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A $250 Million Bet That Social Is Just Getting Started

Facebook, Amazon and Zynga are committed to helping social startups taking investments from newly created $250 million fund. TechCrunch has the story.

“Major industries are just beginning to reorganize themselves around social, and that a lot of disruption is going to happen over the next several years.

If you don’t have a social strategy, get one.”

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3 Exercises to do When Trapped in a Mine

By now, you’ve heard about the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for months and survived with the help of many others. Well, one of TechVert’s sponsors, Zephyr Technology was able to help the Chilean miners by monitoring their vital signs with their product and sending it wirelessly to a base above ground where doctors could manage the miners’ health. Pretty cool if you’re trapped in a mine for months.

So, how did doctors keep them healthy, oxygenated, and monitored?

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last update: April 2, 2015


Top 10 Myths About Domain Names

Of all the people using the internet and browsing websites everyday, the domain name industry is still a mystery to the majority of people.

In this article I will do my best to educate you on the little known aspects of the domain industry and debunk some of the most common misunderstandings and myths about domain names.

1. All the good domains are taken.

According to the latest VeriSign domain industry brief, there are over 80 million .COM domain names registered. So, there is some justification for this prevalent myth, but I’m here to tell you it is far from being completely true!

It is still possible to use keywords to create great quality two and three-word domains. Additionally, millions of the domains that have been claimed are destined to expire and become available again. Tools for researching and filtering through expired domains will forever prove this myth false.

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Start Your Car With Your Fingerprint

Paranoid about getting your car stolen or just generally hate using keys? Well now, you can get this biometric vehicle starter that will start your car after reading your fingerprint. Maybe it’s overkill, but come on, if you can’t get girls with a biometric car starter then you’ve got bigger problems.

When your fingerprint is identified by the system it then looks for pulse, blood pressure, and body temperature. Finally it scans the capillary patterns under the skin. The entire process only takes milliseconds to complete, and the system has verified the input was made by an actual living person. Advanced features of the Fingerprint Starter include Access Control, Ignition Interrupt, Computer Override, and Fuel Pump Cut-Off. Only those drivers with enrolled fingerprints can start the engine or enable/disable system features.


Why It’s Hard to Crash the Electric Grid

Last March, the U.S. Congress heard testimony about a scientific study in the journal Safety Science. A military analyst worried that the paper presented a model of how an attack on a small, unimportant part of the U.S. power grid might, like dominoes, bring the whole grid down.

Members of Congress were, of course, concerned. Then, a similar paper came out in the journal Nature the next month that presented a model of how a cascade of failing interconnected networks led to a blackout that covered Italy in 2003.

These two papers are part of a growing reliance on a particular kind of mathematical model — a so-called topological model — for understanding complex systems, including the power grid.

And this has University of Vermont power-system expert Paul Hines concerned.

“Some modelers have gotten so fascinated with these abstract networks that they’ve ignored the physics of how things actually work — like electricity infrastructure,” Hines says, “and this can lead you grossly astray.”

For example, the Safety Science paper came to the “highly counter-intuitive conclusion,” Hines says, that the smallest, lowest-flow parts of the electrical system — say a minor substation in a neighborhood — were likely to be the most effective spots for a targeted attack to bring down the U.S. grid.

“That’s a bunch of hooey,” says Seth Blumsack, Hines’s colleague at Penn State.

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Technology in the Classroom

The educational system has come a long way from textbooks and number 2 pencils. With recent technological advances, laptops, e-readers, and smart phones have entered our classrooms and for the most part an inaugural contribution to higher learning. Like many schools around the world and the growth of Online Colleges and Universities technology is here to stay. See what cool facts are evolving around technology in schools today.

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Source: Online Colleges and Universities

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Microsoft to Launch New Phone with AT&T

Microsoft Corp is set to unveil a new line of phones running its Windows software on Monday, as it attempts to pull back market share from Apple Inc’s iPhone and Google Inc’s Android system in the fast-growing market for multi-featured ‘smartphones’.

The world’s largest software company is hoping that the new phones, from handset makers such as Samsung, LG and HTC, will propel it back into the mobile market, which many see as the key to the future of computing.

The new phones, initially available on AT&T Inc’s network, have already been shown off in prototype form, and are much closer in look and feel to Apple’s iPhone, with colorful touch-screens and ’tiles’ for easy access to e-mail, the web, music and other applications.

Some analysts say they represent Microsoft’s last chance to catch up with rivals, which overtook them in the past few years. Handsets are not expected to appear in stores for a month, so their success may not be judged until the new year.

Microsoft has just a 5 percent share of the global smartphone market, according to research firm Gartner, compared with 9 percent a year ago. Google’s Android system has a 17 percent market share, jumping from only 2 percent a year ago.

