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Nominet Report: ccTLDs on Rise, “Domains are BIG Business”

Nominet, managers of the .UK domain space have just released their annual domain name industry report for 2009.

Paul Carpenter, a Search Optimization consultant based in the UK has shared his thoughts and regional insight on the report.

After reviewing all of the data, Paul left us with these final words of wisdom:

If there’s one message coming loud and clear from this report it is that domains are BIG business – and whether you’re in SEO, marketing or business itself, you’d better start paying attention to the trends and the availability of domains in your target markets.

Domain Industry Report Highlights

  • Global registrations slowed, yet record 13 million created in 2009
  • Top 20 registrars in UK account for 75% of market share
  • Country-code domains on the rise, use and adoption increasing
  • Large growth expected in China for relatively new .CN domains
  • Only 61.5% of new domains are re-registered after 2 years
  • 90%+ of 10 year old domains are re-registered

You can read Paul’s analysis here or review the full report on Nominet.

Will there will be a surge of new ccTLD registrations in coming years? It seems clear that demand is on the rise. Google and other search engines are enabling this growth through focus on local results.

How will .US fare as it competes with .Com and the rapidly growing .Co? Please leave a comment below with any thoughts.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

Nominet Report: ccTLDs on Rise, “Domains are BIG Business”


iPhone and Nokia the Most Recycled Mobile Phones in the U.K.

Out of the ten mobile phone models most frequently sold back to recycling companies, the Telegraph reports that the two manufacturers (Apple iPhone and Nokia) landed in nine of the spots, including favourites such as the iPhone 3G 16 GB, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the Nokia 6300 were among them, with the tenth favourite being the only exception, the Samsung S5230 Tocco Lite.

The study’s results also coincide with both brands’ popularity; Apple’s iPhone series and Nokia’s slide models have been some of the biggest sellers in Britain in recent years. Experts say Nokia mobile phone models and iPhones are most likely being recycled because of, not in spite of, their sleek designs, since customers who value style are often the ones who upgrade their phones more frequently. This year alone, more than a million people in the U.K. are expected to buy a new phone, research suggests.

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Facebook “Places” Coming Within Weeks

Facebook’s 500 million-plus users will soon be able to track friends’ whereabouts across the United States, as the world’s largest Internet social network adds technology to increasingly tie its virtual world to everyday life.

The new “Places” feature — which begins rolling out on Wednesday to some users and goes nationwide within weeks — is touted as a tool to help users share where they are, figure out who is in the vicinity, and check out happenings and services within the same locale.

The addition of so-called location services to Facebook — a move that industry observers have speculated about for months — opens new revenue opportunities for the company, but also presents it with delicate privacy challenges.

“Places” will be accessible via an Apple iPhone app that Facebook designed from Thursday, or from the social network’s own mobile version on touchscreen smartphones.

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LinkedIn Forges New Ground in Real Estate with Rofo

LinkedIn has turned to Rofo in an attempt to revolutionize social media in respect to real estate. Rofo recently released Real Estate Pro, an app that benefits real estate professionals as well as potential buyers. Real Estate Pro is part of the second wave of apps released by LinkedIn.

Sure real estate professionals were already invited to the LinkedIn community to show off their work experience, but Real Estate Pro allows them to display their work productivity as well. So realtors who are busting their rears and making sales can gain recognition and attract employers. No more claiming to be the best. You can prove it with Real Estate Pro.

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Domain Registrars Called Out for Black Hat Design Patterns

An interesting new visual library is making the rounds today and a lot of big business websites are being called out for unethical design tactics. has been created to introduce the public to web design issues including, but not limited to:

  • Shopping cart tricks
  • Privacy swindling
  • Friend spamming
  • Disguised advertisements
  • Even the Facebook like button gets called out.

The developer and curator of the site, Harry Brignull is a highly experienced User Experience Consultant (and Evangelist). He has started the collection off by explaining some of the most common black hat practices being employed by many well known businesses online.

Domain name registrar 123-Reg, based out of the UK, was put in the spotlight for the all too common trend of sneaking items into shopping carts.

