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Gas Engine Improvements You Should Implement Now

The demands placed on automotive manufacturers to increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon footprints led to the development of alternative fueled vehicles. Nevertheless, gas powered engines remain dominant in the automotive market. Gas engines are not likely to disappear in the near future. However, engineers are continually adopting new methods of function that enable increased performance while becoming more eco-friendly. Whether buying a new vehicle or merely overhauling an existing vehicle with a different engine, consumers benefit from the technology.

Variable Valve Timing and Lift

Conventional engines are equipped with valves that open and close at regulated increments, which provides an air/gas mixture as fuel. In the past, regardless of the work load that engines undergo, the rate at which valves perform their function remained unchanged. This means that engines receive the same amount of fuel regardless of work load. In effect, engines proved inefficient and permitted unnecessary fuel consumption and loss. By developing technology that times valve function to more closely accommodate the needs of an engine, the vehicle becomes more fuel efficient. Studies indicate that this newer design saves up to five percent in fuel consumption.

Deactivating Cylinders

Vehicles have four or more cylinders, which are all engaged as long as the vehicle remains running. Fuel saving ideology led engine engineers to reconsider the necessity of having all of the cylinders functional when not needed, which wastes fuel. Sports cars and heavy duty trucks, for example, feature V-8 engines. While a vehicle may require increased fuel consumption during times of extreme speeds or when hauling loads, at other times, decreased demands only waste fuel. By deactivating cylinders when they are not necessary, vehicles become more than seven percent fuel efficient. Though this technology is currently available on V-8 engines, manufacturers are considering adopting the change for V-6 model cars and trucks.

Alterations in Fuel Injection

In conventional gas engines, a spark ignites fuel and air in the combustion chamber. However, studies suggest that heating and pressurizing the fuel before it enters the chamber makes gas burn cleaner and more efficiently. The alteration also reduces the amount of fuel needed to power the engine. Under normal circumstances, gas engines might have a compression ratio of around 10 to 1. Newer technology increases this ratio to 14 to 1. The engine in a Mazda Demio, for example, has this innovative design and gets a reported 70 miles per gallon.


This invention involves fans that are powered by the gases that are en route to the exhaust system. This action creates a higher compression ratio by allowing more compressed air into the combustion chamber, which means more efficient combustion and better fuel economy. When smaller engines feature turbochargers, engine performance also improves while saving fuel.

Driver Retraining

How someone drives a vehicle additionally has an effect on gas consumption. The faster a vehicle goes, the more fuel the engine consumes. Newer technology provides drivers with visualization by adding dashboard mechanisms that display when vehicles are operating efficiently and when more conservative measures are necessary. Other innovations include eco-modes that regulate transmission shifting and encourages running at lower speeds.

Wearable Tech Shirts Beyonce Would Want shows how Beyonce picks stylish accessories for Autumn. You can pick wearable tech clothes that have the style that Queen Bey would choose for herself.

Fuelware has created the Flame Base, a long sleeved, body-heating, body-conscious shirt with very cool styling. Its wearable technology lets you set the shirt to the toasty temperature of your choice, and it keeps your body warmed to that temperature. When the sensors in the base layer of the shirt sense that your body is at the desired temperature, they turn off the heating elements.

The heating elements are integrated into the washable bamboo fabric of the base layer, two in the front and one at the small of the back. Bamboo fabric is known for its comfortable softness, its durability, and its moisture-wicking ability, and the fabric is machine washable on cold with a gentle detergent. Four LEDs monitor battery and heat levels.

This shirt is so new that Beyonce herself may not yet know about it. In fact, it is so new that it’s still an Indiegogo crowdfunding project. Don’t let that stop you from pre-ordering, however. The campaign has surpassed its initial goal by 401 percent. That means that Fuelware will not only be able to produce the shirt with the original black base layer but also will be able to offer the shirt in blue and gray.

The campaign is less than $20,000 away from being able to reach its second stretch goal and add a USB port for charging cell phones to the battery pack. No need to return to shelter to seek a recharge, you can stay out and enjoy your activities in the cool air and recharge on the go. Sizes will be available for men and women from small to extra-large.

