5 Tools Every Successful WordPress Blogger Should Be Using

From mommy bloggers to corporate accounts, it seems everyone is using blogging as a way to get their message out. WordPress, one of the most popular platform options for bloggers, can be especially effective if it’s used to its full potential. Using separate applications for certain tasks is essential in order to stay productive and on top of the game.  With that in mind, we’ve gathered five tools essential to getting the most out of your WordPress blog.

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Enter The Digital Divide (Infographic)

Digital Divide

It’s no big secret that the Internet is changing the way we spend money, interact socially, conduct business, and portray our personalities to the world. What may be shocking is that this Internet revolution is actually leaving many individuals, companies, and entire countries behind due to socioeconomic divides. As we enter a political era that is anything but content, the growth of the Internet only further increases the disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ Continue reading Enter The Digital Divide (Infographic)

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last update: April 17, 2014


Why You Should Probably Quit Twitter: A Flowchart


If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Twitter over the past couple of years, it’s that people either love it or hate it. Few fall under the category of indifference when their friends or family pull out their smartphones and start typing out 140 characters or less.

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The Facebook Wall of Shame

The bigger they are the harder they fall. Or at least in Facebook’s case, the foibles get more publicity. Whether it’s ill-thought words on the part of Mark Zuckerberg himself, failed deals or lawsuits, Facebook has had it’s share of PR fiascoes. This graphic shows them in greater detail. Continue reading The Facebook Wall of Shame


Why Reddit Wins The Internet Today

Reddit Queen

The announcement that Reddit has earned its independence from Conde Naste and will operate as a separate corporation owned by Advance Publications is a victory for many. It’s a victory… Continue reading Why Reddit Wins The Internet Today

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Two Companies Dominate the Automotive SEO Search Terms

Automotive SEO

There is something super-competitive about the automotive industry. It’s one that, for the longest time, had avoided the internet even when it was clear that it was here to stay. Back in the late 90s, many dealers didn’t even have a website. Today, most of their leads and sales come as a result of their websites.

It is for this reason that I thought it amazing that PCG and TK Carsites were the only two representatives for the term “Automotive SEO” on Google. Is the rest of the industry really that far behind, or are these two companies just dominant?

We’ll see. For now, it’s clear that the competition has a ways to go.


AOL Hacked

America Offline

As AOL tries to reinvent their company and reclaim some of the glory they held in the days of dial-up, setbacks like this are more damaging than they are for companies on the rise.

The Postmaster subdomain was hacked Saturday and remained that way for 2-4 hours according to Reddit. The html placed after the hack was created in Microsoft Word, adding insult to injury and begging the question, “Does AOL not take security seriously, or are they just incompetent?”

Either way, it doesn’t look good.


If Reddit Were in Harry Potter

New to Reddit

For the last two years, I’ve been a closet Reddit fanatic. Some would say I’m not technically in the closet because I spend a good amount of time there every single day (EVERY single day) and I have posted hundreds of articles to the site. The only thing I don’t do often is comment. That’s simply too dangerous.

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