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7 Biotechnology Jobs That Are Changing the World

Biotechnology is one of the fastest rising fields in the workforce today. That’s because biotechnology has a leading role in creating both jobs in the American economy and progress in the medical, biological and other fields. Jobs in the biotechnology industry are expected to rise at a much higher rate than other fields, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

This article will introduce the 7 careers in biotechnology that are the vanguard of scientific inquiry. Further research can be done into the educational requirements and average salaries of these fields.

Biochemists and Biophysicists

Biochemists and biophysicists perform complex scientific tests. A lot of their testing deals with the efficacy of certain drugs, issues concerning DNA, RNA and questions concerning the biological systems of organisms. A doctorate is usually required to fill these two positions.

Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical engineers are the creators in the biotechnology industry. Their very important role is to make products for the medical community such as portable incubators. When making these products, they test them for functionality and safety. In the course of their work, biomedical engineers also work with doctors and scientists to make medical equipment such as prostheses, MRIs and CAT scans.


Epidemiologists study the process by which diseases are created. They are also heavily involved in matters of public health issues such as HIV prevention and spreading awareness about the importance of getting flu vaccines. Epidemiologists conduct experiments, surveys and interviews related to their area of expertise. They are also highly trained in the art of observation as a large part of their job entails looking at the patterns of human and animal behaviors.


Microbiologists are involved in the classification of human, plant and water organisms. This exhaustive process is started to study the possible effects of these organisms when combined with drugs. To become a microbiologist, one usually needs a doctorate from a research university.

Research and Development Process Development Scientists

These biotechnology workers are heavily involved in lab manufacturing activities. They’re the ones supervising lab technicians during the course of the day.

Bioproduction Operators

These are the hands on people in the biotechnology industry. Not only do they operate machinery, but they are involved in all aspects of shipping, handling and the packing of biomedical supplies.

Medical Scientists

Medical scientists research biological systems in order to study diseases. To become a medical scientist, a M.D/PhD from a medical school is required.

Even though entering some of these fields may require a lot of schooling (and the money to pay for it); the excitement that will come from working in a fast paced industry that’s making great strides may be worth it. More research into what a job in the biotechnology field entails will be needed before making a decision. However, a job in this industry has many rewards for those who decide to enter into its fray.


MakerBot 3D Photo Booth Makes a Souvenir You Are Sure To Remember

MakerBot 3D Head Souvenir

We have all used a photo booth at one time or another while at a shopping mall alone or with family and friends. Once one is spotted, there is something that draws us in, whether it is for the simple reason of capturing fun moments or the possibility of making silly faces to be sealed in a keepsake photograph; we end up squeezing into the photo box, pulling over the curtain, sitting on the tiny stool, and allowing our picture to be taken.

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Spotify VS. iTunes

In recent years Philadelphia has grown in stature as a tourist destination with a wide variety of excellent dining choices.  The number of steakhouses downtown is mindboggling.  For those seeking more informal dining, combined with stimulating entertainment, a slight detour to University City will be very rewarding.  From Independence Hall or Penn’s Landing, a moderate-length cab ride will get you there, or you can take the Walnut Street bus for $2 to get within a few blocks of Jolly’s Piano Bar at 3801 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.  If you happen to arrive at 30th Street Station, it’s walkable in the daytime.  Such a walk at night would not be advisable in any major city.  From the Art museum, it’s best to take a cab.

Once there Jolly’s Piano Bar offers a wide variety of burgers and other Bar Bites at moderate prices, accompanied by an assortment of beers and wines, including 24 craft beers.  The dress code is casual.  What makes the place truly unique is the dueling piano show, featuring a pair of pianists playing facing grand pianos, competing by playing audience requests in return for tips.  The audience members also compete to get their requests played and stop the current songs from finishing.  Jolly’s celebrated its grand opening this past June 22, having moved from its downtown location.  The new University City location is on the Penn campus and close to the expanding campus of Drexel University, so there is bound to be a distinctly collegiate atmosphere.

Patrons can impress their friends, new and old, or fill the breaks, perhaps at a bachelorette party, by sampling songs on their mobile devices.  But which device to use?  Spotify or iTunes?  A review by PC Magazine ( gives Spotify at high rating and says that at $9.99, $4.99 for desktop-only access, it obviates the need to own music.  It does not recommend the free version, which is says is “riddled with audio advertisements.”  In the case of iTunes, songs will be priced at $0.60, $0.99, or $1.29 from the iTunes Store.  So a subscriber to Spotify would definitely be equipped for any situation, whereas an iTunes patron would presumably have the favorite tunes on hand.

