3 Reasons to Invest in Third-Party Logistics

When a business is starting up and beginning to thrive, the owners may have to come to terms with the fact that the company might need a logistics outsourcing post.

A third-party logistics company can provide solutions for assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution that may not be possible for the startup to handle anymore. The original firm may have launched small and grown faster than anticipated; in order to keep the same quality that customers expect, outsourcing certain functions of the company may be what is necessary to grow.

Consider the following three reasons to outsource to third party.

1. Greater resources

A third-party logistics provider may have the resources that the original company may not have at its disposal. The outside firm can improve the supply chain to make sure the original company’s needs are met in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

The supply chain can be restructured with technology to provide better service to customers so they know where goods are located and when they’ll arrive.

2. Flexible response

The benefit of scaling to inventory can save you money by flexing with busy and down times. The third party can scale labor, space, and transportation depending on the needs of the inventory and depend. Seasonal ups and downs can be easier for your business since the third-party logistics team is dealing with the flow of the bulk of the workload.

Outsourcing will save you money you won’t have to invest in warehouse space, technology, and staff for the logistics process; all that comes with outsourcing. The third party can save you from mistakes, as well, since they have expertise and provide your business with lower risk and higher return.

3. Outside expertise

Outsourcing can give your company expertise that it may not have, and you don’t have to hire more employees to fill that gap.

Third-party workers are aware of industry best practices and will keep updated on developments in technology that help your business, along with software used for reporting, inventory management, and monitoring the outsourcing process. A back-up system is available so that the outsourced employees know where and when inventory is shipped so that it gets to its destination on time.

By outsourcing, companies can focus on the core goals of the business without having to worry about incompetence or accidentally overlooking a task. Good third-party logistics companies will allow business owners to be confident on all angles of their business.


The Facts About Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Earthquake and Tsunami

It’s possible to run from a tornado. Hurricanes normally have a lot of warning that precedes them before they hit land. Ice, heat, and other environmental challenges can be dealt with. Earthquakes and tsunamis, on the other hand, can devastate without warning.

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The Elements for iPhone

There are millions of applications for your favorite iPhone gadget related to every field of your interest. It will not go in exaggeration that this company, Apple has really brought some great features, programs and applications that have been designed, especially for the scientists and inventors.

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Stephen Hawking and his Bride on their Wedding Day, 1965

We all know him as a great mind with a physical challenge that may be one of his greatest strengths, but here we see the genius as just a normal many posing with his bride on their wedding day.

Stephen Hawking

(Via: Reddit. H/T: ML350 Los Angeles)


Most Exciting Forensic Science Jobs


Do you fantasize about growing up to become the real version of CSI’s crime-solving forensic scientist, but aren’t sure if the job is really as exciting as it seems on TV? Although you’re right to be skeptical (and many of the law enforcement processes depicted on fictional crime shows are inaccurate or flawed), forensic science is truly an exciting field to work in. Sure, there are boring branches of forensic science like odontology, which takes a bite out of crime by studying teeth.

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Making Fire… with Ice

Fire from Ice

There are forces at work in science that often amaze us with their polarizations and the oxymorons that are created. They aren’t necessarily contradictions, but rather conforming aspects within the apparent opposites.

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Neodymium Magnets and a Copper Pipe: Great for Parties

Fun with Magnets


Many people, particular youths, have a fascination with the pseudo-magical powers of magnets. The things we’re able to do with a magnet can give us a tremendous amount of time-wasting pleasure.

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New Artificial “Skin” Can Sense Pressure

New artificial “skin” fashioned out of flexible semiconductor materials can sense touch, making it possible to create robots with a grip delicate enough to hold an egg, yet strong enough to grasp the frying pan, U.S. researchers said on Sunday.

Scientists have long struggled with a way to make robotic devices capable of adjusting the amount of force needed to hold and use different objects. The pressure-sensitive materials are designed to overcome that challenge.

“Humans generally know how to hold a fragile egg without breaking it,” said Ali Javey, an electrical engineer at the University of California Berkeley, who led one of two teams reporting on artificial skin discoveries in the journal Nature Materials.

“If we ever wanted a robot that could unload the dishes, for instance, we’d want to make sure it doesn’t break the wine glasses in the process. But we’d also want the robot to be able to grip a stock pot without dropping it,” Javey said in a statement.

Javey’s team found a way to make ultra tiny “nanowires” from an alloy of silicon and germanium. Wires of this material were formed on the outside of a cylindrical drum, which was then rolled onto a sticky film, depositing the wires in a uniform pattern.

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