Science Inspired Gadgets in 2013

Popular TV shows such as Star Trek made us wonder what life may be like if these magical and artificial intelligent gadgets featured in the show really existed. Let’s have a quick glimpse on the latest technology developments such as touch screen gadgets, self-driving cars and smart communication devices that are ruling over the marketplace.

CEATEC, Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Japan conducted Asia’s biggest fair. Innovators will never stop discovering new technology with new and creative ideas.

From the time Knight Rider’s Kitt in the eighties to latest James Bond movies, the concept of automated cars has captivated movie makers. Toyota’s Information Network Social Electric City Transporter is known popularly as the Toyota Insect. With just one seat running on an electric motor, it definitely doesn’t appear to be the typical family car of today.

Although, electric cars are no new technology, cars that are intelligent and respond to human commands are becoming reality.

With Microsoft Kinect technology, the car doors can be opened when the driver waves to the car. Some cars also greet the driver by flashing its front lights.

Video conferencing made easy

NTT DoCoMo researcher displays a hands free videophone model. With 3G mobile technology, the video chat showcased in Star Trek TV show appeared like just a matter of time. NTT DoCoMo’s video chat displays an avatar rather than taking photos or sharing them.

These gadgets are equipped with five cameras –one at the back and two for each eye – to respond as much precisely to the user’s eye movement as possible to create the image and play action. The device is expected to be out within five years.

The future more powerful sensors that can record more of the face, could potentially be created with a more detailed and complex avatar.

The Watch with 0.22mm WIDE

Digital displays are usually talked as the future technology. We normally see children playing with iPads and apptivity at shopping centres.

New technology has invented many toys with the kids getting more literate technologically.

However, most of us are waiting for a real flexible mass device which has not entered the market yet.

And if we are talking about watches, then the digital displays has been around for four decades now. Recently the watch industry has taken a new step to accommodate new technology into it rediscovering the look and the way it works.

The famous Futaba’s watch has a OLED digital display which has thickness of 0.22mm and wraps to the wrist.

This digital watch is no more just a watch but offers powerful video display with full colour display close to HD movies. However, you can boost the gadget with an external circuit which although can be challenging to use on the move.

Smart Tablet devices

The prototype model of a new eye controlled tablet was demonstrated by a NTT DoCoMo employee. It is quite hard to create content for tablets simply because people mostly use them on the move.

Although controlling stares are often left to psychiatrists or hypnotists, NTT DoCoMo Company hopes that everyone will be able to use their eyes to control the tablet devices.

Users can look at the screen; focus on keypads to choose them, and also bring up pre-defined words. Pages can also be navigated focusing on the navigation bars.

However, there is no precise accuracy in controlling the device with eye movement.  Although the gadget is appropriate for daily commuters initially, the product is most useful for disabled users.

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