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5 Incredibly Useful New Apps for Bloggers

I’ve recently come across new web apps and plugins that can save bloggers a lot of time and maybe a bit of sanity.

These all come highly recommended for the serious blogger, but are sure to get a new comer excited about the possibilities of customizing and improving the blogging experience.

Featured below are new ways to snap the web, edit your code, curate tweets, organize upcoming posts and even get more readers. Enjoy!

1. Pixlr Grabber

Capture the web quickly and easily. Pixlr Grabber is a browser extension for both Firefox and Google Chrome developed by Pixlr, a slick web based image editing solution.

The Pixlr Grabber extension helps you take screenshots of selected portions or entire webpages. You can then save to your computer, upload to the web or immediately share your screenshots with friends.

2. Code ‘n’ Run

This simple web application enables you to connect to your own server via a secure FTP connection and edit your website code.

The interface is extremely minimal and user friendly, perfect for use on an iPad. Code syntax is properly highlighted and multiple files can be worked on quickly and efficiently.

3. KeepStream

The Twitter app I’ve been waiting for is finally being developed. KeepStream is a new startup that aims to help you organize your favorite twitter updates. You may have noticed it in the latest DotSauce Link Roundup.

You can select tweets from your public timelines, your own stream, a search, a Twitter list or your starred favorites. Tweets with links in them can optionally feature full titles and short descriptions of the destination pages.

Tweets are saved within a nicely formatted list that is shareable and embeddable. Here is a live example:

4. Editorial Calendar

This new WordPress plugin provides a clean calendar view of your posting activity. Browse your live posts and quickly create drafts for posts you’d like to schedule at a later date.

Using this plugin definitely beats selecting dates manually from the new post page.

Get in a rhythm and manage your posting schedule with this great plugin. I’m sure it’s going to be one of the next best essential plugins for all blogs.

5. Sharedaddy

Hot off the presses! Automattic has just announced this exciting social sharing plugin today.

Sharedaddy is for both and self-hosted WordPress blogs. The plugin places buttons below your post that enable readers to quickly share posts on social networks, bookmarking services or directly to a friend’s email. The option is also available to add additional services.

View this video for a quick walk-through of the Sharedaddy administration or see the plugin in action below this post.

Stay Tuned For More

I hope you found these new apps and plugins for bloggers as useful as I did. Stay tuned to DotSauce for upcoming collections of useful new apps for social media and business soon.

If you have friends who are fellow bloggers, consider being one of the first to put the new Sharedaddy plugin to good use. Thanks!

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

5 Incredibly Useful New Apps for Bloggers


Geekiest Coffee Table You’ll See All Day

Geeky gadgets are in, right? I mean, you’ve got Atari Wall Decals and Space Invaders Packing Tape, so why not, then, have a full on NES as a coffee table? I can’t think of a good reason not to.

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last update: April 21, 2015


Microsoft Aims to Reignite Video Game Market With Halo

Microsoft Corp is hoping to reverse the recent slump in video games and kickstart the holiday shopping season as it launches the latest version of its blockbuster Halo video game early on Tuesday.

Halo: Reach, the fourth in the popular series that pits the player against murderous aliens in a variety of settings, will be available from midnight in stores across the United States.

The game has sold more than 34 million copies in the nine years of its life — boosting the popularity of Microsoft’s Xbox console — helping the world’s largest software company grab a slice of the $20 billion U.S. video game business.

The new Halo: Reach, technically a prequel to the main Halo narrative, has better graphics, more complex fighting scenarios and new ways of playing with others online, which analysts say could bring some excitement back to the slack video game business.

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New Artificial “Skin” Can Sense Pressure

New artificial “skin” fashioned out of flexible semiconductor materials can sense touch, making it possible to create robots with a grip delicate enough to hold an egg, yet strong enough to grasp the frying pan, U.S. researchers said on Sunday.

Scientists have long struggled with a way to make robotic devices capable of adjusting the amount of force needed to hold and use different objects. The pressure-sensitive materials are designed to overcome that challenge.

“Humans generally know how to hold a fragile egg without breaking it,” said Ali Javey, an electrical engineer at the University of California Berkeley, who led one of two teams reporting on artificial skin discoveries in the journal Nature Materials.