If you want wearable tech that will monitor your workout so that you can look like Beyonce, or the kind of guy who could be with Beyonce, you don’t have to wear a wrist band any longer. Ralph Lauren and Hexoskin have introduced shirts with microchips embedded in the fabric. Ralph Lauren’s Polo Tech shirt is a body-conscious polo shirt that monitors heart rate, breathing, movement, and more.

A small black-box at the chest houses the sensors that receive the data and transmit it instantly to a smartphone app. Ralph Lauren plans on continuing to shrink the size of the black box. Also, given the introduction of treadmill desks into the workplace, the company plans on introducing this technology into a line of tech dress shirts.

Hexoskin’s biometric shirt is even more extreme than the Lauren Polo Tech shirt. The tank top tracks 42,000 data points per minute providing statistics not only on your workout, but also on your daily activities, calorie intake, steps taken, and the quality of your nightly sleep. For those prone to sleep apnea and hyperventilation, it also measures lung capacity.

Beyonce may be jealous you’re wearing these cool wearable tech shirts.


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Advancement Opportunities for Medical Assistants

The medical field has been quickly advancing for years, providing stable jobs and unlimited career growth for many. If you’ve been curious about the career potential with your medical assisting degree, you’d be surprised at what your degree can offer you and your future. Nurse2

Medical Office Manager

With some experience under your belt, you can easily advance to becoming a manager of a medical office. You’ll be responsible for the administrative part of the office, making sure everything is running efficiently. You’ll supervise the staff and be responsible for hiring and firing employees, as well as training new hires. You’ll also be responsible for the billing part of the office. This includes medical coding and collections for unpaid bills. You’ll pay the medical office’s bills and keep track of inventory and the costs associated with keeping the practice fully stocked with necessary supplies. You’ll also be in charge of supervising the support staff in the office. This includes the front desk staff, nurses, and the medical assistants. Depending on the size of your office, you might also have a role at the front desk where you’ll schedule appointments, submit billing statements to your patients, and submit any claims to various insurance companies.

Lead Medical Assistant

When you’ve spent a few years working as a medical assistant in a medical office, you might have the opportunity to advance to a supervisory role while still maintaining your job as a medical assistant. With this position, you’ll be the go to person for anything regarding the running of the office. Your responsibilities will lie mostly with the operation and administration side of the practice, monitoring the quality of work of all of the staff and being in charge of the billing side of the office. You’ll take care of all of the office’s billing to patients, insurance companies, and the medical suppliers you work with. You’ll have to have knowledge of medical coding, so getting your medical coding certificate can be helpful in performing this job successful. You’ll need to have a working knowledge of collections, too, because you’ll be the one sending unpaid balances to collections and working with patients on paying off their collections. You will need to know the inventory side of the practice inside and out because you’ll be the only one who knows what needs to be ordered and in what quantities so you don’t waste money on unused inventory.

Medical Records Manager

If you want to work in a hospital setting, then a medical records manager could be just the career for you. This job often requires additional education in the form of a health information technology degree or certificate. You will process and maintain all of the patient records in that hospital, as well as keep patient information private on the hospital’s database. You’ll make sure the patient’s record is complete and accurate. You’ll have to know how to use software to store and code records in the hospital’s system, as well as know how to quickly pull these records for medical staff.

Many people think you’re stuck being a medical assistant forever, but the truth is you have an almost unlimited potential of careers when you get your degree in medical assisting. While some might require additional education, you’re only making an investment in your future.


Start a Blog Today in 10 Easy Steps

blog psychology

Blogging is something that absolutely anyone can do and most likely enjoy doing. You don’t need to be a great writer or have revolutionary ideas. There are dozens of ways for a blog to bring value to readers.

The process of starting a blog can seem complicated, however, and this prevents many people from jumping in. It’s not. In fact, we’ll break it down for you in 10 easy steps.

1. Choose your platform

For many this will be WordPress, but there are numerous other free blogging platforms available. Tumblr is a popular platform that’s very visual, as well as a cross between blogging and social media.