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Clean: Responds to Criticism of Marketplaces, Hints At Changes

A few days ago Facebook launched a new groups feature. Having an extensive network of domainers as friends on Facebook, I decided to create a group exclusively for serious Domainers. Many have been actively participating and I expect it will be a great place to discuss Domaining, network and share.

These new groups have something pretty neat, a chat room feature. While casually discussing domain marketplaces in the chat room with group members, I mentioned that I do not use the marketplaces found on the popular industry news site, To my surprise, a short while later I received an email from Francois who was curious as to why I don’t use the marketplaces.

I commend Francois for proactively seeking out feedback for the website. He has always been open to suggestions since the beginning.

Here I would like to share the concerns I expressed to Francois and his detailed responses. Some grammar has been fixed and sensitive comments omitted.

1. My domains do not appraise highly through your algorithm and may be perceived as less valuable to buyers.

Response: You know it’s not my algorythm but Estibot’s algorythm who also powers, and the valuations given are statitstically good to compare domains and adopted by most of the domain industry. For domains having a low appraisal and or an appraisal under the reserve price I don’t know if I coded to continue showing the appraisal in the sale page or not. It’s certainly a good point to let the owner to decide, I will add that option.

2. Don’t like that there are varying levels of membership and benefits for sellers who pay membership fees.

Response: Each plan has it’s logic. First, there are many to avoid to ask to pay too much someone who will not need of all the options and services.

The initial membership at $10 is mainly here to filter buyers and avoid anyone to come, place a fakebid and go away (what we had in the begining 3 months ago). It’s also a way to filter unscrupulous buyers that list domains they don’t own or don’t transfer a name sold. It’s the level to have a minimum of security and peace of mind for each participant. I have be thinking to have it a single time fee, maybe I will do it.

The second one is in fact the normal level to get advantage of almost any service and with almost the maximum privileges, it’s less than $4/month. It should help pay the DNS cost when you want to park your domain for sale or portfolio (not sure you know these features) which is expensive.

The third is only for buyers that want to be aware of the best deals before anyone, anyway, even this plan cost nothing… (it’s possible we raise it next year significantly).

You know, these plans are targeted for each kind of buyer/seller.

3. Marketplaces are not easily linked to each other. Some new visitor to may never see or know about domains.

Response: Right, mainly because none is finished completly as I would like.

4. domain implies that you are “selling something bought for cheap” which is negative connotation

Response: It took me 2 hours to decide to create this marketplace, start the promotion and have the first domains listed. It was the morning the .CO become available to everybody. As a lot was registering for cheap (exactly), I imagine the most smart will try to immediately flip it to avoid the scenario of the .mobi.

You cannot consider people are stupid, almost everyone knows .CO has been registered for less than $25 a month ago and that you are flipping.

5. domain does not make sense.

Response: The same Google does not make sense, Sedo, Bido, … any brandable name doesn’t make sense. Oops! People will tell you after that Sedo is “search domain” but who knows this? It’s logical only after someone has told you :) I remember a popular thread in DNF 4 years ago about a game trying to find what was the meaning of SEDO, … it was funny and outlined very well. Now that you like Cax or that you don’t like it’s up to you and it’s personal. I remember found very ugly bido and his sonority at the begining, and I also must be honnest and say I like it a lot after many months of promotion.

There are basically 2 routes when you decide to buy a domain for a service: generic or brandable. I am maybe too elitist, but my experience outline that if you don’t own the industry generic killer name then better buy a brandable. The good ones was:,, … names I cannot buy today for many reasons. But I also want to say it’s not easy to have generic as you must allways add the .com and what ever you do you are never totally owner of the generic.

In a side note I wanted this time (after of a very short brandable that pass the radio test and that was easy to spell and that has some punch. I think the catchy domain has this. Maybe after 3 months of strong promotion you will change your mind. Last thing, the type-in is proportional to the inverse of the length, it’s fast to write and access your sale page or tell about your sale page.

6. is better and of course would be the ultimate name for marketplace.. but that is for your private names.

Response: Both make sense, one to list bargain and the other for premium, but use any of them for list any kind of names does not make sense.

7. Design of the marketplaces is OK, I think it could be much more professional and more usable for buyers and sellers.

Response: Rome has not been built in 3 days. I just have a head, 10 fingers and my days like yours still have 24H :) Don’t worry they are going to be seriously improved.

Apparently you just see a part of the iceberg, look at,, … in construction. As soon is finished all the pieces should be linked and exposed in a more logical way.

By the way will allow to submit names without restrictions of appraisals.

Thank you Francois!

Your responses have some excellent points. While I still do not agree completely with everything (I wish there was one big marketplace with categories), it does look like your marketplaces are heading in a positive direction and will receive good use from the audience. I look forward to the upcoming changes and improvements.

The new DomainPortfolio site looks very promising to me. Great idea.

What do you think of the domain marketplaces and the possible changes and introductions? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine. Responds to Criticism of Marketplaces, Hints At Changes

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