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Portable World Cup Projector

The World Cup is huge this year, as always. As such, it may be difficult to find a spot at the local bar to watch the game, and watching the game at home can be a little less exciting then cheering on your team with a group of people. Enter the mobile cinema, this thing is a portable projector so you can take it with you and project the game onto any wall or flat surface, it’s an instant party.

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Researchers Develop World’s First Plastic Antibodies

UC Irvine researchers have developed the first “plastic antibodies” successfully employed in live organisms – stopping the spread of bee venom through the bloodstream of mice.

Tiny polymeric particles – just 1/50,000th the width of a human hair – were designed to match and encase melittin, a peptide in bee venom that causes cells to rupture, releasing their contents. Large quantities of melittin can lead to organ failure and death.

The polymer nanoparticles were prepared by “molecular imprinting” a technique similar to plaster casting: UCI chemistry professor Kenneth Shea and project scientist Yu Hoshino linked melittin with small molecules called monomers, solidifying the two into a network of long polymer chains. After the plastic hardened, they removed the melittin, leaving nanoparticles with minuscule melittin-shaped holes.

When injected into mice given high doses of melittin, these precisely imprinted nanoparticles enveloped the matching melittin molecules, “capturing” them before they could disperse and wreak havoc – greatly reducing deaths among the rodents.

“Never before have synthetic antibodies been shown to effectively function in the bloodstream of living animals,” Shea says. “This technique could be utilized to make plastic nanoparticles designed to fight more lethal toxins and pathogens.”

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last update: July 25, 2014


The Clap-on Alarm Clock Cube

Remember the clapper? You could turn a light on and off in your house just by clapping? Well, it’s back, but this time it’s for your alarm clock. It’s pretty cool, the alarm clock “sleeps” on your nightstand or wherever you put it until you clap to turn on the LED time display. So, clap-on.

The Clap-On Cube Alarm Clock is available through Wrapables.


What’s Next for Facebook: The Liked Like?

Recently, Facebook has been making a lot of changes, some to compete with services like Twitter and others to “enhance” user experience. The latest of which has been adding another “like” button so users can now “like” a comment. Previously, users could only like groups, photos, comments, etc., but now it seems almost everything on Facebook is like-able.

All this “liking” going on has me wondering what’s next for the social behemoth. Could it be the ability to “like” someone’s “like,” otherwise known as the backwards-double-inverted-liked-like, or “Liked-like” for short?

How that might look:


Twitter Sets New Record for Tweets Per Second

Well, it’s no secret the World Cup is a big deal. Team names, coaches, players, and events have all been trending topics on Twitter since the matches first started last Friday. In fact, those tweets have set a few records for Twitter but none more than last night’s NBA championship game between the Lakers and the Celtics.

Earlier, Twitter released these numbers for the most tweeted goals of the past week:

1) Japan scores against Cameroon on June 14 in their 1-0 victory (2,940 TPS)
2) Brazil scores their first goal against North Korea in their 2-1 June 14 victory (2,928 TPS)
3) Mexico ties South Africa in their June 11 game (2,704 TPS)

While these numbers were huge compared to Twitter’s average of 750 Tweets Per Second (TPS), none were higher than the new record of 3,085 TPS which was set as the Lakers win over the Celtics came to an end last night. On any average day, users tweet more than 65,000,000 messages… Impressive.

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iMousePad: For iPad Fans Who Need Everything

iPad’s are cool, but they’re not always the most practical. So, for those who want the iPad feel around them without actually buying one, YankoDesign brings us the latest in iPad-inspired products, the iMousePad.


Hottest Gadgets of the 1960′s

Think your iPad is cool? Check out these awesome gadgets that were the envy of all geeks more than 40 years ago.

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Ready for the Most Intense Underwater Workout?

You know what’s a good workout? Running in the sand. You know what’s an even better workout? Running on a treadmill under water, and that’s exactly what Pyry Tamminen hopes to bring to consumers. Though functional models of his Pool Sprint have been made, Tamminen is hoping to attrach investors to take it to the next level.

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