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Awesome Diet Coke and Mentos-Powered Car

So, this is definitely not practical or even a conceivable alternative if scaled, but it is definitely cool. EepyBird, the guys that brought us the original Diet Coke and Mentos videos are at it again, this time with a vehicle powered by the pair. Just 108 2-liters and a whole bunch of Mentos later, and they’ve done it.

The vehicle directs the explosion toward a solid wooden wall allowing the vessel to propel itself forward using nothing but Mentos, Diet Coke, and a little ingenuity. We’ve embedded the video below. Enjoy!

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Pepsi Goes Greener, Takes UK Factories Off Water Grid

As the world turns to alternative fuels and renewable energy technologies, big corporations seem to be getting greener quarter after quarter. So, it’s no shock to learn that PepsiCo has been quietly working at their own green goals in part by reducing their water usage by 45% between 2000 and 2008. In fact, PepsiCo plans to take their UK chip factories completely off the water grid by harvesting water from their own potatoes.

The potatoes the company uses now are about 80% water and PepsiCo uses close to 350,000 tons of potatoes every year. In addition to harvesting the water from their potatoes, the company has been testing a new irrigation device that measures the moisture in the soil and compares that to the weather forcast to conserve water usage during growing. Finally, PepsiCo will be moving to new varieties of potatoes that require less water.

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last update: April 24, 2014


Magnetic Display Unit Suspends Products in Mid-Air

What can I say? This is by far the coolest display unit I have ever seen. It uses magnets to literally suspend a product in mid-air. You’d have a hard time not selling something with this bad boy. Of course if you’re not a merchant, you could also get one just to keep it around your house as a conversation piece.

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Who is Leading the Clean Energy Revolution?

These days, the world seems to be focused on energy. Large companies are making huge investments in the future of sustainable technologies and creative solutions to worldwide problems are showing up all over the place. Here’s a graphic that details the big players in the game and what they’re spending their money on.

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Camera Tracks Eye Movements to Capture What You See

A new camera, the EyeSeeCam, has succeeded in capturing the eye movements of the user enabling it to determine not only where you’re looking but exactly what you’re looking at. The function may seem pointless until you think of the billions of dollars that are spent in online advertising every year. Knowing exactly where people look could drastically change the model for advertising on a number of platforms including television, magazines, basically any form of consumable media.

Of course, the ability to track for media is simply one function of the technology. Imagine the scientific implications, for example, surgeons can use these to track eye movements and record video for educational purposes. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s the video output in action. You can see exactly what the subject looked at:

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SBI Energy Sees 2,600% Growth in Offshore Wind Power by 2012

As the first ever U.S. offshore wind farm goes into construction off of Cape Cod later this year, it will spark the beginning of a growing sector of the energy market. Research firm SBI Energy has predicted that by 2012 we could see as much as a 2,600% in offshore wind power. The data was compiled and released in a report titled “Offshore Wind Farm Manufacturing Worldwide“.

Most of the growth will be from government backed initiatives and also are a result of decreasing costs to setup such farms. In the next fives years the total MW output will grow from the current 3,000 to a staggering 79,700. It is also estimated that the market could be worth nearly $62 billion by that time as well. As a note, the report itself costs $4,800 to purchase so we’re hoping that the money is well spent and their predictions are accurate.


Comcast May Offer 105Mbps Shortly

It may be possible to receive broadband at speeds of 105 Mbps from Comcast as early as next week. Oddly enough Comcast has not widely promoted this but a customer has posted a copy of his most recent bill with the following statement on it.

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Win Some Awesome LOST Gear

So, now that LOST is over, what are you gonna do? Well, even though the show has come to an end, you can still show your support for and love of all things LOST. has given us some awesome LOST gear to give away (1 shirt, 1 sticker, 1 wristband, and 3 buttons), and all you’ve got to do to win is comment on this post telling us what you thought of the finale (and anything else you wanna get out of your system). Easy Peasy! More contest rules below.


All you’ve got to do to win is simply post a comment below telling us what you thought of the finale.

We’ll choose one comment at random on Thursday, May 28 at 11:59pm. Then we’ll send the winner a message to let them know they’ve won, so make sure to use your real email address or we’ll have to choose someone else. Good Luck!

If you don’t win, no worries! We’re doing a giveaway every weekday in May. You might want to add TechVert on twitter or facebook or sign up for our newsletter or RSS feed to be notified when we’ve got another contest live.

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