It’s Time To Quit Smoking A New Way

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Whether it’s the risk of getting cancer, the cost of cigarettes or the many laws that different states have enacted to stop people from smoking in public, many people have started working towards a healthier lifestyle by quitting smoking. There are many tools around now . Many people go to the old standbys when it comes to quitting smoking.

The old ways work for many, and the new way really isn’t new. But if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s new to you and may just be the step you need to stop smoking.

The Old Ways

When you decide it’s time to quit smoking your first step is to decide how to quit smoking. While some people can find success quitting cold turkey, that isn’t always the easy way. You can try nicotine patches, nicotine gum and there are even nicotine mints. Nicotine replacement therapy also extends to the new e-cigarette and vaporizer trend which allows you to stop smoking while still feeling like you are doing the act.

For those that have health insurance, look towards a prescription drug that can help you quit smoking. Make sure to talk to the doctor about side effects though.

The New Way

Hypnosis is not a new thing, and it has been used to help people quit smoking for some time now. Why is hypnotherapy a great and effective choice for someone that wants to quit smoking? According to Kicking the Butt, a great way to quit smoking is through hypnosis. Hypnosis works by finding the triggers that cause someone to smoke and stops the craving for nicotine.

Hypnosis is generally an out of pocket expense, but it is worth it because it works at the core of addiction, doesn’t have any side effects, and just might work. Hypnosis doesn’t work on everyone, but for a smoker that has tried other options and failed, it makes a good alternative.

So, why would you want to chose hypnosis over the other more common ways for quitting? Hypnotherapy is the only one of the ways that doesn’t have a chance of any adverse side effects. So far there isn’t enough information on e-cigs to know if they are completely safe. The prescription medications have many side effects that can be dangerous for some people. Lastly, other nicotine replacement therapies keep you addicted to the nicotine and may not work effectively.

Hypnotherapy is a great innovative way to do more than just stop smoking. It has worked for people for weight loss and other addictions. It’s an alternative way to change your lifestyle and work on being healthier. There are many reasons to drop smoking and live a healthier life, not just avoiding cancer.


Common Health Ailments of Tech People – And How to Fix Them


Across multiple fields, the more passionate tech people tend to be more focused on their work than their health. Work is a lot more interesting than health complaints among those wrapped up in their jobs. However, as more people in the country begin to work in the technology field, certain health ailments are beginning to crop up more frequently.

What are some of the health conditions on the rise among tech workers? What can you do to protect yourself?

1. Too Much Sitting

The health effects of spending too much of your life glued to a chair have been in the news recently. This is of particular concern to people who work in the technology field, as many of them work from desks. 18 studies with 800,000 participants all point to the same conclusion: sitting in your chair too much can take years off of your life.

Modern medicine has found sitting to increase risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and more. Upon hearing this news, you may feel powerless. If you are a technology professional working at a desk job, how can you help but sit down for most of your work day?

In fact, even standing up for just part of your day can make an enormous difference in your health. By getting up for even a two minute walk every couple of hours, you are keeping your body from becoming too settled in one position. This helps prevent the above conditions as well as improving your quality of life. If your desk job makes you stiff and achy, taking even a few small breaks can make you feel better.

Some professionals choose to invest in a convertible desk. These can be adjusted to accommodate you sitting as well as standing at work. Switching between the two positions is good for your health.

2. Stress

The workplace looks different today than it did even twenty years ago. As the number of Americans who work in technology jobs increases, so does stress at work. The deadlines, difficult problems, and social environments the technology field presents mean more Americans suffer from job stress than ever.

Stress can have a range of negative effects on your health. Insomnia, depression, pain, and magnesium deficiency are all common side effects of workplace stress.

While stress before a deadline is sometimes hard to avoid, treating the symptoms of stress where you can takes pressure off your body and mind. If stress causes your magnesium levels to drop, you’ll likely experience an amplification of your symptoms – muscle cramps, sleep trouble, and pain. According to Barrington Nutritionals, bone and cardiovascular health are just two of the potential benefits of keeping your magnesium levels high enough.

3. Eye Problems

If you’re staring into a computer screen all day, you may start to experience some trouble with your eyes. Headaches and temporary blurred vision can come from focusing too hard on your screen. While it’s common for your eyesight to deteriorate over time, using your eyes improperly at work can speed up the degeneration of your sight.

Be sure to see your eye doctor regularly to update your glasses prescription. You may also look into downloading an app to your computer that changes the screen brightness according to the time of day. This eases the strain on your eyes, and can even help you sleep better at night.


The technology field continues to grow, and more professionals enter the field every day. Keeping on top of potential health problems which come with your job can help you feel better every day.


