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Hottest Gadgets of the 1980′s

Last week we brought you the hottest gadgets from the 1970’s, and before that we published gadgets from the 1960′s. This may not be the first time these types of technology hit the market, but in the 1980′s these are the products people would have stood in line for, much like they do for the iPad and iPhone today.

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iPhone 4 and Canon 7D Side by Side

Take Zero Productions got the brilliant idea of filming the same things with both the new iPhone (iPhone 4) and the Canon 7D camera side by side. They’ve edited the clips together to show a comparison between the two. Keep in mind, the iPhone 4 starts at $199 and the Canon 7D starts at $1,699.

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last update: August 29, 2014


6 Gadgets for Beer-Loving Campers

For some, camping is about experiencing the great outdoors, going on hikes, “roughing it” and spending quality time with family and friends. For others, it’s the perfect excuse to do nothing but sit back and drink beer all day long. That being said, here are a few gadgets that we think will aid in the drinking, the drunk and the hangover.

1. A Portable Mini-Keg Dispenser

Coolers full of beer are nice, but ice packs go warm and often the cans do too. Besides, there’s nothing better than drinking draft. While there are many keg dispensers on the market, we decided to go with the Avanti 5L Mini Beer Keg as it’s designed to be portable, it holds camping-perfect 5L mini-kegs, and can be easily hooked up to any portable camping generator. Beers ahoy!

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Cart Generates Electricity While You Shop

From the “Why have we not thought of this already?” question bag, the smart guys over at RedDot Online have put together a very impressive concept for a shopping cart which generates energy as you shop your local supermarket or retail store.

It’s called the e~cart and works very simply. As you push your shopping cart along gathering all your delicious food stuffs, the wheels generate and store energy. Once you’ve finished your trip, you place the cart back in it’s dock which has a device to extract the energy and store it. The power generated by all the shop’s patrons then can be used to power the store itself.

As e~cart is pushed around the store, it generates electrical energy from the kinetic energy of its moving wheels. When it is docked at a trolley deposit point, the power is collected and charged into a storage unit. A bank of deposited trolleys creates a chain so that the electrical energy flows through them to the storage unit. The store uses the stored electrical energy for its normal operations, generating savings on its electricity bills. The amount of money saved is donated to those less fortunate. Undoubtedly, customers will feel proud that they are helping those in need, and will feel encouraged to return to the store.


Most Tagged Photo in the World Has 70,000+ People

A panoramic photo containing more than 70,000 people has been opened up to tagging via Facebook Connect. So far, 2,500 of the Glastonbury Festival attendees have tagged themselves in the photo that was taken during halftime in one of England’s World Cup matches.

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Adobe Now Offering Therapy Sessions?

What do you do when Photoshop crashes? Well, you describe your problems in a crash report of course. This guy however, went well beyond his problems with Photoshop and gave Adobe a pretty interesting and humorous report.


Is Polaroid Video Printing Right Around the Corner

We’ve been showcasing a lot of creative camera concepts lately and we’re always on the search for what’s next. So, is Polaroid video printing right around the corner? Well, if designer Kim Hyun Joong had it his way, it sure would be. Joong has designed a gadget that takes video like a digital camera and prints out a playable video Polaroid. Sound like the future? It is.

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Coolest Digital Camera Concept Ever

This awesome digital camera concept turns your photographs into a stamp in a matter of minutes. The Stampy Digital Camera was designed by Jinhee Kim, who had the brilliant idea of turning your camera into a refreshing digital printing device by adding stamp technology into the camera body. What an awesome idea, here’s how it works:

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