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The Future of Web Browsing: Tab Candy by Firefox

Firefox developer Aza Raskin introduced the world to Tab Candy today. It is an innovative feature, coming soon to Firefox, that brilliantly helps you organize and navigate websites. TechCrunch promptly broke the story about this awesome leap forward from traditional tabbed browsing.

Tab Candy is currently available as stand alone alpha release of Firefox. The program is oddly named “Minefield,” but can be installed without bothering your existing Firefox installation.

I have been waiting for this functionality for many years. So, first let me say, thank you dearly Firefox and the team that developed this!

As I write this post I have something like 17 tabs open. It’s a frequent occurrence; swapping back and forth, hunting and pecking for content. My only aids being a favicon and a few characters of the title.

With exponentially increasing processing speeds, computers can handle more and more windows and programs running simultaneously. Tab Candy is a much needed layer for exploring the web in an organized and productive manner.

After watching the video, it’s easy to imagine never having to close your favorite websites. Push updates, live and fresh streaming content will begin to be more important and valuable to publishers looking to engage visitors. The alternative is pressing the refresh button.

Google’s Chrome browser has plans in it’s next release for larger “app tabs” that remain in a fixed position. However, they do not come close to the functionality and value provided by Firefox’s Tab Candy. Chrome developers should steal adopt a similar interface or the browser will continue to trail behind.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

The Future of Web Browsing: Tab Candy by Firefox


Alaska Airlines Test Flight Lowers Emissions by 35 Percent

During a test flight this week over the Puget Sound, Alaska Airlines demonstrated some next-generation flight procedures aimed at burning less fuel and reducing emissions by 35 percent. The test flight was part of Alaska Air Group’s “Greener Skies” initiative at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) which is focused on using satellite-based guidance technology to fly more efficiently to reduce environmental impacts.

Alaska Airlines estimates the new procedures at Sea-Tac will cut fuel consumption by 2.1 million gallons annually and reduce carbon emissions by 22,000 metric tons, the equivalent of taking 4,100 cars off the road every year. They will also reduce overflight noise for an estimated 750,000 people living below the affected flight corridor.

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Apple Delay’s White iPhone 4 Again

Today, Apple announced that the white version of their iPhone 4 that was set to come out at the end of July will be delayed again. This time, there is no expected date or time frame other than “they will not be available until later this year.”

Later this year could mean as late as December, which of course could then be delayed again and we may never see the promised white iPhone 4. The reason? Well, Apple again claims the white iPhone 4 to be, “more challenging to manufacture than we originally expected.” I would understand if there were big differences in the hardware or software, but not color. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


Rocket Car Goes for Record: 1,050 mph in 42 Seconds

No, this is not a joke. The Bloodhound SSC trans-sonic rocket car hopes to break records by reaching a top speed of 1,050 mph in a mere 42 seconds. The car, which has been in development for over three years is part of a land speed record attempt that hopes to inspire young people to turn towards education and careers in science.

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5 Ways Technology Has Killed My Game

In a time when online dating is more popular than ever and when mobile devices and the Internet are keeping us more connected than ever, I still find that technology is completely killing my game. How?

1. Headphones

I think it’s really great that you can listen to the latest Paramore album on your iPod while commuting on the subway to your mid-level retail job as Display Merchandiser but it’s seriously cramping my pick-up lines. Casually remarking how, “it’s actually really beautiful how public transit can bring people so close like this” is now impossible. Tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention and then signaling awkwardly for them to remove their headphones is lame enough – it also makes my otherwise seemingly deep however nonchalant observation seem forced and practiced.

2. Call Display

Assuming I’ve managed to get your phone number, spent a few hours over dinner showing you how unsuccessful and awkward I am and ultimately turned you off of ever meeting me again, I still may want to force you to do so – a second chance, as it were. However, with the (not so recent) invention of call display, you’re able to quite easily screen my calls and in turn avoid my pleas of desperation. Normally several pathetic voice-mails may have done the trick, but many people don’t check their mailboxes as calling as gone out of fashion. And it’s been replaced by…

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Pandora Announces Milestone: 60 Million Registered Listeners

Pandora announced today that they’ve reached an impressive 60 million registered listeners. The news comes from Joe Kennedy, Pandora’s CEO and President, as he took the stage at the New Music Seminar in front of some of the music industry’s most influential players.

