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How Technology is Changing the Scope of Advertising


The more that technology pulls us into our phones, our computers, and our tablets, the more embedded advertising gets into these internet venues of data and enjoyment. We’re quickly spiraling into a world where the lines between ads and information are blurring.

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Too Late, Playstation.

Playstation Green

The Playstation Network is in the process of coming back up after a firmware update. The problem is, many have already started switching over to other systems, particularly the Xbox 360.

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last update: May 27, 2015


Ford Building Car Parts Out Of Dandelions

Ford Dandelions

Today, rubber components found on cars are synthetic, which means they're made from petroleum. But Ford is currently working on a way to not only make these components from a sustainable source, but to also eliminate a pesky weed in the process.

Ford's engineers have developed a potential petroleum-rubber replacement that's made from the common dandelion. The milky white substance created from the plant could potentially be used in cup holders, floor mats, and interior trim pieces, to name a few applications. And since the dandelions would be sourced locally, this also cuts down on shipping costs.

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Future Phones Could Recharge Through Sound


Researchers in South Korea are developing a cell phone that can recharge simply through sound.

The device features two strands of zinc oxide surrounded by two electrodes, as well as a sound absorbing pad. When the pad vibrates, the wires compress and release, creating an electrical current. This can then be used to charge the phone's battery.

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Blue Whales Love New York

Blue Whale

Judging by its huge population, people love New York City. And it turns out that whales do, too.

Researchers placed a series of underwater sound recorders from Long Island to New York Harbor and found that a surprisingly diverse number of whales liked to spend time around NYC. Everything from endangered species like fin and humpback whales, all the way up to the massive blue whale. Because different species of whales have distinct "songs," the researchers were able to tell the species solely through sound. But from the surface the whales are undetectable.

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Pixels. Old School.

Old School Donkey Kong

Hey old-schoolers, here’s a video to bring back the nostalgia, the sheer joy associated with 8-bit passions such as Space Invaders and Pacman.


How the Internet Works


Admit it – you take it for granted. The internet is so embedded in our lives that we don’t really care how or why it works. If it doesn’t work, we get mad, but we just figure that something is wrong with our device, the WiFi in the area, or the ISP themselves.

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Never Obsolete

While it’s never recommended to buy computers at garage sales, every now and then you come across a gem. As you can see, this eMachine is never obsolete. It’s a steal! Be sure to grab the monitor as well – totally worth completing the ensemble.

Never Obsolete

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