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How Mobile Spy Technology Works on a Smartphone

Mobile Spy Technology

How Mobile Spy Technology Works on a Smartphone

One of the latest buzzes in the world of smartphones is the mobile spy technology that has taken mobile security to a new height. As the name suggests, in simple terms, this technology allows one to act as an undercover agent to find out about the suspicious activities going on the smartphone. The important word here is ‘undercover’; yes, you become an invisible part of this secret spy play wherein you get to know about what is happening on the smartphone at every fixed interval. In this play, the mobile spy technology is in the form of a mobile app working in an invisible mode and you are the remote control of this app that tracks everything and make it available to you online. Continue reading How Mobile Spy Technology Works on a Smartphone


A Little goes a long way

Personalized Gift

I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who receives and reciprocates every ounce of my affection. With minimal arguing and a lot of laughter, I believe I’m in the crème de la crème of relationships; a coupling in which happiness outweighs any form of negativity. What luck! After all, achieving this kind of romanticism is often a difficult journey. However dating someone so down to earth certainly has its disadvantages. My boyfriend, and I’m sure many boyfriends, doesn’t long for many material possessions, making gift giving a nearly impossible task. So while yes, I’ve been lucky to enough to find someone really special, finding a good gift for my special somebody is an entirely different story.

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Windows Phone Goes Up to Bat

Microsoft’s Windows Phones have entered a brand new realm: Baseball. Thanks to the Windows Phone Baseball Bucket List, fans of Major League Baseball will get a taste of all the wild and crazy adventures they wish they could have on a field. Steve Gebhardt and John Tramutolo – editors from The Roosevelts – will be executing the list, which includes:

- Attend the Hall of Fame Inductions
- Take a dip in the Citi Field dunk tank
- Water the Ivy at Wrigley Field
- Catch a home run ball
- Deliver the first pitch on a Harley at Miller Park
- Throw batting practice to a MLB player

Now feast your eyes on these incredible panoramic views of some of the sweetest MLB stadiums. (Photos taken with the HTC Titan II.) Submit your own Bucket List ideas via Twitter (@RSVLTS) using hashtag #WPbaseball or on Facebook.


College Bound: 3 Gadgets that Should be on Every Student’s Back-to-School List

Student Laptop

School may just have let out a few weeks ago but those who are starting their first semester of college in the fall are already getting their back-to-school supply lists together. While traditional notebooks are welcomed, most students and educators who agree that the digital kind are more preferred. To learn what items you should add on your child’s back-to-school list or perhaps get some inspiration for a really neat (and useful) late graduation gift, continue reading below.

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How to Install a Security System Yourself

These days, getting a home security system doesn’t need to be an expensive, messy, complicated commitment. Gone are the days where you needed a professional to come into your home and spend hours wiring up a needlessly complex system, as these days anyone can install their own wireless system without drilling a single hole in their wall! These alarm systems can even be quickly uninstalled and moved to a new house or apartment when the homeowner or renter moves.

Do-it-yourself home security isn’t as makeshift or unsecure as it sounds. Using patented technology, companies like LifeShield have created systems that are meant to be self-contained and simple-to-use. These home security companies have revolutionized security by designing new wireless equipment that can be self-installed while still incorporating the important security and safety elements like 24/7 fire and burglary monitoring, mobile access, loud alarms and video surveillance. Continue reading How to Install a Security System Yourself

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Samsung Coming Out With New Line of TVs For The Hospitality Industry

Hotel Television

Samsung announced on June 26 that it is coming out with a new line of innovative LED televisions specifically designed for use in the hospitality industry. With this new technology, Samsung hopes to ease the cable television set up process for hotels, cruise lines and hospitals and open up more interactive options for hotel guests, as well.

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Usage of Digital Signage in Banking, Finance and Stock Market Operations

Digital Signage

Marketing plays a significant role in setting up and promoting a business. With the advent of new technological innovations, marketing and circulating information has become easier and effective. Digital signage is an electronic process to put across information or market the products and services of a particular business. This type of marketing is found in the form of big board that is used for advertising which are eventually controlled by a computer. A very common example that everyone has noticed is the timetable of trains that is displayed on the platform. The simple functionality of this digital signage is that it is operated from the central location using computer software to provide the required information or used for marketing purpose.

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5 Essential Mobile Apps to Help Start Your Business

If you’re in the market to start up a new small business, it is imperative that you leverage the technology to make your business as successful as possible. We’ve rounded up 5 apps that will give you the leg up you need.


Obviously if you run a small business, you need to be able to get paid for your services. Moreover, if you’re attempting to make money on the go, you need to be able to get your payments wherever you are. GoPayment is a prime app for mobile payments. Register online and get the card swipe dongle that attaches to your mobile phone. Simply attache the dongle and start swiping! With no annual fee and a small (2.7%) charge for each swipe, GoPayment will ensure that you’re getting paid no matter where you are. Continue reading 5 Essential Mobile Apps to Help Start Your Business

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