Pump Up the Volume with These Pumps

Gimme Tunes Shoe Speakers“Turn up the music”, “pump up the jam”, or “play some rocking beats”, are just some of the many phrases we use to express our love for great tunes. Let’s face it; our favorite songs just don’t sound the same unless the volume is turned all the way up causing us to sing at the top of our lungs. Many of us love to blast our stereos and CD players, but like most dated music devices, they have big clunky speakers that are hard on the eyes; and although most gadgets today are small giving us the convenience we love, it makes it much more difficult for us to “pump up the volume.”

There are numerous speakers offered on the market that will add volume to your smartphone, iPod, and/or computer, but most have not improved in the looks department from those offered in the past.

Gimme Tunes are glamorous shoe-shaped speakers that makes listening to music not only easy on the ears, but on the eyes too. These pretty pumps come in three different colors, hot pink, classic black and sultry red; and they easily connect to the music devices of today.

Therefore, not only can you put on your dancing shoes, but you can also play your music through shoes that’ll make you dance. It’s time to pump up the volume with these pumps.

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