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Before Buying Into the Pinterest Hype, Follow this Flowchart

Pinterest Pinboard

Every day businesses are being encouraged by their social media guru to get involved with Pinterest. It’s a boom social site that is picking up steam faster than any other in recent memory and has a ton of potential as a platform for networking, but is it right for business? Many experts are saying yes, but unlike Facebook, Pinterest is definitely not for every business.

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Latest iPhone Apps for Scientists

The Elements for iPhone

There are millions of applications for your favorite iPhone gadget related to every field of your interest. It will not go in exaggeration that this company, Apple has really brought some great features, programs and applications that have been designed, especially for the scientists and inventors.

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last update: October 21, 2014


Is the BlackBerry on the Verge of Downfall?


At the genesis of the smart phone era, the term “smart phone” was immediately attached to the BlackBerry. The terms became synonymous. It was the hottest piece of technology at the time, with a sharp marketing strategy, and became one of the fastest selling cell phones on the market. Within the last few months, Research in Motion (RIM), the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, has been making news for headlines that essentially imply that RIM is collapsing.

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Social Discovery: The Search for Personalized Recommendations

Is Social Discovery the next big thing in Social Media? This form of online exploration uses social media sites as touchpoints to learn about new products and services. Users tout their latest finds by sharing, pinning or tweeting the information to personalized networks of friends and followers. Sites such as Pinterest, Tagged and You Tube are becoming the “go to” place for finding personalized recommendations from like minded individuals.

So what are people discovery online and where are they finding it?  This infographic charts the rising players in the field of Social Discovery.

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Hacks to Get More Out of Google

Google in a Box

Are you a “Google Pro”? Do you use all of the shortcuts that Google often makes so hard to find but that really make an impact on how useful our searches can be? If not, you’re about to be.

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Taxi of Tomorrow to Hit NYC Streets

Taxi of Tomorrow

When people think of the cutting edge technology that’s driving innovation, they normally think of tablets and televisions, spacecraft and computer programs. Rarely does one think of taxi cabs, but that’s exactly what New York City and Nissan are hoping will drive the innovation of the future with their Taxi o Tomorrow campaign.

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The True Cost of an iPhone


The ever-popular mobile device (we don’t call them “phones” anymore as that only represents a minor portion of how they’re used) has always been associated with the type of lifestyle that many people crave without having the type of outrageous expense that normally comes with such luxuries. What are the real costs?

This amazing interactive graphic is in a frame for a reason. As you scroll down, you’ll understand why.

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+JD Rucker is Founder of Hasai, Inc, a Social Media Firm, Director of New Media for KPA, an Automotive SEO firm that purchased Hasai, and Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Marketing Blog. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


Greening it Up on the Drive


Despite the trend of working from home rather than driving to the office, commuting on the roads is still a reality for millions of Americans. Rising gas prices have many people contemplating changing cars or even changing jobs. It’s starting to get ridiculous.

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