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9 of the Most Ridiculous iPhone Apps on the Market

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days. That said, there are plenty of apps out there that serve no real purpose other than to waste your time. Here’s a list of the most ridiculous iPhone apps I’ve ever seen.

1. iPint—Need a beer? Download one on your phone. Turn it up and gulp it down. Feeling refreshed? I didn’t think so. I guess giving the impression that you’re drinking beer from your phone could get a few laughs. But you’ll get sick of this nonsense pretty quick.

2. Drink Tracker—Maybe after you’ve guzzled down a few iPints you can download Drink Tracker to make sure you’re okay to drive home. Okay, okay—sure the idea behind this app is noble. Keep drunks off the road, right? But realistically, this will only get used at frat parties with “dudes” high fiving the highest BAC levels.

3. FatBurner2K—Got a beer belly from too many iPints? No worries. Just turn on FatBurner2K and place it on your gut. Feel the vibration shake the fat right off of you. You’ll shed those pounds in no time. No, really.

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5 Reasons I Couldn’t Last a Day Without My Phone

I realized something recently. My iPhone owns me. As a matter of fact, I bet I couldn’t last one day without my phone. Here’s how I know:

  • I was late to work because I forgot it
  • One morning I was running really late to work. When I was finally about to pull up, I realized my phone was sitting next to my bed at home. I had to make a split-second decision—go without it or be really late for work. I chose the second one.

  • I got rid of my alarm clock
  • Since my cellphone rings so incredibly loud, I decided I can finally get by without a real alarm clock. So I threw mine out. Now I have a carefully planned series of alarms set on my phone, ensuring that I never oversleep. Unless I lose my phone.

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This Week in Technology #2

The technosphere (see what I did there?) is chock full of interesting and important news bits all the time, and while it’s almost impossible to highlight absolutely everything, we like to showcase some of our favorite stories from all over the web. So here it is, This Week in Tech #2.

Invisibility Cloak Made From Silk

For thousands of years people have worn shimmering silk to stand out in a crowd. Within the next few years people could wear silk to become invisible in a a crowd.

PlayStation Gaming Coming to Android 3.0

It seems that Sony Ericsson — a company that has yet to even introduce a Android 2.0 device — is at work on a project to redefine gaming on Google’s mobile platform.

Verizon and Google’s New Neutrality Agreement Explained

What does Google and Verizon’s net neutrality proposal actually propose? And what does it mean for you?

15 Surprising Facts About Wikipedia

Love it or hate it, Wikipedia seems to be an ever growing, increasingly popular fixture of the net (and it seems that many more people love it than hate it these days).

Head of iPhone Division Leaves Apple

Two years after fighting in court to hire him, Apple has let IBM’s Mark Papermaster go.

The 7 Greatest Internet Hoaxes

The unraveling of “Jenny”, the women who so cleverly quit her broker job via dry erase board, took approximately 12 hours. In the internet hoax world unfortunately, it doesn’t really compare to some of these whoppers that were both more popular and had more longevity.

Injection Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Annually

If recently injured patients with serious bleeding were to receive a cheap, widely available and easily administered drug to help their blood to clot, tens of thousands of lives could be saved every year.

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Oracle Sues Google Over Android

Oracle Corp sued Google Inc, alleging patent and copyright infringement in the development of the popular Android smartphone software.

The suit, filed on Thursday in California federal court, claims that Google “knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property” in developing Android, Oracle spokeswoman Karen Tillman said in a statement. “This lawsuit seeks appropriate remedies.”

Oracle acquired Java through its $5.6 billion purchase of Sun Microsystems earlier this year. Analysts said the suit against Google could signal that Oracle intends to be more aggressive in seeking licensees for Java, a technology that is used in many types of Internet-based products.

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Top 100 Domain Tools, Resources and Websites

Over the course of many years in the domain name industry, I have learned a lot about all the companies, organizations and individuals that keep the wheels turning.

