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Playboy’s 250GB Hard Drive: The Best Way To Study History

Playboy Magazine has partnered with publisher Bondi Digital to release a 250GB external hard drive loaded with every issue of Playboy released since 1953. Its $300 asking price is about four times what you’d pay for a 250GB drive today, but compared to the price of a 57-year subscription, it’s a steal. Now you can witness first hand the changes over 60 years has had on our society and the size of Pamela Anderson’s chest.


The Steam Roaster: One Bowl, Endless Functions

All of us want to impress a date by cooking a edible meal for them. While we can’t do anything about the potential food poisoning you may cause, at least we can the cooking process much easier. With The Steam Roaster, you have a mixing bowl for all your preparations, which magically turns into your steam roasting or baking pan, and finally after a quick rinse, it is now your serving dish. The silicone material that makes up The Steam Roaster allows this bowl to take almost any shape you need. Cook and eat an entire meal and only have one dish left on the counter that you will never clean, instead of the normal infinite stacks. So get yourself a date, The Steam Roaster, a basic knowledge of food preparation, and the number for poison control because you sir, are living the dream!

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last update: August 2, 2015


Delorean External Hard Drive

For anyone born during the 80′s the greatest car in movie history has to be the Delorean. However not just the DMC-12, but the Delorean from the “Back to The Future” movies. Since an unfortunate cocaine bust caused the end of the manufacturing of these wonderful automobiles, your chances of owning one of these treasures is pretty terrible.

Fortunately your chances just improved dramatically with the release of Flash Rod’s Delorean Time Machine Hard Drive. Their version not only is a 1:18 scale replica of the time machine, but also is a working 500GB hard drive. The down fall is it isn’t USB 3.0 enabled and will never actually go 88 MPH, but it is as close as you are going to get to your dream changing your family history just to get a sweet 4X4 truck.


iPhone Apps For Thanksgiving

Whether you are cooking the whole meal yourself or traveling to the dinner table “there is an app for that”. Thanksgiving can be extremely fun or extremely stressful, so to make sure you have more fun than stress, check out these 5 iPhone Apps that should make this holiday season much easier for you.

1. CHOW – This app literally takes you step by step through the entire Thanksgiving week. From recipes of Thanksgiving favorites, to a grocery list of everything to need, to a time line of your cooking schedule on the big day. It might even eat the meal for you, we are still waiting to hear back about that.

2. iFeast – Similar to CHOW in that it has recipes and suggestions and also a very detailed minute by minute plan for your turkey day. What separates this app from the other is it also has plans for Christmas dinner as well as just fancy dinners in general, so this is an app that will come in handy for all of your holiday parties.

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Shadow Puppets From The Future

Just when you thought the Xbox 360 Kinect couldn’t get any cooler, a couple of “Kinect hackers” decided to bring shadow puppets into the 21st century. Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson, used an Xbox Kinect connected to a laptop using the libfreenect Kinect drivers and ofxKinect. Then the openFrameworks system tracked the parts of the arm to map a skeleton onto the movements of an animated bird on their wall. Check out the video evidence after the break.

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Twitter Considers Raising Over $100 Million

Microblogging service Twitter is considering raising funding that would value the company at $3 billion, according to a popular technology blog.

Russian technology investment firm DST Global is seeking to lead the funding round, which would be larger than the $100 million that Twitter raised in September 2009, according to a report on Wednesday on the blog TechCrunch. The report said that other investors are also eager to be involved.

San Francisco-based Twitter has 175 million users and is one of the most popular Internet social networking services. The company, which allows its users to broadcast short, 140-character messages, or Tweets, to groups of “followers,” has only recently started efforts to generate revenue through special ads that appear in certain parts of its service.

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Amazon Launches Film Studio

Aspiring film makers get excited. has announced the creation of their own movie studio and they want your submissions. On the belief that “21 century technology creates opportunities to create and share movies more easily than ever.”

Amazon has formed a business model aimed at promoting the amateur film makers of the world. For you, this means the chance to win money, 2.7 million in monthly and annual contests within the first year. Next, to get noticed, sharing your work with the global community of filmmakers and writers they plan to assemble. Finally, to get your movie made, with a first-look deal in place with Warner Bros. Studios as well as the potential to be shopped around by Amazon Studios to other major film studios. For more details and deadlines check out


Report: Microsoft Kinect Only Costs $56 to Make

According to information gathered by Kotaku, the Microsoft Kinect which retails for $149 only costs $56 to make, and for some reason, this is shocking people.

From Kotaku:

UBM have got hold of a Kinect, torn it apart to examine each of its components then tracked how much each of them cost. What they found was that each of the cameras costs Microsoft approximately $56, of which the single biggest expenditure is Israeli company PrimeSense’s “reference system” of cameras, microphones and processor, which clocks in at $17.

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