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10 Best Ways To Protect Your Family Online

While many parents look at the computer as a much more educational option for their children than plopping them in front of the TV all day, there’s still plenty of trouble they can get into online.

There are so many things to consider, however, that it can seem daunting at times. Fortunately, our friends over at ZoneAlarm have put together this handy-dandy infographic outlining 10 things you can (should!) do to keep your family safe online.

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When Websites Replace Gods: Indian Village Changes Name to Nagar

Snapdeal Village

The northern Indian village once known as Shiv Nagar has replaced the first part of their name (which came from the Hindu god Shiva) to the name of the company that gave them what they really needed: water.

SnapDeal, the Indian variation of Groupon, spent $5000 to install 15 hand pumps that allowed villagers to get water locally rather than walk 2 miles to the nearest clean water.  28-year-old CEO Kunal Bahl said this is the first of many works of philanthropy that he has planned.

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last update: July 31, 2015


Where Are They Now? (“They” Being Startup Winners of TC Disrupt)


It takes talent to pick a winner. Particularly in the volatile world of technology startups, it’s often easier to pick a trifecta in horse racing than to pick the next big tech company.

Techcrunch has had some success over the years in identifying viable businesses worthy of funding. This graphic by our friends at Namesake takes a look at the past winners and losers and breaks down where they are today in their quest to be the next big thing.

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New York, New York, It’s The Digital Town

In an attempt, perhaps, to steal the digital crown from the Bay Area, New York City has unveiled six official digital  apps to celebrate Internet Week.

One, NYC Condom, is from the city’s department of health and will help you find a glove so you can have some safe love.

Others are from the Mayor’s office of Media and Entertainment, City Hall and the departments of Information
Technology and Telecommunications and of Transportation. You the Man, from the DOT, helps you calculate your blood-alcohol content so you can decide if you should take a cab home.

Another nine apps available on the city’s app page are winners of the NYC Big Apps (get it, Big Apple, Big Apps?) competition. Check ‘em out after the jump: Continue reading New York, New York, It’s The Digital Town


WordPress oopsie. Maybe you should have described that page element differently?

By the time you read this, there’s a pretty good chance that will have changed their site and fixed the oops. Good thing we took a screen shot this morning.

If you hovered over the orange button, which is rather large when compared with other links on the page, you can see the html coded into the link.

When telling the designer where they wanted that button on the page, however, perhaps someone should have described the large, orange sign-up button differently.

Not as “big-ass orange on left.”

Just sayin’.

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Solar-Powered Laptop Needs No Wires


I hate nothing more than seeing the dreaded "you are now running on reserve power" message pop up on my laptop when I'm in the middle of writing.

So I loved this solar laptop from Good Clean Tech, which has two solar panels (one on top and one in front of the keyboard) to help keep it charged continuously. Though, if you live in Alaska, you might need some help from SAD lights in the winter.

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There are no small jobs, only small minds

Before you turn up your nose at the idea of flipping burgers at McD’s, consider Jeff Bezos. He learned to crack an egg with one hand, yo.

And you think minimum wage is a pittance? Michael Dell earned $2.30 an hour washing dishes at a Chinese restaurant.

While some of these big-name tech billionaires weren’t exactly slumming it in their first jobs – financial analyst, programmer – very few set the world on fire right out of the gate (in other words: We can’t all be Mark Zuckerberg).

Here’s a look at the first jobs of some of the richest names in tech. Continue reading There are no small jobs, only small minds


Why Google didn’t get into social sooner and better

“I was busy.”

And there you have it. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt had that to say when pressed on why he didn’t get the Silicon Valley darling into the social networking sphere sooner and in ways better than Google Buzz, despite the fact that he wrote memos about the threat posed by Facebook and LinkedIn.

To be fair, Schmidt probably was quite busy while he was running Google on a day-to-day basis.

But seeing as he was in charge, you’d think he could have ordered an underling to focus on social. Instead, the company’s failure to come up with a credible social network on his watch counts as Schmidt’s “biggest regret.”

It probably had as much to do with the unwieldy nature of the company that had grown to be one of the largest in the U.S. But the rise of social search has chipped away at Google’s complete dominance in online search.

[image: Aray Chen on Flickr]


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