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MoMA Launches Free iPhone App

Today, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) announced that they’ve released a free iPhone app in the App Store simply called, MoMA. The application gives users access to over 32,000 pieces from the Museum’s large collection of contemporary and modern art. In addition, they’ve got an art term dictionary, artist bios, and a calendar for events like exhibitions, film screenings, etc.

The MoMA iPhone Application Features:

  • - A Calendar of current and upcoming exhibitions, daily events and film screenings, with the ability to share via Facebook or Twitter.
  • - Tours, which include the MoMA Audio programs, with five distinct tour options, such as Special Exhibitions, Modern Voices, Modern Kids, MoMA Teen Audio, and Visual Descriptions, and the ability to browse by floor or stop number.
  • - An Art index of over 32,000 works featured in the collection as well as a database of art terms and artist biographies.
  • - Information about the museum, including hours, admission and transportation.
  • - MoMA Snaps offers the option to take a picture in the Museum and send it as a Museum postcard.
  • - MoMA Tracks allows visitors to select tracks from their own music library to listen to while exploring the Museum or the MoMA App.
  • - Access to MoMA resources on iTunes, iTunes U, and YouTube.

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Transparent Film Turns Windows Into Solar Panels

Thanks to a new technology developed by scientists, every window in Britain could be turned into solar panels with the application of transparent film. This new technology that harnesses the power of the sun could revolutionize the power industry and saturate global markets within the next five years or so. The patented film is being produced by a Norwegian company, EnSol AS, which plans to release the product commercially by 2016.

The film is composed of metal nanoparticles which are embedded into a composite matrix and needs to be built into the materials that it is coating. In order to do this, the material needs to be applied during the manufacturing process of the surface, whether that is windows, roofs of cars, or other modes of transportation or stationary buildings.

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last update: July 22, 2014


Injection Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Annually

If recently injured patients with serious bleeding were to receive a cheap, widely available and easily administered drug to help their blood to clot, tens of thousands of lives could be saved every year, according to a paper published on-line today by The Lancet.

Dr Ian Roberts, Professor of Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UK, revealed that results from a trial show that early administration of tranexamic acid (TXA) to patients with recent, severe bleeding injuries saves lives, with no evidence of adverse effects from unwanted clotting.

The trial, named CRASH-2, was a large, randomised trial involving over 20,000 adult patients in 274 hospitals across 40 countries, and was funded by England’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology Assessment programme. This is the first trial of TXA in injured patients, although smaller trials have shown that it reduces bleeding in patients undergoing major surgery.

TXA is an off-patent drug, manufactured by a number of different companies. The cost per gram is about £3 ($4.50).

The drug helps by reducing clot breakdown. Although this would be advantageous in patients with severe bleeding, doctors were worried that TXA might increase the risk of complications, such as heart attacks, strokes and clots in the lungs. The results of this large trial show that TXA reduces death from bleeding without any increase in these complications.

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Hottest Gadgets of the 1990′s

Previously, we brought you the hottest gadgets from the 1960′s, 1970’s and the 1980′s. This may not be the first time these types of technology hit the market, but in the 1990′s these are the products people would have stood in line for, much like they do for the iPad and iPhone today.



Welcome to The Age of Virtual Currency

A little over a year ago, I wrote about Facebook beginning testing of a payments system. I am happy to inform you that Facebook credits are now live for selected applications.

Visit certain applications within Facebook, such as Living Social or browse the Games page and Facebook may send you 25 free credits (a $2.50 value).

Credits can be purchased using credit cards, PayPal and even through your cell phone.

Pretty amazing, right? The story just got much more interesting today.

TechCrunch writes that Google has acquired Jambool for $70 million. Jambool powers virtual economies with a platform called Social Gold.

Google may implement Social Gold into their existing checkout product, their new social platform and Google Me, a social network in-development.

I believe this is a very strong possibility and am sure that both Facebook and Google will be vying to integrate and promote the use of their virtual currencies by as many users as possible.

Facebook has a head-start, but Google seems to be nonchalantly adopting all of their strategies and will have the benefit of learning from any hiccups.

Both social giants should realize that there is use for virtual currency beyond games and virtual goods. Could it be that they are just testing the waters for now, or that governments will not allow these currencies to be used for real-world goods and services?

