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Twitter Considers Raising Over $100 Million

Microblogging service Twitter is considering raising funding that would value the company at $3 billion, according to a popular technology blog.

Russian technology investment firm DST Global is seeking to lead the funding round, which would be larger than the $100 million that Twitter raised in September 2009, according to a report on Wednesday on the blog TechCrunch. The report said that other investors are also eager to be involved.

San Francisco-based Twitter has 175 million users and is one of the most popular Internet social networking services. The company, which allows its users to broadcast short, 140-character messages, or Tweets, to groups of “followers,” has only recently started efforts to generate revenue through special ads that appear in certain parts of its service.

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Amazon Launches Film Studio

Aspiring film makers get excited. has announced the creation of their own movie studio and they want your submissions. On the belief that “21 century technology creates opportunities to create and share movies more easily than ever.”

Amazon has formed a business model aimed at promoting the amateur film makers of the world. For you, this means the chance to win money, 2.7 million in monthly and annual contests within the first year. Next, to get noticed, sharing your work with the global community of filmmakers and writers they plan to assemble. Finally, to get your movie made, with a first-look deal in place with Warner Bros. Studios as well as the potential to be shopped around by Amazon Studios to other major film studios. For more details and deadlines check out

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Report: Microsoft Kinect Only Costs $56 to Make

According to information gathered by Kotaku, the Microsoft Kinect which retails for $149 only costs $56 to make, and for some reason, this is shocking people.

From Kotaku:

UBM have got hold of a Kinect, torn it apart to examine each of its components then tracked how much each of them cost. What they found was that each of the cameras costs Microsoft approximately $56, of which the single biggest expenditure is Israeli company PrimeSense’s “reference system” of cameras, microphones and processor, which clocks in at $17.

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Is Google Building a Facebook Rival?

Internet search leader Google Inc is not building a social network to compete with Facebook, a company executive reiterated on Thursday, despite an intensifying rivalry between the two leading Internet groups.

“We’re not working on a social network platform that’s just going to be another social network platform,” Google’s head of mobile product development, Hugo Barra, said in answer to a question at the Monaco Media Forum.

“We do think that social is an ingredient for success for any app going forward, search and advertising being probably the best two examples that I would mention. So that’s how we’re thinking about the problem.”

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Google to Give Staff 10 Percent Pay Raise

Google Inc will give its staff a 10 percent pay increase at the start of next year, according to website Silicon Alley Insider.

Chief Executive Eric Schmidt informed Google’s more than 23,000 employees of the raise by email, the Wall Street Journal later reported.

Silicon Alley Insider, citing a reader, earlier reported that Google is giving all its employees a $1,000 holiday bonus in addition to pay increases of at least 10 percent.

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Honda Changes Stance On Electric Vehicles

Honda has been rather late to the party when it comes to electric vehicles. While the company offers hybrid versions of several of its vehicles, it isn't expected to release a fully electric car until 2012, several years after competitors like Nissan and GM. But this attitude seems to be shifting, as new CEO Takanobu Ito has said that Honda will be putting more focus on EVs in the future.

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Facebook Goes Green With New Environmental Initiative

Facebook is good for a lot of things, whether you just want to play some FarmVille or you have a hard time remembering birthdays. But now the social network is looking to use its influence to help the environment with the new Green on Facebook initiative.

By partnering with groups including the Alliance to Save Energy, the Digital Energy Solutions Campaign, and The Green Grid, Facebook is hoping to spread awareness of environmental issues using its considerable reach. Not only that, but the social network is also making changes itself. This includes creating a new programming language that cuts down CPU use by around 50 percent. This process is in use at Facebook, but the company also released the software as an open source project so that other companies can do the same.

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Amazon Pays $540 Million for &

Retail giant was reported last week to be severely undercutting diaper and baby needs supplier Parent company Quidsi also operates Quidsi previously declined several buy-out offers from Amazon in the past.

Amazon’s latest acquisition offer came in at $540 million in cash according to Fortune. During hard times, the co-founders reluctantly accepted the offer. There was a sentiment that the company believed it could do very well and expand on it’s own.

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