affordable mattresses which have an array benefits. Memory Foam has been known to help people get to sleep fast, stay asleep, and have healthier sleep that offers more energy throughout the day. Using a Memory Foam mattress can help prevent and alleviate pains in the back, shoulders, spine, joints, knees, and more, and can offer relief for sleep disorders like sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, bruxism, fibrositis syndrome, rheumatic pain modulation, and sleepwalking.


Why Fresh Content Is Good For Your Blog

You often hear that updating your blog several times a week or more is a good idea, but not all of us really know why we should be doing it. It’s obvious that having new posts for your readers is important in having them come back to your blog often, but what other reasons is there for constantly making sure you post new content?

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Technology Designed With Users In Mind

It wasn’t too long ago when people had to adjust to complex technology tools and had to learn how they functioned; now, it’s the other way around. In today’s digital world, technology studies the needs and wants of people and its gadgets are designed around the user’s experience.

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Sci-Fi Gadgets from Television and Film that Actually Exist


Have you ever watched a science fiction television show or movie only to end up wishing the futuristic gadgets being portrayed were real? To many people’s surprise, quite a few electronic devices and gadgets currently on the market emulate those seen in sci-fi shows and flicks (Ha! And it’s the entertainment industry always catching flack for being short on fresh ideas).

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Why Pinterest Is The Perfect Place For Retailers

It’s well-known that people like to browse products prior to purchasing them and we perform this habit, both offline and while shopping on the web. In the past, businesses could only post images of products on their website in hopes that customers visit their site to browse through products there. Although this technique of promoting and selling products is still used and is effective, photo-sharing social sites have allowed for more ways to market to customers. It’s time to bring your products to where the customers are, which is done through the use of Pinterest.

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Which are the most Social Colleges?

Which are the most Social Colleges

It’s surprising how interesting it is to look at the social media networks of famous US universities. It’s a puzzle as to whether some of the large networks are the result of large marketing budgets, or if, in the case of a school like Harvard which has 281 times the number of Facebook followers as students, followers are aspirational and looking for motivation.

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How Important Are Mobile Apps To Small Business Owners?

To put it lightly, mobile applications are extremely important. Small business owners have multiple jobs and are on the go a lot, thus, mobile apps are a must in staying one step ahead of the competition, communicating with employees, and in maintaining a successful company.

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Will Robots Takeover The Workforce?

The robots are coming! Okay, we still have some time before robots become the next big tech item we buy on the market, but should we prepare for their arrival? It’s a scary thought, but could robots eventually take over the workforce and leave us without jobs?

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