2. Choose your domain

If you’re serious about your blog, you’ll want to get your own domain name rather than use a link through your blogging platform. This will give your blog more credibility and allow you customization options and room for expansion later. Choose the shortest, most relevant name to your theme that you can. Then be prepared to keep thinking. It’s not true that all the good ones are taken, but a lot of them are so come up with a list of possibilities.

3. Choose a content theme

Speaking of themes, the major mistake most bloggers make is that they lack direction, or a main theme to attract and keep readers. You may think your life and your thoughts on random subjects would be interesting to others, but to the average person they are not. You need a main theme that your content will mostly adhere to. It doesn’t need to be an overly specialized niche. It could be something as broad as being a mother or living in New York, but it needs direction.

4. Choose a visual theme

With your content theme in hand, you can choose a visual theme for your blog that fits it well. You’ll probably want to keep the design simple and clean at the start. You don’t need to make your blog an eyesore just to try to be “unique”. Keep your design clean and make navigating your blog as intuitive as possible. When you get your feet under you and have a following, you could consider a more personalized, branded look.

5. Set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool for showing you what’s popular on your blog, where people are coming from and for what purpose (or keywords). It also will show you how your blog is progressing in traffic over time.

6. Install helpful plugins

In addition to Google Analytics, there are other programs you can install that will give you a decided advantage in building your blog. One is SEO Friendly Images, a free WordPress plugin that automatically optimizes all of your images so that they’ll appear in Google Image Search. Very few bloggers do this manually, and you can draw a surprising amount of traffic to your site through image searches. Keep yourself updated on the latest plugins and what they could do for you and your blog.

7. Populate your blog with content

Now you need to actually get blogging. If your blog is related to your personal life, it should be easy enough to know what to write about each day. When your blog is related to a particular subject, you’ll need to know what’s happening in that area. If you’re interested in the law, for example, follow the news, other legal blogs and law firm sites to keep up to date.

8. Promote your content

Forums and other blogs relevant to your content are great places to link to your blog or to a specific post. Just be aware of the policies on linking so that you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes when you do so, as your post may then be removed. And try not to make it obvious that you’re promoting your own content or come across as desperate. Offer a tease to what your link will show and casually invite the reader to see more.

And of course, you should be running social media accounts for your blog to attract more fans and promote your content through those avenues as well.

9. ???

There’s a popular Internet meme whereby people make a list that ends with “???” and “Profit!”. Example:

  1. Start a Blog
  2. Write Posts
  3. ??? (This is ostensibly the key ingredient in each list)
  4. PROFIT!!

Knowing your memes and Internet trends can be an important aspect of appealing to readers. It offers them something familiar that they know and can relate to, or just find funny. Just don’t get too carried away with Internet pop culture, as that could alienate readers who find the references cryptic.

10. Profit!

There you have it. You’re now ready to conquer the Internet with your new blog and profit from it – assuming you can discover the pesky missing ingredient. Enjoy your new blog, and good luck.


How Digital Efficiency Increases Business Income

Each year, software and electronics are developed that make personal and business lives more streamlined and efficient. Thanks to various innovations created since 2000, businesses are capable of making more money while consuming less resources to do so. However, some businesses may not be maximizing their potential. While it may be hard to change the minds of those set in their ways, digital efficiency can help them make more money than ever before. All it takes is to spend a bit of time learning the basics of advancing technology.

User-Friendly Interfaces Save Time

One argument that people give as to maintaining with their old systems of business practices is that technology is difficult to use. As opposed to the designs of software in the 1990s, applications today are usually developed with an easy-to-use interface that implements plain language for control. By spending a day or two learning particular apps for your business, you may find that you’ll spend less time for certain tasks. This allows you to work on other projects sooner than expected. If your employees are using less time to complete tasks, then you’re potentially getting more work for the same amount of money.

Improving Customer Service

Technology today provides an unparalleled method of customer service compared to the way businesses performed before the digital age. The more satisfied customers are with the business, the more likely they will continue to spend money on goods and services you provide. Cloud-based apps and communications can broaden the scope of interaction with individuals providing a sense of importance within your consumer-base. These apps also allow greater delivery of information to the masses in less time further increasing the potential of customer satisfaction.