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5 Ways the Smartphone Can Help in Physical Therapy

Accidents can happen frequently when you subject yourself to extensive physical activity. Sometimes, physical therapy is needed in order to regain your range of motion and strength in the limbs. During your therapy, there are several ways that your smartphone can play an active role to increase your rate of healing. Although it may not be a medical device, the apps and capabilities of this phone can help keep you focused and on task during your therapy.

Nutrition Apps

One of the most important aspects to physical recovery is through monitoring your diet. As mobile devices continue to develop across the planet, many developers have created some of the most intricate applications for monitoring your food intake. These apps can show you what you shouldn’t be eating compared to what edibles are ideal for a speedy recovery. You may even find yourself using the app after your therapy has been a success in order to maintain nutritional fitness.

GPS Tracking for Movement Monitoring

Many apps will utilize the GPS functionality of the smartphone in order to track physical movement. Apps such as Run Keeper will calculate your movement and time lapsed in order to provide an accurate portrayal of your physical activity. Some therapy may require you to walk a certain distance per day. This kind of software can display all of the pertinent information that you and the physical therapist may need for developing a treatment strategy.

Receiving Messages About Therapy

Mobile marketing is developing at an astounding rate and can help you find affordable physical therapy regardless of your needs. Facilities may use SMS marketing that can send you coupons or discounts for therapy through texts should you sign up for these kinds of offers. According to this post, discounts and deals are often used by therapists to encourage visits allowing you to maximize the experience at an affordable rate.

Email Notifications

One of the most utilized pieces of technology ever created is email. Setting your smartphone up for receiving these messages can help you keep your day organized regardless of where you are. It can help you stay in immediate contact with your therapist while scheduling sessions. According to this post by Mike Vardy, email is efficient through your smartphone because it’s a device that you have with you and use on a regular basis.

Weight Training

Another aspect of some physical therapy is monitoring weight training. There are many apps that can integrate with each other for enhancing the experience of lifting weights that can make it fun as well as therapeutic. Apps such as use points to compete with others to become number one. However, you want to check with your therapist regarding weights and exercise to make sure you don’t over exert yourself while you heal.

Smartphones can be used for far more than searching for nearby restaurants or chatting on social media channels. This unit can be one of the most profound tools for everyday life ever conceived for the 21st century. Explore the possibilities of what the phone in your pocket can help you achieve and become more efficient throughout your day.



5 Methods of Beating Infertility

Having a child in today’s world isn’t as easy as it may seem for a lot of people. Infertility can be caused by a variety of environmental and genetic complications. If you’re trying to have a child with your spouse, there may be some things you can do that can vastly increase your chances of successfully conceiving. Although some may be more drastic than others, it’s a small price to pay for enlightening your future.

Chemical Interactions

Toxic chemicals can do a variety of damage within the body. A large portion of this damage is silent and may not manifest itself immediately. In many situations, pesticides and petroleum-based products can cause infertility for both men and women. If you’re trying to conceive a child, it may be best to stay away from harsh chemicals and eat more organic foods.

Foods and Beverages

It has been found that food can greatly impact the ability to reproduce and has been discovered in both men and women alike. Some food products are more potent at improving fertilization than others and can affect the results of conception for up to 90 days. According to Hethir Rodriguez C.H. at Natural Fertility Info, women who ate more proteins from plants than animals were more likely to reproduce. A major factor in this Harvard study was the reduction of consuming trans fats.

Avoiding Allergens

Reducing your interaction with things that produce allergic reactions can improve your chances of having a baby. It’s believed that your immune system may be capable of doing its job all too well leading to a miscarry upon fertilization. Allergies to food have also been linked to anti-sperm capabilities reducing the male’s capacity to fertilize an egg.

Sexual Transmitted Diseases

Some STDs have the capacity to render a person’s reproductive system inert. For instance, Chlamydia infections can cause abnormalities and sperm antibodies in men while scarring and blocking fallopian tubes within women. Even though you may not be showing signs of various diseases, these could be wreaking havoc on you internally. Getting regular checkups is very beneficial especially since many of these complications could lay dormant for several years before manifesting themselves.

Sperm Donors

There are a lot of men that are affected by low motility and decreased sperm counts. If all else fails, donor programs are available to help conceive a child. According to this page, you can purchase vials of sperm and have them quickly shipped to you. This provides social anonymity and helps keep the process private, which is helpful if you feel embarrassed by having complications such as these. In short time, you can begin the process of having your own child while using a donor’s sperm.

There are many complications that can prevent someone from conceiving a child. While some can be circumvented easily, others may require a more in-depth analysis into reproductivity. These methods are substantiated by scientific evidence, but there is no guarantee that they will work for you. Each person is different and what works for one may not work for another.



