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Potentially Hazardous Asteroid to Collide With Earth in 2182

Scientists have been monitoring and calculating the likelihood of a potentially disastrous asteroid collision with the Earth in the year 2182. The asteroid, (101955) 1999 RQ36, is only estimated to be a one-in-a-thousand chance that it will collide with the Earth, but as scientists have calculated the potential impacts through the year 2200, over half of the calculations point to the year 2182 for a collision.

The mathematics behind the calculations come by using two different models, the Monte Carlo Method and line of variations sampling. Using these models, VIs (Virtual Impactors) have been searched. VIs are sets of uncertainties that would lead to collisions with the Earth, two of which appear in 2182 with over half the chance of an impact.

The asteroid is part of a group of Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHA), which all have the possibility of colliding with the Earth and causing damage because of the proximity of their orbits. The asteroid in question was discovered in 1999 and has roughly 560 meters in diameter.

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Yahoo Japan to Switch to Google’s Search Engine

Yahoo Japan, Japan’s largest Internet portal operator, will adopt Google’s search engine, refusing to follow Yahoo Inc in choosing Microsoft as a partner.

Yahoo Japan, which currently uses Yahoo Inc’s search technology, and Google together would control almost all of the search market in the word’s second-biggest economy.

The deal stands in stark contrast to the decision by Yahoo Inc, which owns roughly one-third of Yahoo Japan, to integrate its search technology with Microsoft after the U.S. government blocked a potential tie-up with Google.

Yahoo Japan, which hopes the deal will strengthen its No. 1 position in the domestic market, will also adopt Google’s search-linked advertisement delivery system and feed its data to Google sites.

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last update: October 20, 2014


Apple’s New Honesty Feature

With all the chatter about Apple and their new iPhone recently, it can be hard to escape the noise. Bad press seems to be everywhere, from complaints about Apple lying about the white version of the new iPhone 4, to the over-reported antenna issue. Wouldn’t it be great if Apple let you decide whether you wanted to hear about it anymore?

Of course it would, and now there’s an app for that.

Ok, so maybe it’s not that easy, but this iPhone screen cap sure gets our hopes up. Maybe one day you’ll be able to exclude certain terms from your mobile entertainment experience by simply submitting a list of things you don’t want to show up. Here’s to hoping.

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Bikers Ride in Honor of 28 Million Living With Cancer

The final stage of the Tour de France was flooded with color but today, the color black is what stood out from the pack. Led by cancer survivor and seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, Team RadioShack started the finale by swapping their official red-and-gray racing kit in favor of exclusive black “28″ jerseys, dedicating their ride to the 28 million people worldwide currently living with cancer. Although race officials mandated that the team return to their official Team RadioShack kits, the messaging still broke through the pack.

“RadioShack’s partnership with Lance Armstrong has always been about more than cycling. It’s about engaging our customers and more than 35,000 associates in the global fight against cancer,” said Lee Applbaum, chief marketing officer for RadioShack Corp. “We understand that for 28 million people around the world, the race is not over.”

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Keep Your Beer Fresh with Beer Savers

As you may know, it is customary to finish a beer if you open it, otherwise it’s alcohol abuse. However, for those that don’t abide by that rule, or just wanna save a beer for later, you’re in luck. Beer Interactive has just released it’s new line of silicone bottle caps for your opened bottle storage needs.

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REPORT: Google Search Share Slips as Baidu Gains

Google’s dominant position on the global online search market slipped slightly in the second quarter, as it retreated from the Chinese market, research firm Strategy Analytics (SA) said on Friday.

Google’s market share fell to 69.7 percent in the June quarter from 71.1 percent in the previous three months.

“Google’s search revenue growth continues to slow down as the Western search market reaches maturity and Google struggles to gain share in the fastest-growing Asian markets,” said Martin Olausson, analyst at Strategy Analytics.

“As a company, it will become increasingly more important for Google to find significant new revenue streams in order to offset decelerating growth in search,” Olausson said.

Google unexpectedly warned in January it might quit China over censorship concerns and after suffering a hacker attack it said came from within the country, but eventually terminated its search service and started rerouting users to its unfiltered Hong Kong site.

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The Future of Web Browsing: Tab Candy by Firefox

Firefox developer Aza Raskin introduced the world to Tab Candy today. It is an innovative feature, coming soon to Firefox, that brilliantly helps you organize and navigate websites. TechCrunch promptly broke the story about this awesome leap forward from traditional tabbed browsing.

Tab Candy is currently available as stand alone alpha release of Firefox. The program is oddly named “Minefield,” but can be installed without bothering your existing Firefox installation.

I have been waiting for this functionality for many years. So, first let me say, thank you dearly Firefox and the team that developed this!

As I write this post I have something like 17 tabs open. It’s a frequent occurrence; swapping back and forth, hunting and pecking for content. My only aids being a favicon and a few characters of the title.

With exponentially increasing processing speeds, computers can handle more and more windows and programs running simultaneously. Tab Candy is a much needed layer for exploring the web in an organized and productive manner.

After watching the video, it’s easy to imagine never having to close your favorite websites. Push updates, live and fresh streaming content will begin to be more important and valuable to publishers looking to engage visitors. The alternative is pressing the refresh button.

Google’s Chrome browser has plans in it’s next release for larger “app tabs” that remain in a fixed position. However, they do not come close to the functionality and value provided by Firefox’s Tab Candy. Chrome developers should steal adopt a similar interface or the browser will continue to trail behind.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

The Future of Web Browsing: Tab Candy by Firefox


Alaska Airlines Test Flight Lowers Emissions by 35 Percent

During a test flight this week over the Puget Sound, Alaska Airlines demonstrated some next-generation flight procedures aimed at burning less fuel and reducing emissions by 35 percent. The test flight was part of Alaska Air Group’s “Greener Skies” initiative at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac) which is focused on using satellite-based guidance technology to fly more efficiently to reduce environmental impacts.

Alaska Airlines estimates the new procedures at Sea-Tac will cut fuel consumption by 2.1 million gallons annually and reduce carbon emissions by 22,000 metric tons, the equivalent of taking 4,100 cars off the road every year. They will also reduce overflight noise for an estimated 750,000 people living below the affected flight corridor.

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