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How to Get the Most Out of Facebook Marketing Strategies

Analyzing Facebook

Are you aware of just how helpful an effective Facebook marketing campaign can be for your company? You have a free way of communicating with potential customers that has never existed before now. Reaching customers on Facebook is not just as simple as creating a page and updating it. It’s true that fresh content and unique ideas will help generate a buzz about your company, but you need something more. Effective social media marketing strategies take your company’s advertising exploits to the next level. Make sure you always keep your page updated with the newest happenings at your company, include links to company websites, and join other networks in order to make a name for your company.

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We Were Busy Every Minute Socializing in 2012

Every Minute Socializing in 2012

In 2012 we were super busy within every minute on social media. We had particular social networks that we eagerly spent time on and for some decided to sign-up for and begin building new relationships and networks.

We of course worked hard on creating actions on Facebook and Twitter some of us signed up to LinkedIn and for the majority of us, we were busy sharing images across the board but particularly on our most favored image sharing sites. We have been busy socializing and this is just a preview of what to expect in 2013.

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3 Companies That Messed Up Their Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Spam is a marketing monster and there are plenty of companies that have willing engaged its dark side. Of course, not all email marketing nightmares are dreamed-up intentionally, plenty of failed strategies are conceived by companies that think they can be their own email marketing service provider or hire a cheap one offering unbelievable bulk rates.   Some snafus are entirely accidental, a culmination of bad decisions, or lazy marketing. Here are five notorious cautionary tales

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10 Tips That Will Help Your Business Go Digital

As ecommerce continues to grow at a faster rate than offline commerce, sometimes this is occurring at the direct expense of brick-and-mortar locations, with customers going to a store to examine a product, smartphone in hand, then ordering the product online.  As enterprises such as news media or any business whose prospects depend on the ability to interact in a timely manner with customers realize the importance of online business, at some point they make the critical decision that they need to put their business online.  Once this decision is made, here are ten tips on how to carry it out:

  1. Identify the target audience.  If you are seeking to reach a young and mobile demographic, there is a good chance the web is the place to do that.
  2. Consider the competition.  If your competitor is online, there is a good chance you should also be online, but this does not necessarily mean you should copy the format of your competitor.  Changes in the technology may even enable you to leapfrog the competition.
  3. Strategic partnerships.  Some businesses related to yours may offer an opportunity to link your service to theirs and expand the audience you can reach.
  4. Social networking.  Many alternatives are available for using social networking sites to keep in touch with customers and inform them of sales and new products.  Many businesses are using Facebook for this, but you should think carefully about which services are best for your specific business.
  5. Website creation.  More alternatives are available than ever before to enable you to get on line quickly, effectively, and relatively inexpensively, but this can be a crucial choice, and a sloppy presentation or poor execution of the technology can cause you to miss opportunities or even set you back.
  6. Downtime and other out(r)ages.  The more successful your online business becomes, the more customers come to depend on it, the less you can afford untimely downtime.  It is important to provide for needed maintenance and to do this at a time that will cause the least possible disruption of your business.
  7. Mobile payment.  Increasingly, smartphones are being used to enable quick and efficient payment processing.  This calls for a thorough evaluation of which service will best meet your needs, and again, poor execution can actually damage your business.
  8. Security.  Another potential pitfall to take into account is the potential for a data security leak that could cause customers to lose confidence in their ability to do business with you.
  9. Supply chain management.  Just as an online presence enables you to reach customers more effectively, if your business involves inventory, it enables you to manage your inventory and monitor the flow of goods in real time.
  10. Consultation.  The significance of all of these issues to the survival of your business places a premium on expert advice on best practices when it comes to your online business, so you will want to make sure to have a computer network consultant close at hand.


How Companies Make Sure the Internet Always Has More Room

The Internet is a vast place and it is of utmost importance to make sure that it has enough room.  Many jobs depend on the Internet being big enough and if the Internet runs out of room, many jobs would be at risk and so would modern life.  There are some ways companies can make sure the Internet always has more room for their expanding businesses.  One way is by making sure they have enough Internet servers and another way is by making the switch over to the new Internet address system.  Without doing both of these things, existing websites will be unable to expand and the potential for new websites could be halted.