Less Money Spent on Upgrades and Tech Support

By using online technologies, you can spend less money on software upgrades as well as in-house tech support. As these applications are saved on a remote server controlled by a hosting company, software upgrades and modifications are usually handled by the organization. For example, do you spend time upgrading your network when your bank updates its pages? When your stock broker implements faster networking and server hardware, are you directly paying the network administrator? Most online services roll these expenses into your monthly fees, if any. This keeps more money in your bank allowing you to re-purpose those funds for other business improvements.

Mobile Technology for Efficiency

One of the most obvious modes of efficiency in today’s society is the use of mobile technology. Nearly every aspect of your business could be operated from your smartphone from virtually any Internet connection at any time of the day. This allows you and your employees to work while being mobile – an aspect that was near impossible prior to the year 2000. Your business could spend the same amount of money while possibly getting greater productivity from employees by switching to mobile adaptations of your business practices.

It’s been decades since computer systems began filling offices and corporate headquarters. These tools save companies untold amounts of money annually, yet there are still those that rely on more archaic forms of operation. If you think you’re successful now, think of how much more you could be by changing your mind about learning the technology available today.

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4 Tips for the Perfect Selfie with Orthodontics

Just because you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment, that doesn’t mean your selfie game has to suffer. Whether you have thousands of followers on Instagram or you’re trying to build your personal brand on LinkedIn, going a year (or more) with no updated photos, pensive portraits or duck lips isn’t going to cut it. There’s a trick to taking the perfect selfie, and there are also tactics for taking gorgeous selfies with orthodontics.

When you’re deciding between Invisalign and braces, don’t let your ego get in the way. Choose the method your orthodontist recommends as best for you, and then learn to work your online image around it. There are many ways to either embrace or hide your smile depending on your selfie mood of the day. Here’s how:

1. Practice the closed-lip smile

In the early days when you might be more self conscious about your orthodontics than you should be, hiding them is a priority. However, this doesn’t mean you should go with a vapid, stoic or angry selfie all the time. A gorgeous smile can be closed-lipped, and it often lends an air of mystery and flirtatiousness you can’t get with a wide-lipped grin. Practice and you might even notice some adorable quirks, such as one side of the mouth rising up higher than the other.

2. Go for the profile

While the younger generation knows “up and to the right” is the best angle for most selfies, you were never one to follow the pack. Try out profile selfies for something new (it’s for more than just showing off a new hairstyle). In fact, many people end up thinking their profile is their best angle of all.

3. Know Invisalign might not even show up

If you go with the nearly invisible Invisalign, it probably won’t show up in photos at all unless you get seriously up close and high quality. If that’s the case, smile with ease just like you’re not wearing orthodontics. However, if you’re really after a high quality shot, you can always slip them off for a few seconds and snap the photo.

4. Embrace your “brace face”

You’re not going to have orthodontics for long, so you may as well capture this moment in your life. If you have custom colored braces, you might especially want to show them off. Go ahead and laugh or smile big in photos; a few years from now you won’t be able to show off those customized bands.



Efficient Methods of New Building Construction

Since efficiency is an important aspect in personal and business functionality, many companies are implementing conservative materials in new construction. Many of these developments are not only compliant with low-energy mandates, but they can save money over time from future damage and repairs. Although solar adaptations are being added across the country, efficiency in the building materials and features themselves can create a cost-effective home or workplace.

EPS Sandwich Panels

Insulated sandwich panels are growing in popularity mostly due to the features that the design delivers. These units are lightweight and provide insulation, water proofing, sound proofing and anti-earthquake capabilities. These barriers deliver a high load-bearing capacity perfect for multistory developments such as shopping malls and apartment buildings. The exact materials that are used in the creation of these EPS sandwich panels vary by manufacturer, but all have roughly the same capabilities while offering a low-cost solution for efficient construction.

Water Systems and Grounds Maintenance

Landscaping is an attractive selling point for properties, and today’s technology can keep the grounds efficient as well. Organic spray additives are capable of helping plant life use less water in order to sustain itself. Debris caps can keep dirt and other foreign elements from causing damage to shutoff valves. Recycled rubberized mulch can give the landscaping an elegant “wooden” look and feel while reducing the onset of weeds and other gardening complications.

