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Every Gaming Console Ever

Ok, so it’s possible there are a few missing, but here’s a pretty comprehensive graphic that shows (almost) every official gaming console ever. Feel free to add any others in the comments below.

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Evolution of Gaming in Minutes

As a kid who screamed his head off Christmas after Christmas opening boxes of consoles from Atarti to Gamecube, this video practically has me weeping. Although it’s missing some great consoles, it gives a brief history of gaming in a short period of time. If 30 years (not counting the oscilloscope) has brought us this far, imagine what it will be like in another 30 years. I know one thing that is going to be useful next is being able coordinate gameplay using Xbox Live’s built in conference call features.


Man, what I wouldn’t do to have a setup like this!

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last update: March 5, 2015


Groupon Files to Raise up to $950 Million

Groupon Inc, the fast-growing online coupon seller, has been authorized to raise up to $950 million in what would be the biggest round of equity financing by any company since Pixar in 1995.

The company said in filing with the state of Delaware that it intended to sell shares at $31.59 each.

That price would value Groupon at between $6.4 billion and $7.8 billion, depending on the number of shares issued, according to VC Experts, a research firm that specializes in providing data on private companies.

Groupon, with annual revenue said to range from $500 million to $2 billion, sends members daily e-mails with steeply discounted deals from local merchants. The deals are activated when a certain number of people agree to make a purchase.

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Plastic Bottles Used To Build School In The Philippines

Recycled plastic bottles have become many things, like other plastic bottles, bags made from recycled post-consumer plastic, and a variety of other products. The town of San Pablo in the Philippines had other ideas for recycling the bottles and have even built a new school using them.

Residents of the city helped gather thousands of plastic bottles which was later bonded together using a natural building material to form a school.

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Scuba Goggles For The Social Media Age

Since we all know we can’t go five minutes without updating our facebooks, tweeting our twitters, or shamefully checking our myspaces, then constantly posting pictures of our where abouts is something that is pretty common practice at this point. Well the final frontier of picture posting has finally been conquered. These goggles will allow you to take bad ass underwater photos and videos and then upload to your computer via USB as soon as you are above water.  This means it will only be mere moments before all of your friends know you maybe saw some fish 100 yards away. If you are not into scuba diving well then you can easily take these bad boys on your next spring break and finally start your amateur voyeur career in the various pools because we all know that is exactly what you thought of when you first saw these. Buy them here now!

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Holiday Gift Idea for Tech-Savvy Adventurers

This post brought to you by SPOT. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes giving gifts can be difficult, but one general rule of thumb for giving good gifts is to always think practical. What could be more practical for an adventurer in your life than giving the gift of safety? The SPOT Satellite GPS messenger is a great gift for hikers, campers, mountain climbers, and other outdoor adventurers in your life.

In fact, for the holiday season, if you purchase the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger you’ll get a bonus adventure kit worth $50. The kit includes a coupon for 15% off Basic Service, flotation case for SPOT, micro LED flashlight, safety tips bandana, lanyard, safety whistle and a carabineer keychain. Not bad.

On to the features:

  • SPOT transmits your exact GPS coordinates and sends selected messages over commercial satellites to tell others of your location and status.

  • Works anywhere in the world, outside of cellular networks.

  • SPOT features four important functions that enable users to send messages to friends, family or emergency responders, based upon varying levels of need:
  • - Alert 9-1-1 – Dispatches emergency responders to your exact location
  • - Ask for Help – Request help from friends and family wherever you are
  • - Check In – Lets your contacts know exactly where you are and that you’re OK
  • - Track Progress – Saves your location and allows friends and family to track your progress using Google Maps™

Bottom line: The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is a great gift idea for any adventurer on your list.

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The Sleeping Bag From Heaven

Well the makers of the First Ascent Peak XV down-suit must have a direct link into my brain because a bed you can wear is something I have been longing for as long as I can remember. I hope my family will understand that I will not be getting them any gifts this year so that I can save up for the $1000 price tag the last suit I’m ever going to wear has on it.

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Hand Grenade Oil Lamp

If you find yourself  looking to pinch some pennies this Christmas by making gifts, well then you can cross your crazy war vet uncle off the list because this is the perfect gift for him (or any other male in your family). Sure, it is a fire hazard and will definitely make guests double take and be uneasy, but isn’t that what the holidays are all about? No? Well maybe we just have different Christmas traditions. Learn the step by step process to this gem of a gift here.

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