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My personal web presence at has been around for over a decade and has gone through many different concepts and designs.

A new update is nearing completion and I’d love for you to visit.

I will now be sharing lots of short articles, app reviews, videos and other resources related to social media, domains, business, and web development at my personal blog.

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New PliablePress Theme

The site is now powered by the PliablePress Chalemeon framework which allows me to manage each element of the site through an innovative and easy to use admin interface.

Not long ago, I featured complete details on PliablePress during it’s launch.

The Chameleon framework has been a pleasure to work with since updating my blog. It took me just a few minutes to set up the layout, widgets and other features. I have not had to open up the theme files at all to this point.

PliablePress is pioneering a level of WordPress customization without coding or theme editing knowledge. I am looking forward to customizing the layout and design further as I continue development.

About Me & DotSauce

If you’re curious about who I am and my history, I’ve written an updated bio.

A few months ago, I published a list of my services. I don’t regularly advertise these services, but may be available for certain things.

I’ve also included information on DotSauce Magazine and other projects.

Thanks for checking out my personal blog!

This article is from DotSauce Magazine.

Featuring More Domaining, Development, Business Content at


Super Impact Absorbent iPhone Case

We’ll you’re certainly not going to damage your iPhone in one of these cases. But then again, you’re not going to be able to fit it in your pocket either. Pick your battles. This new ArkHippo case is made of a proprietary material similar to Crocs. So, if you don’t have pockets and want to protect your phone, this product might just be for you.

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last update: September 1, 2014


Never Forget a Recipe Again

Ok, so maybe you’ll still forget recipes, but this awesome apron from SUCK UK has a cooking guide printed upside down on the bottom so you can easily reference important cooking information like cooking times and freezing instructions. You’ll be a TopChef contestant in no time.

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How To Explain the Internet to the Elderly

While many take modern technology and its incessant and exponential advances for granted, older generations often find keeping up – or merely skimming the surface – to be an arduous and daunting task. Fortunately for them – and often unfortunately for us – we the experienced and all-knowing are forced to manage the task of educating those less informed. While it is in some ways flattering to feel that your ability to distinguish between a web browser and a word processor is rather exceptional, it often becomes a rather pain-staking process. The following serves as a brief tutorial, highlighting the dos and don’ts, key points and points of notable confusion.

The Internet Browser

It’s important to explain to your elderly person that the internet browser is both separate from the rest of the computer, as well as unaffiliated with any particular website. As most people have their homepages set to Google – and most old folks are aware of the term “to Google” – a common misconception is that the internet is Google. They’ll refer to the browser as Google, new tabs as “new Googles” and in general be confused by anything that isn’t Google. It’s often easy to go along with this; call the Home button in the taskbar the “Google Button” as they will inevitably want to return to Google before navigating to any other webpage. If at all possible, don’t let them find out about multiple tabs, as they will most assuredly forget how to navigate them, as the Pacman lady recently taught us.


My grandmother has Facebook. Its primary function for her is to play Scrabulous online with friends. Nonetheless, however, Facebook has achieved such a level of popularity that even elderly people are interested in getting involved. Don’t bother explaining the address bar, simply tell them to plug Facebook into Google and hit “I’m feeling lucky”. You’ll want to set them up an account and make sure the browser remembers their login details as chances are they won’t. If you explain how to upload photos, you can only blame yourself when embarrassing photographs of you as a child begin springing up online, so I’d warn against it. Don’t bother explaining events, as they will never be invited to anything by anyone ever. In fact, they don’t really need to know how to do anything whatsoever: they’re only getting it so that they can brag to their friends and relatives that “they are on the Facebook.”
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Mouseless: The Invisible Computer Mouse

Mouseless is an invisible working computer mouse built by MIT PhD student, Pranav Mistry. The mouse, or lack thereof, is controlled by using your hand with no hardware to control the pointer on your screen. This technology would allow for a wide range of interactions between the user and their computer, the ability to wake the computer from sleep, control volume, brightness, and of course gaming, to name a few applications.

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What it Takes to Make a Domino’s Pizza Look Good

Ever wonder how they make the food in the commercials looks so good? Or, ever wonder why the pizza that comes to your door or you pick up, never looks the same? Well, Domino’s has put together this video showing the behind the scenes at a pizza shoot. It’s all a part of their new campaign to get users to send in pictures of their pizza. Domino’s has even make a promise that from now on they won’t use those tricks because they believe their pizza “stands up on its own.”

The behind the scenes video shows the tricks of the trade and details just how they get that perfect stretchy cheese look. Let’s first take a look at what goes in to making a picture-perfect pizza over at Domino’s then we’ll tackle why it might not look like that when it gets to your door.

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Hottest Gadgets of the 1980′s

Last week we brought you the hottest gadgets from the 1970’s, and before that we published gadgets from the 1960′s. This may not be the first time these types of technology hit the market, but in the 1980′s these are the products people would have stood in line for, much like they do for the iPad and iPhone today.

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iPhone 4 and Canon 7D Side by Side

Take Zero Productions got the brilliant idea of filming the same things with both the new iPhone (iPhone 4) and the Canon 7D camera side by side. They’ve edited the clips together to show a comparison between the two. Keep in mind, the iPhone 4 starts at $199 and the Canon 7D starts at $1,699.

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