How to Choose Online Marketing Services for a Drug Rehab Center

Drug rehab centers are built with the sole purpose of serving humanity. Many of these institutions have successfully enabled innumerous drug-addicts in overcoming the menace of drug addiction and getting back to their normal lives. As a drug rehab facility, you need to stay focused to your core objectives of assisting drug rehabs with their problems.

Unfortunately, many drug rehab institutions are unable to stay committed to their cause and need to focus on their marketing efforts to ensure the financial sustainability of the organization. This not only causes you to deviate from your key strengths, but also requires you to exercise a lot of effort in an area where you may lack proficiency. For this reason, experts recommend drug rehab businesses to spearhead their operations while entrusting a reliable and reputed marketing agency with the company’s marketing objectives.

Why Online Marketing?

Rehab centers have become highly competitive in the modern times, requiring facility owners to key costs low. If you are also restricted by a low budget, you should consider online marketing as opposed to traditional marketing practices for promoting your drug rehab agency. In addition to lower costs, online marketing offers several other benefits, too.

Drug rehab centers generally operate in a well-defined geographical territory, whether you’re a Phoenix drug rehab center or a Chicago rehab facility. This allows you to define your target audience that comprises individuals living in those territories and interested in your drug rehabilitation services. Online marketing allows you to tailor your marketing efforts specifically to your niche. This directly translates into higher ROI for the marketing dollars spent.

It is also simpler to track your online marketing objectives and goals through data metrics available to business owners today. It is easier to figure out how many visitors viewed or clicked your ad or read your blog post. You can also identify the number of referrals that you received and the revenue generated from those referrals in a few clicks.

Online marketing offers a plethora of new opportunities that are just waiting to be tapped. For instance, eMarketer conducted a survey that reported mobile search all set to overtake desktop by 2015. By creating a drug rehab website that is optimized for mobile browsing, you can benefit from one such opportunity.

How to Choose Online Marketing Services for a Drug Rehab Center?

You must strive to choose a service provider who is very familiar with the marketing requirements of the drug rehab industry. Unless the right marketing channels for drug rehab centers are targeted, the marketing dollars may be put to waste. It is equally important to do the right keyword research for the drug rehab institution and target keywords that are profitable enough to be targeted by the drug rehab center.

Find out some of the institutions that the online marketing agency has worked with. Look at some of their recent marketing campaigns undertaken for specific niche establishments, such as drug rehabilitation facilities as well as the impact of those efforts.

Look for a company that has garnered positive reviews from its client-base. You can also get in touch with one or two clients of the marketing agency, and find out if the projects were handled in a professional manner and up to the expectations of the client.

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4 Signs Your Lifestyle is Hurting You

Today’s average American lifestyle isn’t always the healthiest, but because it’s so normal it can be tough to spot red flags. Luckily, a little information and intention can go a long way. Once you’re aware of lifestyle risks and commonly missed symptoms, you can consciously re-adjust your views. However, this can’t be done passively, and it all starts with paying attention to yourself and your surroundings.

For example, it’s easier than ever to be made aware of product recalls, some of which can be life threatening. The recall of caramel apples at the end of the year, for example, spread like wildfire on social media and news outlets. Is your lifestyle doing more harm than good? Here are a few signs to watch out for:

1. You have chronic or recurring pain

Sometimes this is unavoidable (blame genetics), but many times it’s due to a subpar lifestyle. Constantly being hunched over a computer or poor posture in general can cause chronic back pain. Chronic knee pain can be from excess weight or improper form at the gym. Check out ValpoLife’s chiropractic tips on good posture, but also seek out your own medical help if there’s a pang constantly bothering you.

2. You have recurring headaches or dry eyes

Headaches are the number one complaint for a plethora of things, but today’s culture of too much screen time might be to blame. This is the biggest suspect if you also have dry or red eyes. Your eyes need a break from that screen, so schedule a pop up or alarm every 20 minutes as a reminder to close your eyes and let them rest. Resist “extra” time, like television or perusing Facebook on your phone, since you’re likely required to stare down a screen for work anyway.

3. You’re overweight or undertoned

Just because the average American woman is now a size 14 (and considering vanity sizing), that doesn’t make it healthy. “Average” does not equate to ideally healthy. However, it’s going to seem more and more normal, especially with the New York Daily News reporting NYC is welcoming size 14 mannequins to non-plus-sized stores. Know your body fat percentage (it’s a better gauge than BMI), and prioritize your health.

4. You can’t get by without coffee

Caffeine addiction is real, yet accepted by society. It can make your sleep hygiene out of what, cause you to be dependent, and can ultimately be a really expensive habit. No vices are “safe” ones.