Either way they will be equipped for a good time, and they will look forward to returning to Jolly’s whenever business or pleasure takes them back to the City of Brotherly Love.


10 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe in Online Casinos

Online casinos can be a lot of fun, but staying safe is extremely important. While you’re playing online, you are at risk for fraud, identity theft, and losing money not bet. So in order to keep the games fun, take these ten steps towards a safer online gambling experience.

  • Choose a Respected Site

There is no quicker way to up your risk than simply playing at any casino you find online. The Internet is full of schemes that are easy to fall for. Some bad online casinos have taken players’ money and simply not payed out their winnings. To prevent this kind of unfair play, research your sites before you start playing. Read reviews, and ensure that everything is above board.

  • Check Security Policies

Another great way to double-check a site for reputability is to read the Terms & Conditions. Yes, they are usually long and boring, but they are important. Reputable sites use encryption software that ensures players’ information stays safe. If you can’t find a listed security policy, move to another site, or contact the online casino to double-check.

  • Is it Accredited?

Many good online casinos and gambling sites get accredited by independent auditors. Casinos that have an accreditation will prominently display this audit on their website. Of course, be sure to check that the auditing company is reputable as well before you start playing.

  • Set a Budget

You definitely need to keep your personal information safe, but what about your finances? It’s best to start placing bets only after you have a budget lined out. If you can’t stick to the budget, or find yourself gambling far more than you can afford, you might have a problem.

  • Set a Winnings Ceiling

Another good idea, along with your gambling budget, is to set a maximum for your winnings. Once you reach your winning goal, make sure you stop playing. Your luck will still be there the next time you play.

  • Know the Rules

This seems obvious, but a lot of new gamblers don’t learn the rules of the games. Although some games are easy to figure out, it’s always a great idea to start out playing free games. Once you learn all of the rules and tricks, then you can start actually betting.

  • Not Everyone Wins

Gambling is a gamble, and you are sure to lose at times. Before you start playing, make sure that your expectations are in the right place. It’s no fun to lose your cool and get angry about something that is suppose to be entertaining.

  • Don’t Fall for the Incredible

Many fraudulent sites offer huge jackpots to get people to play. Usually, if it seems too good to be true, it really is. So before you start playing a game that seems incredible, take a step back and think before giving the site money, or your credit card information.

  • Don’t Chat About Winnings

Posting about financial gains is the best way to receive unwanted attention. Don’t tell strangers on the Internet about your wins, losses, or tricks. If you must post on a forum about any of the above, make sure to use an alias, and never provide anyone with personal information.

  • Don’t Share Personal Information

Just as you shouldn’t post about winnings on open forums, don’t share your personal information with the people you are playing against. You can never know who is on the other side of the screen, and it’s best to always play it safe.

You’re responsible for keeping yourself safe, so make sure you follow these ten tips to keep your gambling fun.


10 Ways Plumbers Use Technology to Keep Your Pipes Clean

Part of owning a home or renting is making home repairs. For the most part, home maintenance is pretty easy to keep up with without having to call in a professional for extra help, but when it comes to the pipes and drains in a home big problems can occur if a problem goes unfixed. Plumbers do more than just unclogging drains; they can solve problems with leaks, floods, frozen or broken pipes, even water heater repair. To help them, professionals use a collection of tools and technologies to fix any plumbing problem.

Here are ten ways that those tools are commonly used:

1      Epoxy pipe lining is a common product that is used by plumbers. If there is a break in a pipe, rather than replace the entire length of pipe they can sandblast the inside– removing all debris that has built up– and coat the sides with epoxy. This creates a tight seal and the pipe is like-new.

2      Plumbers can use video cameras to inspect pipes for damage. Often, it’s hard to tell exactly what the problem is from the outside, whether the pipe is broken, split, or backed up. A video of a sewer line will help a plumber assess the problem and proceed from there.

3      Hydro-jets are commonly used by plumbers to break up clogs in pipes. High velocity water is shot into the blocked pipe to push away everything that is obscuring it, leaving the pipe fully functional.

4      Trenchless sewer repair and pipe bursting are the most convenient ways to repair broken sewer lines and save the landscaping of a property. Pipe bursting is a technique which removes the existing, broken pipes and leaves holes in the ground which act as a map for where to lay the new pipe.

