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It’s new. I know. I’m not trying to be a hater. I appreciate what Google is doing and I think Google+ will succeed. It is, however, annoying sometimes to see the breakdown of posts and what they actually do. Still, it’s great to see Tom Anderson back in the mix.

Google Content


The Google+ Song

Gplus Song

Just when you thought it was safe to surf YouTube, something potentially worse than the Rebecca Black Friday video is making its way across the internet. “I’m on G+” by Hanson Dodge is spreading like a virus across shares on Facebook, Twitter, and of course the subject of the video, Google+.

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last update: April 26, 2015


Robots for Humanity Do More Than Scratch an Itch

Robots for Humanity

For decades, robots have been used by people to assist with simple tasks. They work well in industry to automate processes and are exceptional for missions in conditions or circumstances too dangerous for humans, such as on Mars or on bombing runs. One organization is bringing new technology to the disabled to help them normalize their lives.

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Franchising in America: Where We Are and Where We’re Headed


The history of America was changed forever once the franchising boom started up midway through the last century. Building a business had always been a staple of the economic freedom the country represented, but it was the ability to take a pre-existing brand and buy into a portion of it, running it as a branch or arm of a larger entity that truly fueled the growth of the economy and added an additional way for people to “live the dream.”

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Zynga: Path to IPO

Zynga Logo

Few companies have experienced such a meteoric rise in the gaming industry the way that social gaming company Zynga has in the last 2 years. They’ve bought 15 studios and products in that time and seem poised for a successful IPO. How did they get there?

This graphic by Namesake explores their short but amazing history. When you consider that their products are mostly built for platforms such as Facebook that do not normally focus on gaming, their rise seems even more impressive.

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LulzSec Calls it Quits


After 50 days of mayhem used to entertain some of loom over others, LulzSec has officially called it quits.

In their most recent (and supposedly last) post, the hacker group of 6 announced that they will no longer be posting passwords, hacking into government agencies, or waging war against corporations across the globe. Instead, they will return to being “real people”, whatever that means.

“Thank you for sailing with us. The breeze is fresh and the sun is setting, so now we head for the horizon.”

Are you happy or sad by this?


Aerodynamic Truck Could Cut Fuel Costs In Half

Big Rig Using nothing but design software, industrial design consultant Jeremy Singley has managed to create a truck with a vastly improved fuel economy. Continue reading Aerodynamic Truck Could Cut Fuel Costs In Half


Adding Play to the Enterprise

Play at Work

We all know that work can be boring. It can be monotonous. It can grind us down to the point that we simply cannot perform our duties properly.

“As companies grow, keeping employees informed and engaged becomes more of a challenge,” said a post by SocialCast. “In a recent study, less than 10% of employees report they understand their company’s mission statement.”

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