Coincidentally, 123-Reg was just featured here on DotSauce as one of the Top 100 Domain Websites. The #1 site, GoDaddy is probably the most notorious for similar tactics. Many other registrars are just as guilty.

How many times have you seen alternate domain name extensions selected that you did not specifically search for? A user should not have to un-select additional domains simply to purchase what was intended.

Some registrars preselect 2-year registration periods. This practice doubles the necessary cost of a registration. First time domain buyers are being taken advantage of as they may be unaware that paying only 1 year’s fee is even an option.

What other shady tactics are registrars employing?

Will this trend continue? I can imagine many have already jumped-ship for down-to-Earth registrars like that don’t play these games.

Have a look at to learn about all of the unethical, annoying and often infuriating practices your business and your wallet should avoid at all cost.

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

Domain Registrars Called Out for Black Hat Design Patterns

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9 of the Most Ridiculous iPhone Apps on the Market

It seems like there’s an app for everything these days. That said, there are plenty of apps out there that serve no real purpose other than to waste your time. Here’s a list of the most ridiculous iPhone apps I’ve ever seen.

1. iPint—Need a beer? Download one on your phone. Turn it up and gulp it down. Feeling refreshed? I didn’t think so. I guess giving the impression that you’re drinking beer from your phone could get a few laughs. But you’ll get sick of this nonsense pretty quick.

2. Drink Tracker—Maybe after you’ve guzzled down a few iPints you can download Drink Tracker to make sure you’re okay to drive home. Okay, okay—sure the idea behind this app is noble. Keep drunks off the road, right? But realistically, this will only get used at frat parties with “dudes” high fiving the highest BAC levels.

3. FatBurner2K—Got a beer belly from too many iPints? No worries. Just turn on FatBurner2K and place it on your gut. Feel the vibration shake the fat right off of you. You’ll shed those pounds in no time. No, really.

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5 Reasons I Couldn’t Last a Day Without My Phone

I realized something recently. My iPhone owns me. As a matter of fact, I bet I couldn’t last one day without my phone. Here’s how I know:

  • I was late to work because I forgot it
  • One morning I was running really late to work. When I was finally about to pull up, I realized my phone was sitting next to my bed at home. I had to make a split-second decision—go without it or be really late for work. I chose the second one.

  • I got rid of my alarm clock
  • Since my cellphone rings so incredibly loud, I decided I can finally get by without a real alarm clock. So I threw mine out. Now I have a carefully planned series of alarms set on my phone, ensuring that I never oversleep. Unless I lose my phone.

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This Week in Technology #2

The technosphere (see what I did there?) is chock full of interesting and important news bits all the time, and while it’s almost impossible to highlight absolutely everything, we like to showcase some of our favorite stories from all over the web. So here it is, This Week in Tech #2.

Invisibility Cloak Made From Silk

For thousands of years people have worn shimmering silk to stand out in a crowd. Within the next few years people could wear silk to become invisible in a a crowd.

PlayStation Gaming Coming to Android 3.0

It seems that Sony Ericsson — a company that has yet to even introduce a Android 2.0 device — is at work on a project to redefine gaming on Google’s mobile platform.

Verizon and Google’s New Neutrality Agreement Explained

What does Google and Verizon’s net neutrality proposal actually propose? And what does it mean for you?

15 Surprising Facts About Wikipedia

Love it or hate it, Wikipedia seems to be an ever growing, increasingly popular fixture of the net (and it seems that many more people love it than hate it these days).

Head of iPhone Division Leaves Apple

Two years after fighting in court to hire him, Apple has let IBM’s Mark Papermaster go.

The 7 Greatest Internet Hoaxes

The unraveling of “Jenny”, the women who so cleverly quit her broker job via dry erase board, took approximately 12 hours. In the internet hoax world unfortunately, it doesn’t really compare to some of these whoppers that were both more popular and had more longevity.

Injection Could Save Tens of Thousands of Lives Annually

If recently injured patients with serious bleeding were to receive a cheap, widely available and easily administered drug to help their blood to clot, tens of thousands of lives could be saved every year.

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