5      Pipe cutters and tube cutters are essential tools for a plumber to make precise cuts in the pipes and tubes they will use.

6      Drain augers are long, snake-like tools that are used to break up clogs in a pipe. They range from simple plastic rods that anyone can use to fix a clogged pipe themselves, to powerful augers used by professionals which can break up huge blocks in a sewer system.

7      Industrial strength pumps are used to remove flood water resulting from a break or a leak, or just from a storm which flooded basements. Flooding can obviously result in extensive water damage, and stagnant water can become hazardous if left for long.

8      Insulation, heat tape, and heat cables are the best way to prevent exposed pipes from freezing. If pipes freeze, plumbers can help unfreeze them and repair any breaks that occur as a result.

9      In sewer systems, tree roots can often obstruct the flow through the pipes. Plumbers can offer tips for root maintenance or reroute pipes.

10   Power rodding is one of the more powerful techniques used to remove blocks in pipes. Cables are used to move blades clockwise and counterclockwise to break apart stubborn blockage or tree roots.

Finding a Plumber

Companies like Bob Oates Plumbing, Sewer and Rooter offer services in an array of areas, from preventative treatments on pipes and replacements to fixing breaks and floods. Their website is home to information about all of their services as well as an easy calculator to estimate the cost of any repair. When a plumbing problem gets to be too much, anyone’s best bet is to call in a professional who can use their specialized tools and expertise.

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5 Amazing Creations Built By 3D Printers

sPro 230 SLS system makes an Atom 3D Printed Bass Guitar

Inkjet printers have been around since the 1950’s and have been useful to us by reproducing our digital images, and documents. With the use of black or colored ink, printers have taken our written work from the computer; put it onto paper and into our hands. With today’s technological advancements, printers have branched out from only printing paper, to creating 3D replicas of everyday objects.

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The Best Websites to Use to Look for an Apartment

The internet is chock full of different web pages. Many are filled with viral advertisements, banners and spammers. But there are also the millions that are quite helpful and virus-free.

Sometimes looking for a place to live can be tough. The internet has made it quite a bit easier, but even so there are still websites that are phony and don’t help people find what they are looking for.

There are plenty of sites that narrow apartment searches down. To the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, pricing, even the amenities included, there are great search sites specific to everyone’s needs.

Finding an apartment just got much easier

Many people find that moving out can be a hassle, but searching for a new apartment or rental can be just as troublesome.  Having to drive around for hours in search of a “For Rent” sign is usually a waste of gas, and stopping into each apartment complex usually turns out to be a bust. So, what is the easiest way to find a place to live?

The answer is quite simple. The power of the internet has it all, really.

In most areas now, communities are implementing websites that act as apartment search-engines. The sites are one-hundred percent local to the area to keep the searches relevant to people’s specific needs.

Which are real and which are phony?

Oftentimes it is tough to identify which websites are simply trying to track and spam personal information, and which are legit. For most apartment search sites it is good to check if they are verified with well-established online apartment guides.

Many legitimate search sites will be ILS members, a professional Internet Listing System that provides renters with the technology to search safely and browse listing relevant to their criteria.

Noticing if a site is a National Apartment Association Members also helps to ensure that information is safe and the level of professionalism is available.

What websites should I be using?

The internet is full of apartment search sites. Many of which are super easy and fun to use.

An excellent apartment-search website is 407apartments. This site is specific to the Orlando, Florida area and only that area.

It allows users to search through to specific neighborhoods including specific areas around universities and schools for students.

Users can browse by using keywords such as “Cheap”, “Luxury”, “Pet Friendly”, “Student Apartments”, Vacation Rentals” just to name a few.

There is an ‘apartment review’ section which allows current or old residents to post personal reviews for others to see. A section about resources and attractions in the area is also available.

Sounds Easy Enough!

Orlando is not the only area to have implemented such websites. Renters can find such sites in nearly every city or township they plan on moving into, simply using Google is a great way to start.


This is Your Chance to Win a Google Nexus 7 Tablet

This is Your Chance to Win a Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Who doesn’t love a free gadget? Especially when you can enter a contest easily, socially and you have good chance at winning. We love gadgets, and the Google Nexus 7 is a tablet worth entering a contest to attempt winning. Sure, there are a lot of contests and gimmicks out there to try and grab attention, whereas this particular contest by Digitizd is having you socially share to enter yourself in the draw.

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