Advancement Opportunities for Medical Assistants

The medical field has been quickly advancing for years, providing stable jobs and unlimited career growth for many. If you’ve been curious about the career potential with your medical assisting degree, you’d be surprised at what your degree can offer you and your future. Nurse2

Medical Office Manager

With some experience under your belt, you can easily advance to becoming a manager of a medical office. You’ll be responsible for the administrative part of the office, making sure everything is running efficiently. You’ll supervise the staff and be responsible for hiring and firing employees, as well as training new hires. You’ll also be responsible for the billing part of the office. This includes medical coding and collections for unpaid bills. You’ll pay the medical office’s bills and keep track of inventory and the costs associated with keeping the practice fully stocked with necessary supplies. You’ll also be in charge of supervising the support staff in the office. This includes the front desk staff, nurses, and the medical assistants. Depending on the size of your office, you might also have a role at the front desk where you’ll schedule appointments, submit billing statements to your patients, and submit any claims to various insurance companies.

Lead Medical Assistant

When you’ve spent a few years working as a medical assistant in a medical office, you might have the opportunity to advance to a supervisory role while still maintaining your job as a medical assistant. With this position, you’ll be the go to person for anything regarding the running of the office. Your responsibilities will lie mostly with the operation and administration side of the practice, monitoring the quality of work of all of the staff and being in charge of the billing side of the office. You’ll take care of all of the office’s billing to patients, insurance companies, and the medical suppliers you work with. You’ll have to have knowledge of medical coding, so getting your medical coding certificate can be helpful in performing this job successful. You’ll need to have a working knowledge of collections, too, because you’ll be the one sending unpaid balances to collections and working with patients on paying off their collections. You will need to know the inventory side of the practice inside and out because you’ll be the only one who knows what needs to be ordered and in what quantities so you don’t waste money on unused inventory.

Medical Records Manager

If you want to work in a hospital setting, then a medical records manager could be just the career for you. This job often requires additional education in the form of a health information technology degree or certificate. You will process and maintain all of the patient records in that hospital, as well as keep patient information private on the hospital’s database. You’ll make sure the patient’s record is complete and accurate. You’ll have to know how to use software to store and code records in the hospital’s system, as well as know how to quickly pull these records for medical staff.

Many people think you’re stuck being a medical assistant forever, but the truth is you have an almost unlimited potential of careers when you get your degree in medical assisting. While some might require additional education, you’re only making an investment in your future.


Innovations in Cancer Technology


According to the American Cancer Society, U.S. statistics indicate that in the year 2014, physicians will diagnose 1,665,540 new cases of cancer. Of these patients, the disease will claim the lives of 585,720 people. In the ongoing fight against various forms of cancer, researchers continue developing treatment methods and technologies every year. Conventional methods in decades past have involved using chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Advancements in these techniques continue. But, some of the latest innovations offer a newer approach.

Cancer Drug Research and Development

Oncologists advise that there are hundreds of disease processes that are considered cancer. While falling under specific categories, various cancers require individual forms of treatment. Scientists continually develop medications that eradicate cancer cells. While making strides and new discoveries, the research involved is long and difficult. Some medications change the genetics within malignant cells to inhibit growth and development. Other formulations annihilate the cells directly. Chemotherapeutic agents may affect the inner workings of cells that lead to death from starvation. Still others might influence the cells to self-destruct. Once developing a medication, researchers must test the formula on animals. If successful, human clinical trials may begin. After thorough evaluation processes, a formulation may receive approval. However, the entire process from inception to acceptance often takes more than a decade. Of all the drugs under development, it is estimated that one out of 10 preparations actually become available for treatment.

Illuminating Brain Tumors

When diagnosed with operable brain tumors, surgeons strive to remove as much of the mass as possible without causing damage to delicate surrounding tissue. Malignant cells often appear similar to healthy tissue, which poses a problem. Recently however, researchers devised a way to differentiate between normal and malignant cells using a form of bioluminescence. A hand full of medical facilities across the country are in the process of evaluating the technique that involves a liquid known as 5-ALA tumor fluorescence. Prior to surgery, a patient drinks the specially formulated liquid. As the compound circulates throughout the body, molecules target cancerous cells. Under a blue light, healthy cells remain blue. However, malignant cells become fluorescent pink. In this way, surgeons are more apt to remove perimeter tumor cells that might ordinarily be missed and lead to future regrowth.

Anti-Cancer Vaccines

Chemotherapy medications are created to kill a variety of cancer cells. Unfortunately, the formulations are not without a host of side effects and often damage healthy tissues. Researchers are involved in devising a type of immunotherapy that will treat individual malignancies in different people with minimal repercussions by enhancing the body’s immune system. The proposed vaccines will not only initiate a T-cell response in the presence of cancer cells, but will additionally encourage an ever expanding attack when cells mutate or change, which will broaden the immune system’s capabilities. The hope is that after receiving a vaccination, immune cells will become stronger and more aware. The response would also become individualized based on specific tumors. If successful, the innovations might lengthen survival time without the need for current hazardous treatments.

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