“If we ever wanted a robot that could unload the dishes, for instance, we’d want to make sure it doesn’t break the wine glasses in the process. But we’d also want the robot to be able to grip a stock pot without dropping it,” Javey said in a statement.

Javey’s team found a way to make ultra tiny “nanowires” from an alloy of silicon and germanium. Wires of this material were formed on the outside of a cylindrical drum, which was then rolled onto a sticky film, depositing the wires in a uniform pattern.

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Space Invaders Packing Tape

If the Atari Wall Decals and the Spice Invaders weren’t geeky enough for you, then you’ll need to purchase a couple rolls of the Space Invaders Packing Tape. It’s not only fun, but practical, one might even say it’s out of this world (see what I did there?).

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Twitter Link Roundup #3 – Domain Names, Marketing, Web Development

Link Roundup #3 - Domain Names, Marketing, Web Development

Welcome to the third edition of the @DotSauce Twitter link roundup where I share a selection of tweets that represent some of the top news and resources related to the domain industry, web development, WordPress, online marketing, social media and more.

I encourage you to click through and read the articles and resources that interest you most. Feel free to share them with your own following. ReTweets are greatly appreciated.

Domain Names

This roundup features news of interest from the domain industry, the latest from DotSauce Magazine and other unique takes on domain names.

Web Development

Lots of great WordPress resources and a couple great articles on new web technologies and techniques.


Several must-read articles and valuable resources for boosting online business and improving your presence on social networks.

More Links Like These

Check out the previous updates Link Roundup #1 and Link Roundup #2 and follow @DotSauce on Twitter for the most up to date resources.

Your Tweets Featured Here

I’m going to do something new for the next link roundup and include selected tweets from other domainers and web professionals.

If you have tweeted an exceptional resource or article that would fit right in the DotSauce roundup, please send it my way!

Simply follow @DotSauce and send me a reply note. I will follow you back and check out your tweets. I will also send you a reply if you are featured in the next roundup.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

Twitter Link Roundup #3 – Domain Names, Marketing, Web Development


Atari Wall Decals

Well, these Atari Wall Decals are obviously awesome, but the word’s not in yet on whether or not it will get you girls. I’m guessing not. But hey, they’re fun.

From ThinkGeek:

Millions of years ago, if a geek wanted to play videogames, he had to take a pocketful of quarters to the mall where darkened rooms filled with 6-foot-tall cabinets bleeped and blooped in glowing 8-bit goodness. Before we measured the quality of our games in voxels, we had to use our imaginations and believe that jagged white lines were massive hurtling asteroids, and that a triangle was your intrepid starship attempting to navigate the void. We fantasized that a simple white line was Bjorn Borg, and that a single pixel of light was a tennis ball being smashed at Jimmy Connors’ racket, or that shooting the head of a centipede would turn it in into a mushroom.

The Elder Gods of the Internet call that era back in the day. It was a day of wonder – where bits were downloaded at a blistering three-hundred per second, hard-drives were the size of small Eastern-European cars, and digital watches were a pretty neat idea. The Elder Gods look upon those days fondly, and look for ways to remind themselves of those heady days when you could hack a telephone with a cereal box whistle.

So, in an effort to bring a little bit of the past into the present day, these vinyl decals were created to turn any wall into a gigantic representation of the classic Atari videogames Asteroids, Centipede or Pong. Just peel and stick and you can relive those ancient and halcyon days of whooping flying saucers, spinning potentiometers as controllers, and falling fleas that fart fungus.


Augmented Reality Blurs Lines between Virtual and Real Life

Imagine being on vacation in an unfamiliar city. You’re hungry and looking around for something to eat. The choices are overwhelming. How do you know which restaurants are good? You don’t want to waste your money or your hunger on something inferior, right?

Now imagine putting on your sunglasses and looking at a restaurant. Except now you don’t just see a restaurant. You see customer reviews overlaying the actual building. Suddenly your decision isn’t so difficult after all.

So where can you get these glasses? Well you can’t… yet. But you can download an app from somewhere like Yelp and use your cell phone camera in the same way. And it’s not even that new of a technology. It’s been around for quite a while.

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