It’s going to be very interesting to follow as the virtual economies evolve. I believe virtual currency will be a success and am excited about it’s potential impact for the future of online business.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

Welcome to The Age of Virtual Currency

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Pizza Hut Introduces Foursquare Discounts for ‘Mayors’

Are you on Foursquare yet? Well, if you want to spy on your friends or lifeblog your daily destinations, you should be. And now, Pizza Hut has launched a new campaign that gives discounts to Foursquare ‘Mayors’. Unfortunately they’re not giving away a free pizza, but they are giving away a free order of breadsticks whenever you purchase a large pizza. Not bad for visiting a place you’d already patronize.

“Through past experience, we’ve learned that our customers are spending a considerable amount of time using social media and mobile tools, increasingly incorporating them into their daily lives,” said Brian Niccol, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut.  ”We see this promotion with foursquare as a win-win situation – loyal, digital-savvy customers will be able to take advantage of a fun promo, while we hope to see a bump in repeat traffic from Mayors looking to take advantage of this offer.”

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Thanko Button Camera Perfect for Spying

Ever pretend you were a spy as a kid? Well, your childhood dreams are about to come a reality. Sure there are other spying gadgets out there, but this genius camera masks itself as a button on your shirt. And don’t worry about matching your shirts, the buttons come in three different colors, black, white, and pearl. Happy spying!

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Did You Know? Popular Marketing Website Features Unused Domaining Category

Domain names are an essential part of the infrastructure of the internet and online business. As such, domains could be considered the foundation or starting point for several aspects of internet marketing.

SEO – You start with a quality domain name and it is widely known that good keywords are extremely beneficial.

Branding – Your domain name is your brand. Often times a brand name and associated domain name are interchangeable by customers and users.

PPC / SEM – There have been studies showing the benefits of call to action and product keyword domains in advertisements.

Social Media – America’s favorite past-time continues to grow. There is always a feature on social media sites for promoting a website URL.

Domain names are not going anywhere and will continue to increase in popularity, number and importance for internet marketing in the coming years.

Sphinn Prominently Features a Domaining Category

I’d like to introduce Sphinn, the most popular internet marketing news hub. Sphinn was launched in 2007 by the people at Search Engine Land and is now visited daily by thousands of visitors. The Sphinn community is comprised of those experienced or learning about SEO and other ways to improve their online web presence.

I use Sphinn occasionally and have submitted articles that received good results. I’ve always noticed the Domaining category and have been saddened by it’s lack of use.

Sphinn: Domaining Popular – Most of the stories are from 2008 and while good, were not published by industry experts.

Sphinn: Domaining Upcoming – No stories submitted in past 72 hours (or who-knows-when).

Can we bring the Domaining category back to life?

Join Sphinn to help promote our industry!

I have been thinking of proposing this for awhile and I believe now is the time to take action. We have been preaching to the choir for far too long. We need to reach out to all the related industries and educate anyone willing to listen about the true value of quality domain names.

Soon, I am going to begin submitting quality domain news and editorials to Sphinn.

I encourage you to bookmark the Domaining Upcoming category (linked above) and assist me in voting for your favorite new stories.

Take a second to join Sphinn to be able to vote and submit content. Let’s have our presence be noticed!

Beyond Sphinn

Twitter ReTweets – If you come across or have written a domaining related article or important news item, please send me a direct message on Twitter and I will share it with my followers.

Facebook Likes and Shares – These features have proved to be very effective methods of sharing quality content with all of your friends.

LinkedIn – Up and coming groups on Domaining and marketing are now becoming quite active and effective means of promotion. – Enables broadcasting of updates to all of your social networks.

Digg / Reddit - Similar to Sphinn, these social news hubs feature many categories that may be relevant to Domaining and can provide serious exposure if voted up.

Did you know? It only takes 15 to 30 bookmarks for a link to be featured on the Delicious popular page to be seen by thousands of internet professionals.

We can effectively promote the domain name industry by adopting simple, but powerful social marketing techniques.

Please let me know if you plan on participating. You can connect with me on my Sphinn profile or leave a comment below with your thoughts.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

Did You Know? Popular Marketing Website Features Unused Domaining Category

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