Why Fresh Content Is Good For Your Blog

You often hear that updating your blog several times a week or more is a good idea, but not all of us really know why we should be doing it. It’s obvious that having new posts for your readers is important in having them come back to your blog often, but what other reasons is there for constantly making sure you post new content?

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Why Pinterest Is The Perfect Place For Retailers

It’s well-known that people like to browse products prior to purchasing them and we perform this habit, both offline and while shopping on the web. In the past, businesses could only post images of products on their website in hopes that customers visit their site to browse through products there. Although this technique of promoting and selling products is still used and is effective, photo-sharing social sites have allowed for more ways to market to customers. It’s time to bring your products to where the customers are, which is done through the use of Pinterest.

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Which are the most Social Colleges?

Which are the most Social Colleges

It’s surprising how interesting it is to look at the social media networks of famous US universities. It’s a puzzle as to whether some of the large networks are the result of large marketing budgets, or if, in the case of a school like Harvard which has 281 times the number of Facebook followers as students, followers are aspirational and looking for motivation.

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How To Expand Customer Service To Twitter

Reaching potential and existing clients has never been easier. Social media has certainly paved the way for businesses to connect with customers located all over the world. The social network, Twitter, is a great place for companies to find out more about their customers and can be used as another method in providing quality customer service, but only if it is done right.

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Secrets To Producing Quicker Blog Posts

Writing for a blog can be a great hobby or a way to earn some extra cash. However, taking time out of your busy schedule to sit down and write a post  is often easier said than done. Learn the secrets to producing quicker blog posts from the infographic below, so you can keep your blog relevant and the blogging experience fun.

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Travel Planning For Techies

Whether you are planning to travel during Spring break or going on a short weekend trip, technology certainly plays a role in how we plan our vacations. We use the web to find ways to save money on plane tickets and to help us find the best hotels to stay in while vacationing. If we are not using our computers to help us plan a trip, then we are most likely using our smartphones.

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Video Marketing: From TV to the Internet

Video marketing has been with use for a long time. Television commercials were the first form of video promotional advertisements that were used to attract the attention of potential customers. So popular were many commercials from the golden age of television that they have been preserved on the internet and reach new legions of fans. A few of these commercials have survived long after the company in their ads had gone out of business. 

Today, such innovation in video marketing still exists and it is not limited to television. Video marketing has expanded to the internet where it is equally popular. Why is it that video promotional ads are so effective?

Simply put, a strong visual image can go a long way towards making an impression in a consumer. Such imagery can evoke a reaction that print or radio advertising cannot. This is not to infer that video ads are automatically better than other forms of advertising but rather that they are different.

Commercials will always be a staple of television since it is commercials that actually fund the television industry. However, there is a bit of competition on the horizon and it comes from online video marketing. In fact, online video advertisements may prove to be more accessible to many since online video advertising is extremely cost-effective. In some instances, it can be done for free and still reach potentially huge audiences.

Marketing with videos online emerged via the improvements of the internet in the aftermath of Web 2.0 upgrades. Hosting videos on websites, blogs or file sharing sites became quite easy and very inexpensive. The availability of high definition video recording equipment further made it easier for people to produce their own commercials. 

Perhaps the biggest benefit was the development of social networking sites allowing anyone wishing to place a video for display in their network to do so. Best of all, videos placed on social networks or file sharing sites have the potential to go viral. That means those that view the videos will circulate and promote them on their own without a request for compensation but some people need help with promotion and they contact Neil Patel Digital Marketing Consultant. As long as the video ads are original, entertaining and informative they have the potential to go viral. Traditional television commercials are incapable of such a process which is why we are sure to see more video promotional campaigns expanded in the future.


The Rise And Fall Of Online Empires: Should Facebook Be Worried?

There are plenty of online empires that were popular, thought of as untouchable, and loved by many that have ended up meeting their demise. MySpace is a great example of this, for many people would have laughed at you, even called you crazy, if you had told them it would be dead by 2011 back when it was in its prime.

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