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Star Wars Just Got Sexy

Finally, the realization of all of those fantasies you have had your whole life. Always asking yourself, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if C-3PO was like a hot chick in like a bikini”. It’s almost as if George Lucas is inside your brain right now! No way…that would be too crazy. That would be like him buying the rights to dead actors so he can re-create digital versions of them…He did what? It’s official George Lucas has tapped into our brains!

As a side note I would like to acknowledge the fact that we did not go for the glaringly easy bikini+wet dream joke because we are too classy.

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10 Activities That Burn Less Calories Than Sex

Let’s face it. It’s the holiday season and most of us are taking this opportunity to pig out keeping solace in the fact that we’ll work out full steam after the new year. The problem however, is that, those types of resolutions barely ever stick, probably because walking on a treadmill and water aerobics just aren’t fun.

What if there was a fun workout plan that could burn more calories? Would you use it? What if it was so fun that you’d want to do it all the time? Well, we put sexual intercourse to the test, to see if it would work as a reliable source of exercise and guess what… it is!

We strapped a husband and wife team with Zephyr Technology’s Physiological Status Monitoring device to see just what happens with the body during intercourse (no we didn’t watch). Turns out, sexual intercourse burns a significant amount of calories as well as raises heart and breathing rate to similar levels as some common exercise activities. In fact, here are 10 activities that aren’t quite as good for you as sex.


Walking at 2mph for 30 minutes straight burns, on average, 126 calories, which is of course less than the 192 calories burnt on average from 30 minutes of sexual intercourse.

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last update: July 29, 2015


Tubeless Toilet Paper Reduces Trash

Toilet paper has pretty much looked the same for the last few decades. About the only thing that has changed has been improvements in softness and durability. These improvements in softness and durability add more paper, which in turn adds more waste. However, now thanks to Kimberly-Clark, there's a new line of toilet paper that reduces waste by getting rid of the roll.

You know the cardboard tube that's left when you finish a roll of toilet paper? Well, it's time to say goodbye. Kimberly-Clark's newest green innovation, the elimination of the tube, eliminates potential waste and it means that the last piece which has generally been unusable due to the glues they use to adhere it to the roll will now be... usable.

The company estimates that over 17 billion toilet paper tubes are produced in the U.S. every year which adds up to 160 billion tons of trash. Since almost no one thinks to recycle them, the tubes have been a huge avoidable source of waste for years. Now without the tube, Kimberly-Clark is expecting the onset of a drastic reduction in global waste due to toilet paper tubes.

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Xbox 360 Kinect Has Gone Mobile

Not mobile in the sense of “Hey, I can play my 360 on my iphone!” but more in the sense of “Hey, my 360 is independently running those flying robots over there”. Some “Kinect Hackers” have figured out a way to use Kinect as a 3D radar that can track and avoid obstacles as the Quadropter it is attached to travels around the room. This is either the coolest new use for Xbox 360′s Kinect or the scariest thing to come out of video games since PediSedate.

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How To: Make Google Beatbox

Is there anything Google can’t do? Besides making you coffee (which I hear they’re working on), there really isn’t much that Google can’t do. Coolest on the list of things Google can do is beatboxing, and here’s how to make Google do it:

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Hyundai: Our 40 mpg Elantra Needs No Asterisks

Competitors offer compact cars that get a hybrid-like 40 mpg (highway). But Hyundai says there's a big difference with its 2011 Elantra (see Gearlog review): A lot of competitors' 40 mpg compact cars are very-limited production models that carry an upcharge of $2,000 - $2,500. Buy a 2011 Hyundai Elantra, manual or automatic, GLS or Limited, and it gets 40 mpg, 29 mpg city.  All of them, Hyundai says. This is a catfight worth watching, since there's little chance spectators will get splattered.

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Popemobile Could Go Solar

The Popemobile is one of the most iconic vehicles in the world, making it a prime candidate for a green makeover. Pope Benedict XVI has recently stated that he wants to change the car from a standard gas guzzler to a solar powered electric vehicle.

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The 2006 Version of Your Facebook Feed

The nerds over at Gizmodo have come across a very interesting artifact in the history of Facebook. This hand-written version of what we all know as the Facebook news feed gives us a glimpse into what they had planned for the site well before most people were even using it. This photo does take us back though, to a time when we first joined Facebook in college, before they added things like news feeds and privacy settings. A time when we could just cyber-stalk all the girls at our college and wait patiently every Monday morning to see which sorority girls would be posting their slutty pictures from that weekend’s theme party. Ahh the good old days.

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