The following 100 websites are made up of the most popular and widely used domain tools, resources and businesses.

I have used various metrics and sources to compile this list, such as traffic estimates and bookmark data. Certain websites have been excluded which may be popular, but are dated and irrelevant to the industry today.

  1. GoDaddy (Registrar)
  2. DomainTools (Domain Lookup & Tools)
  3. NameCheap (Registrar)
  4. DNSstuff (Domain Tools)
  5. BustAName (Domain Finder)
  6. Instant Domain Search (Domain Lookup)
  7. DomainsBot (Domain Finder)
  8. (Hack Finder)
  9. NameBoy (Domain Finder)
  10. SnapNames (Expiring Domain Auctions)
  11. MakeWords (Domain Finder)
  12. Moniker (Registrar & Domain Auctions)
  13. Sedo (Domain Auctions)
  14. (Expired Domain Auctions)
  15. eNom (Registrar)
  16. Afternic (Domain Auctions)
  17. (Registrar)
  18. (Domain Lookup)
  19. 123-Reg (UK Registrar)
  20. (Registrar)
  21. NamePros (Domain Forum)
  22. Domize (Domain Lookup)
  23. NameJet (Expired Domain Auctions)
  24. DNForum (Domain Forum)
  25. ICANN (Governing Body for Domains and IPs)
  26. Estibot (Automated Appraisals & Research)
  27. FreshDrop (Domain Research)
  28. IANA Root Zone (Details on TLDs and country-code TLDs)
  29. MyDomain (Registrar)
  30. dnScoop (Automated Appraisal)
  31. JustDropped (Expired Domains)
  32. Wayback Machine (Website History)
  33. PickyDomains (Paid Name Suggestions)
  34. DNJournal (Industry News)
  35. Domain Name Wire (Industry News)
  36. Alexa (Domain Traffic Stats)
  37. Compete (Domain Traffic Stats)
  38. List of Top-level Domains (Wikipedia Info)
  39. AllWhois (Domain Lookup)
  40. EuroDNS (European Registrar)
  41. Dotster (Registrar)
  42. (Premium Domain Sales)
  43. DomainTyper (Domain Finder)
  44. DeletedDomains (Expired Domain Search)
  45. Whois Source (Domain Lookup)
  46. Flippa (Domain & Website Sales)
  47. Wordoid (Word Generator)
  48. Google Apps for Domains (Domain Tools)
  49. DirectNIC (Registrar)
  50. (Domain Lookup)
  51. WhoIsHostingThis? (Web Host Lookup)
  52. NameBio (Domain Sales History)
  53. DynaDot (Registrar)
  54. MelbourneIT (Australian Registrar)
  55. NetCraft (Internet Security Research)
  56. Google Analytics (Traffic Logging)
  57. (Industry News Aggregator)
  58. Nominet (.UK Registry)
  59. (Registrar)
  60. DynDNS (DNS Hosting)
  61. OpenDNS (Secured DNS Service)
  62. CrazyDomains (Australian Registrar)
  63. Yahoo Domains (Registrar)
  64. PCNames (Domain Lookup)
  65. DropDay (Expired Domain Research)
  66. NameTumbler (Domain Finder)
  67. Google AdWords Keyword Tool (Keyword Research)
  68. TheDomains (Industry News)
  69. DomainNameNews (Industry News)
  70. Rick Latona (Broker)
  71. DomainNews (Industry News)
  72. Elliot’s Blog (Domain Blogger)
  73. DotSauce Magazine (Domain & Development Articles)
  74. AvailableDomainNames (Available Domain Lists)
  75. DNSalePrice (Domain Sales History)
  76. DomainState (Domain Forum)
  77. (Industry News Aggregator)
  78. CircleID (Internet & Domain News)
  79. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. (Industry Conference)
  80. DOMAINfest (Industry Conference)
  81. SuccessClick (Domain Blogger)
  82. Morgan Linton (Domain Blogger)
  83. Rick’s Blog (Domain Blogger)
  84. DomainNameSales (Domain Blogger)
  85. (Parking)
  86. NameDrive (Parking)
  87. Fabulous (Parking)
  88. WhyPark (Parking)
  89. SmartName (Parking)
  90. Google AdSense for Domains (Parking)
  91. Trafficz (Parking)
  92. Skenzo (Parking)
  93. Domain Development Corp (Parking)
  94. (Parking Manager)
  95. iGoldRush (Domaining Portal)
  96. IDNBlog (International Domain Blog)
  97. Domain Masters (Radio Program / Podcast)
  98. DomainerIncome (Domain Research)
  99. DNHeadlines (Industry News Aggregator)
  100. DNCalendar (Industry Related Events)

