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Report: Facebook sales likely to hit $2 billion in 2010

Facebook Inc is likely to generate 2010 revenue of about $2 billion, more than previously expected for the popular social networking site, Bloomberg reported, citing three people familiar with the matter.

Facebook’s 6-year-old service, which ranks the world’s largest Web social network with roughly half a billion users, posted 2009 revenue of around $800 million, Reuters reported earlier this year.

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Stream TV Around The World

With all the traveling going on this holiday season there is a chance you may be out of the US for an extended amount of time. There is also a chance you will need an escape from 24 hour “family time”, so why not escape into the world of online streaming videos! Don’t miss your favorite shows just because you should be seeing the sights and enjoying the sounds of foreign lands. Since we can’t take credit for figuring out how to pull off all of this magic you will have to read the full instructions on Gizmodo.

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Rigid Jobsite Radio: The Manliest Radio Ever!

Ridgid’s Jobsite Radio, described as the first iPod-compatible boom-box designed to withstand just about anything you can throw at it. It can also be described as the manliest music box you could ever own. The device itself is encased in a ShockMount layer of bad-ass real man protective armor. Users simply flip down the lid in the front, slide their iPod in and then change tracks via on-board external controls or remote control. The unit is powered by a standard 120V or Ridgid 18V battery. It is also powered by pure testosterone*.

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Nissan Leaf Makes Debut In San Francisco

The very first Nissan Leaf has finally made its debut after being delivered to San Francisco resident and entrepreneur, Olivier Chalouhi. What a lucky guy?!

Though Nissan hasn't planned for a nationwide launch until 2012, we'll likely see Leaf's popping up all over the country.

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Give the Gift of Getting There

This post brought to you by NAVTEQ. All opinions are 100% mine.

It can be really hard to shop for some people. Especially the pickiest of your friends and family. So what do you do? You turn to practical gifts and call it a day. Well, what could be more practical than the gift that makes sure they even show up to your holiday shindig?

These days, millions of people have GPS units for their car. But, everyday new roads are being established, so what could be better and more practical than a map update? Not much.

Here are six reasons to give a map update for the holidays:

  • - Won’t get re-gifted
  • - Doesn’t have to be the right size, color, style

  • - Is perfect for that someone who has everything 

  • - Is perfect for someone who needs an extra push to arrive on time 

  • - Is a perfect gift for yourself! Getting to your office Christmas parties; going from store to store to get that sold out item; avoiding your own “Meet the Parents” experience 

  • - Helps take care of your family – keep them safe with the latest information on how to get there and places to stop along the way

All I know is that I don’t like getting lost so if anyone would like to get me a map update for me, I’m 100% fine with that.

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R2D2 Headphones

Unfortunately, you can’t actually turn into R2D2 but you can sort of look the part by slapping these headphones on when you’re listening to your robot rock.

The headphones are available via Coloud.


Dell to buy Compellent for $960 million

Dell Inc agreed to buy data storage company Compellent Technologies Inc for about $960 million in cash, to expand beyond PCs and catch up with rivals Hewlett-Packard Co and IBM in technologies like cloud computing.

Shares of Dell dropped nearly 1 percent early Monday after it announced that it would offer $27.75 a share for Compellent, a price that is about a 3 percent discount to Compellent’s closing price on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange.

Compellent shares were down 2.4 percent, or 71 cents, at $28 in premarket trading, although they were still trading nearly 1 percent above Dell’s bid.

Dell will pay $820 million, net of cash.

Compellent shares have risen about 46 percent since late October when Reuters first reported the deal was being discussed.

Monday’s deal was widely expected after Dell and Compellent announced last week that they were holding “advanced discussions.” At that time, Dell said it would bid $27.50 a share.

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Apple Patenting Some Hot Phone to Phone Action

Apple’s latest patent application could add a whole new dimension to the exploding smartphone app market: Phone-to-Phone app sharing, with incentives. Now you will be able to get paid for forcing all your friends to download yet another version of angry birds! Plus with the extremely advanced graphics above to clearly explain how it all works, how can you not get excited!

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