Make sure there is enough server space to accommodate one’s site.  Having enough web server space is highly important to a company.  If they don’t have enough servers, then they won’t be able to handle higher volumes of users and visitors, which could create a lag on the website or even disable it temporarily.  There is no lack of web servers available, so any web based company needs to make sure their server space has plenty of room to handle their site.  Some companies use thousands of different servers to ensure that their website has enough space to accommodate all of its users.  According to, Google has almost 50,000 servers at its Lenoir, North Carolina data center and will continue to add to that number to make sure it has enough room for its users.

Companies need to make plans to switch over to IPv6.  One of the big Internet scares recently was the Internet running out of IP addresses.  IP address availability is crucial to both consumers who are accessing the Internet from a computer or phone and to Internet service providers and web based companies.  If there aren’t enough IP addresses for all individuals and websites to have one, then the Internet has run out of room.

That issue has been resolved, though.  In June 2012, IPv6 was launched which made sure that there is enough IP address to accommodate everyone.  The available number of IP addresses went from approximately 4 billion to trillions.  According to the World IPv6 Launch website, companies who have switched include Google, AT&T and Facebook.  Not all companies have made the switch to IPv6 technology, though.  Any large company who is continually adding websites to their business needs to make plans to switch over so they can be sure that there will be enough Internet room for their company.  Companies who sell cell phones that have Internet access should also make plans to switch to IPv6—making the change may take time, but it will only ensure the potential for business growth.

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Discover What Your Influence Is On Pinterest with Pinpuff

Pinterest Influence with Pinpuff

A good many of us use Klout and Pinterest, which are two drastically different, but interconnected sites, for very different reasons. Nevertheless, we love sharing images on Pinterest and finding out our online influence via Klout, but what if you could have an influence score that is similar to the one on Klout for Pinterest? Pinpuff does just that. Okay, maybe I should have warned you by asking you to hold on to your hats or to sit down for this news because the mere thought of it is simply awesome.

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Online Casinos vs. Regular Casinos

Anyone who plays poker has their preference of playing in a traditional casino setting or playing in an online casino. The two may have the same objective of bringing in money while providing entertainment, but both are drastically different in their approach to maintain customers and the rules that go along with them.

Traditional Casinos

Casinos bring in millions of dollars every year. Casinos spend tons of money by adding fluff to attract players into their venue. Most people in the United States recognize Las Vegas and Atlantic City as the casino capitals. The Native American areas also have a share in the traditional casino market. They will offer free drinks, hotel perks, and shows to get players in their casino and stay for a while putting money on the table or in the slots.

When someone wins big, everyone turns to see what happened. The excitement fills the room, and people are more likely to keep playing in the casino. Big crowds usually entice others to join in. When someone sees several people gathered by a table, it is human nature to be inquisitive and want to know what is going on. Many walk in wanting to win big bucks, but very few walk away with the big jackpot.

Online Casinos

The popularity of online casinos is growing rapidly thanks to the ever expanding use of technology. Europe features the most online casinos among all seven continents. Most people do not know how many online casinos there are around the world. When it comes to the different countries that allow their citizens to join in online gaming, every continent has hundreds to thousands of online casinos available.

The online casino Australia community features over 400 sites for people to enjoy, whereas, the United States has over 1700 sites for players to put their skills or luck to use. Online casinos offer players comfort in their own homes and the ability to concentrate better by giving them control of their surroundings.

Differences in the Two Types of Casinos

Where traditional casinos hope to attract many people to their tables and slots, they also hope to gain revenue in their restaurants, shows, and hotels. In doing so, traditional casinos can offer many perks that online casinos do not. A lot of patrons, who play in the traditional casinos frequently, will receive many loyalty gifts.

They can earn free hotel stays and free food vouchers. Online casinos reward their patrons by providing invitation only tournaments and credits to keep playing. Almost all online casino sites will entice newbies with signup bonuses. There is less overhead with the online casinos making pay outs to players more likely. Players at a traditional casino will have a different strategy than players at a traditional poker table. Both casinos have the same agenda to bring in revenue; however their motives are carried out in different ways.


How Your Business Can Tell a Story without Using a Single Word

Every business can tell a story and it can be done without using a single word. As most of you have seen there has been a major increase in the amount of photos and videos being shared on various social networks. Each photo, video, and infographic tells a story, whether it is a funny animal or adorable kitty, something is being said with each post.

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