Reducing Smog While Fertilizing

Roof tiles treated with titanium dioxide have the ability to filter the particles of smog in the atmosphere and convert them into viable nitrates. This allows the establishment to assist in reducing air pollution while treating the surrounding landscape with a continuous supply of fertilizer. Although this technology is fairly new, it could be a welcome addition to projects that are leaning towards becoming certified as eco-friendly according to organizations such as LEED.

Smart Glass Windows

Smart glass windows allow the user to alter the state of the glass itself with the touch of a button. These windows can automatically frost themselves in order to provide privacy or reduce the amount of sunlight that enters the room. This can be beneficial during the summer by assisting in reducing high temperatures. It is rumored that these windows may be controlled by the smart-house environment allowing it to automatically adjust the glass according to calculated variables such as temperature and human presence.

Radiant Cooling and Heating

Instead of furnaces and air-conditioning units, developers are installing radiant heating and cooling systems within the walls and floors of establishments. As many of these installations are powered by geothermal energy, the end result is an efficient and cost effective way to warm and cool the building. Instead of radiators and vents that produce temperate air from a single location, pipes run throughout the floors and walls evenly heating or cooling rooms.

As time marches on, greater innovative developments continue to perfect the way humans construct buildings. Each implementation is a testament to ingenuity as energy concerns are reduced. For your next project, analyze how you can think outside of the box and move past archaic forms of construction to promote efficiency to your clients.


Innovations in Cancer Technology


According to the American Cancer Society, U.S. statistics indicate that in the year 2014, physicians will diagnose 1,665,540 new cases of cancer. Of these patients, the disease will claim the lives of 585,720 people. In the ongoing fight against various forms of cancer, researchers continue developing treatment methods and technologies every year. Conventional methods in decades past have involved using chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Advancements in these techniques continue. But, some of the latest innovations offer a newer approach.

Cancer Drug Research and Development

Oncologists advise that there are hundreds of disease processes that are considered cancer. While falling under specific categories, various cancers require individual forms of treatment. Scientists continually develop medications that eradicate cancer cells. While making strides and new discoveries, the research involved is long and difficult. Some medications change the genetics within malignant cells to inhibit growth and development. Other formulations annihilate the cells directly. Chemotherapeutic agents may affect the inner workings of cells that lead to death from starvation. Still others might influence the cells to self-destruct. Once developing a medication, researchers must test the formula on animals. If successful, human clinical trials may begin. After thorough evaluation processes, a formulation may receive approval. However, the entire process from inception to acceptance often takes more than a decade. Of all the drugs under development, it is estimated that one out of 10 preparations actually become available for treatment.

Illuminating Brain Tumors

When diagnosed with operable brain tumors, surgeons strive to remove as much of the mass as possible without causing damage to delicate surrounding tissue. Malignant cells often appear similar to healthy tissue, which poses a problem. Recently however, researchers devised a way to differentiate between normal and malignant cells using a form of bioluminescence. A hand full of medical facilities across the country are in the process of evaluating the technique that involves a liquid known as 5-ALA tumor fluorescence. Prior to surgery, a patient drinks the specially formulated liquid. As the compound circulates throughout the body, molecules target cancerous cells. Under a blue light, healthy cells remain blue. However, malignant cells become fluorescent pink. In this way, surgeons are more apt to remove perimeter tumor cells that might ordinarily be missed and lead to future regrowth.

Anti-Cancer Vaccines

Chemotherapy medications are created to kill a variety of cancer cells. Unfortunately, the formulations are not without a host of side effects and often damage healthy tissues. Researchers are involved in devising a type of immunotherapy that will treat individual malignancies in different people with minimal repercussions by enhancing the body’s immune system. The proposed vaccines will not only initiate a T-cell response in the presence of cancer cells, but will additionally encourage an ever expanding attack when cells mutate or change, which will broaden the immune system’s capabilities. The hope is that after receiving a vaccination, immune cells will become stronger and more aware. The response would also become individualized based on specific tumors. If successful, the innovations might lengthen survival time without the need for current hazardous treatments.

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