I encourage you to visit and explore all the domain industry websites that peek your interest!

The list could have included 100 more domain resources, so I apologize if one of your favorite sites is not included. If there is a very popular domain website that I’ve missed, please let me know. I may compile an extended list sometime in the future.

Thank you for looking! Don’t forget to bookmark this for future reference.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

Top 100 Domain Tools, Resources and Websites

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MoMA Launches Free iPhone App

Today, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) announced that they’ve released a free iPhone app in the App Store simply called, MoMA. The application gives users access to over 32,000 pieces from the Museum’s large collection of contemporary and modern art. In addition, they’ve got an art term dictionary, artist bios, and a calendar for events like exhibitions, film screenings, etc.

The MoMA iPhone Application Features:

  • - A Calendar of current and upcoming exhibitions, daily events and film screenings, with the ability to share via Facebook or Twitter.
  • - Tours, which include the MoMA Audio programs, with five distinct tour options, such as Special Exhibitions, Modern Voices, Modern Kids, MoMA Teen Audio, and Visual Descriptions, and the ability to browse by floor or stop number.
  • - An Art index of over 32,000 works featured in the collection as well as a database of art terms and artist biographies.
  • - Information about the museum, including hours, admission and transportation.
  • - MoMA Snaps offers the option to take a picture in the Museum and send it as a Museum postcard.
  • - MoMA Tracks allows visitors to select tracks from their own music library to listen to while exploring the Museum or the MoMA App.
  • - Access to MoMA resources on iTunes, iTunes U, and YouTube.

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Transparent Film Turns Windows Into Solar Panels

Thanks to a new technology developed by scientists, every window in Britain could be turned into solar panels with the application of transparent film. This new technology that harnesses the power of the sun could revolutionize the power industry and saturate global markets within the next five years or so. The patented film is being produced by a Norwegian company, EnSol AS, which plans to release the product commercially by 2016.

The film is composed of metal nanoparticles which are embedded into a composite matrix and needs to be built into the materials that it is coating. In order to do this, the material needs to be applied during the manufacturing process of the surface, whether that is windows, roofs of cars, or other modes of transportation or stationary buildings.

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Injection Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Annually

If recently injured patients with serious bleeding were to receive a cheap, widely available and easily administered drug to help their blood to clot, tens of thousands of lives could be saved every year, according to a paper published on-line today by The Lancet.

Dr Ian Roberts, Professor of Epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UK, revealed that results from a trial show that early administration of tranexamic acid (TXA) to patients with recent, severe bleeding injuries saves lives, with no evidence of adverse effects from unwanted clotting.

The trial, named CRASH-2, was a large, randomised trial involving over 20,000 adult patients in 274 hospitals across 40 countries, and was funded by England’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Technology Assessment programme. This is the first trial of TXA in injured patients, although smaller trials have shown that it reduces bleeding in patients undergoing major surgery.

TXA is an off-patent drug, manufactured by a number of different companies. The cost per gram is about £3 ($4.50).

The drug helps by reducing clot breakdown. Although this would be advantageous in patients with severe bleeding, doctors were worried that TXA might increase the risk of complications, such as heart attacks, strokes and clots in the lungs. The results of this large trial show that TXA reduces death from bleeding without any increase in these complications.

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