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Solar-Powered Laptop Needs No Wires


I hate nothing more than seeing the dreaded "you are now running on reserve power" message pop up on my laptop when I'm in the middle of writing.

So I loved this solar laptop from Good Clean Tech, which has two solar panels (one on top and one in front of the keyboard) to help keep it charged continuously. Though, if you live in Alaska, you might need some help from SAD lights in the winter.

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There are no small jobs, only small minds

Before you turn up your nose at the idea of flipping burgers at McD’s, consider Jeff Bezos. He learned to crack an egg with one hand, yo.

And you think minimum wage is a pittance? Michael Dell earned $2.30 an hour washing dishes at a Chinese restaurant.

While some of these big-name tech billionaires weren’t exactly slumming it in their first jobs – financial analyst, programmer – very few set the world on fire right out of the gate (in other words: We can’t all be Mark Zuckerberg).

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last update: March 30, 2015


Why Google didn’t get into social sooner and better

“I was busy.”

And there you have it. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt had that to say when pressed on why he didn’t get the Silicon Valley darling into the social networking sphere sooner and in ways better than Google Buzz, despite the fact that he wrote memos about the threat posed by Facebook and LinkedIn.

To be fair, Schmidt probably was quite busy while he was running Google on a day-to-day basis.

But seeing as he was in charge, you’d think he could have ordered an underling to focus on social. Instead, the company’s failure to come up with a credible social network on his watch counts as Schmidt’s “biggest regret.”

It probably had as much to do with the unwieldy nature of the company that had grown to be one of the largest in the U.S. But the rise of social search has chipped away at Google’s complete dominance in online search.

[image: Aray Chen on Flickr]



The History of Networks

People have been using networks in one form or another for centuries in an attempt to make this pale blue dot we live on more manageable.

From the railroads and telegraph, to Usenet and the information superhighway, here’s a look at how networks have evolved.

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Nissan Leaf Ad Pokes Fun At Chevy Volt

The Nissan Leaf and Chevy Colt are often mentioned alongside each other, but that doesn't seem to be sitting too well with Nissan, which has released a new ad that not only pokes fun at gas-powered vehicles in general, but takes a very specific jab at the Volt as well.

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How Technology is Changing the Scope of Advertising


The more that technology pulls us into our phones, our computers, and our tablets, the more embedded advertising gets into these internet venues of data and enjoyment. We’re quickly spiraling into a world where the lines between ads and information are blurring.

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Too Late, Playstation.

Playstation Green

The Playstation Network is in the process of coming back up after a firmware update. The problem is, many have already started switching over to other systems, particularly the Xbox 360.

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Ford Building Car Parts Out Of Dandelions

Ford Dandelions

Today, rubber components found on cars are synthetic, which means they're made from petroleum. But Ford is currently working on a way to not only make these components from a sustainable source, but to also eliminate a pesky weed in the process.

Ford's engineers have developed a potential petroleum-rubber replacement that's made from the common dandelion. The milky white substance created from the plant could potentially be used in cup holders, floor mats, and interior trim pieces, to name a few applications. And since the dandelions would be sourced locally, this also cuts down on shipping costs.

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