If there’s one thing the Internet has taught us about music, it’s that the demands for delivery are always changing. The music industry’s share of the market quickly depleted when iTunes emerged on the scene and ever since, the face of consumable media, especially music, has been evolving alongside technology. And, as people are increasingly turning to satellite radio and streaming services like Pandora for their daily delivery of tunage, this milestone marks an important shift in the way consumers prefer to get their music.

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Clean: Twitter & Facebook Domain Marketplace For Sale

DNMarket launched on Twitter in March 2009 as a service to domainers who had just started to embrace the new social service. All the early adopters wanted in on DNMarket, a public marketplace that was easy to promote and browse domains for sale.

I currently have several projects demanding my time, so I have with some reluctance decided to sell two great social domain marketplaces together. Read through the descriptions below to gain an understanding of the real value DNMarket holds.

DNMarket on Twitter

The exclusive Twitter domain marketplace, @DNMarket recently reached the 1000 followers milestone and continues to grow.

DNMarket on Twitter is powered by GroupTweets which enables sellers to send a direct message to the account that will in turn be broadcast to the public stream. Each sellers’ Twitter pri name is attached to their promotional message automatically.

There is virtually no work involved except responding to legitimate requests to become a DNMarket verified seller.

DNMarket on Facebook

Around the same time as setting up DNMarket on Twitter, I created the premier Domain Name Marketplace on Facebook. This group has quickly grown to 682 members! Many domainers are engaging with the group frequently and recommending it to their friends.

As the group administrator I am able to send a Facebook message to all members when something important comes up. This is definitely the most valuable aspect of owning DNMarket.

Future of DNMarket

My vision for DNMarket was to develop an accompanying website that would feature all the listings and expand upon the Twitter and Facebook platform. Followers, sellers and Facebook members would visit and interact with the new website.

I’ve secured the domain to make that vision become a reality.

Sweet Bonuses

I will get the new owner started by setting up a WordPress website featuring the beautiful new PliablePress Chameleon theme framework. A $70 value.

PliablePress creates innovative themes with advanced admin controls. No coding required.

Additionally, I will update DNMarket with a very professional twitter background for free! It will be done by the same person who designed mine.

Package Includes…

  • – Short, memorable domain name.
  • Account access - @DNMarket (1000+ followers and 192 sellers)
  • Group admin – DNMarket on Facebook (682 members)
  • Premium WordPress theme and website setup ($70 value)
  • Professional Twitter background update ($75 value)

This is truly a unique and valuable opportunity to profit in the domain industry. Get connected to hundreds of domainers with DNMarket.

Buy DNMarket

I am looking to get $1500 or your best offer.

Please contact me here with your offer to purchase DNMarket.

This deal will be advertised in several places and may not last very long.

Feel free to ask any questions through the contact form or by leaving a comment in the area below. Thank you for your interest.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine. Twitter & Facebook Domain Marketplace For Sale


Toxic Trio Identified as the Basis of Celiac Disease

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute scientists have identified the three protein fragments that make gluten – the main protein in wheat, rye and barley – toxic to people with coeliac (spelled Celiac in North America) disease.

Their discovery opens the way for a new generation of diagnostics, treatments, prevention strategies and food tests for the millions of people worldwide with coeliac disease.

When people with coeliac disease eat products containing gluten their body’s immune response is switched on and the lining of the small intestine is damaged, hampering their ability to absorb nutrients. The disease is currently treated by permanently removing gluten from the patient’s diet.

Dr Bob Anderson, head of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s coeliac disease research laboratory, said it had been 60 years since gluten was discovered to be the environmental cause of coeliac disease.

“In the years since, the holy grail in coeliac disease research has been to identify the toxic peptide components of gluten; and that’s what we’ve done,” Dr Anderson said.

The research, done in collaboration with Dr Jason Tye-Din, Dr James Dromey, Dr Stuart Mannering, Dr Jessica Stewart and Dr Tim Beissbarth from the institute as well as Professor Jamie Rossjohn at Monash University and Professor Jim McCluskey at the University of Melbourne, is published in today’s issue of the international journal Science Translational Medicine.

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