Does Technology Lead to “Fake” Intellectuals?

I was recently listening to Opie and Anthony, a radio show on SiriusXM, and they began to discuss how teachers were having a problem with their students looking up answers for everything on their smartphones. Kids are not trying to figure out answers on their own, they are immediately turning to their phones for guidance. They are basically copying and pasting their homework. The problem is that students will do really well on all of their homework because they can quickly find and copy the information, but they are doing poorly on tests because they are not retaining the information.

Scott William WintersThe same problem can be seen in grown individuals. People regurgitate information they find online and seem to be very smart when you first meet them. Then the more you hangout with them the more you hear the same conversations taking place between them and other individuals. You’ve come face-to-face with a “fake” intellectual.

So what are some ways to know you’re dealing with a “fake” intellectual? If they are talking to you about an article in the New York Times, but their iPhone case has a picture of Justin Bieber on it, you might be dealing with a “fake” intellectual. When asked to write something that reflects their own thoughts and opinions they panic and spit out a cluttered incoherent mess (hopefully that’s not what I’m currently doing), that’s definitely a sign. The most surefire way to expose a dumb smart person is to have them face a problem and try to figure out a way to solve it. There are many situations in everyday life that require a person to think quickly to solve a problem, if you’re reasonably intelligent this shouldn’t be a problem, but for some people it is.

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5 Best Places To Learn Computer Programing For Free

In this tough economy and job market, it’s a smart move to keep adding to your knowledge base. One of the most sought after skills is computer programming. Unfortunately, going back to school can be an expensive and time consuming endeavor. But, obtaining programming literacy doesn’t have to be expensive. From traditional universities to innovative startups offering a chance for employment upon completion of their program, we’ve found the five top places to learn how to code on the web, and best of all, they are free.

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Hacks to Get More Out of Google

Google in a Box

Are you a “Google Pro”? Do you use all of the shortcuts that Google often makes so hard to find but that really make an impact on how useful our searches can be? If not, you’re about to be.

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Is Tech Support Racist? The Truth About Customer Service (infographic)

What in the world is going on with tech support? We asked that question and literally had the answers for us. They put together an infographic  that explores the issues surrounding the outsourcing of customer service. The colorful graphs and images are accompanied by hard data that may surprise you.

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5 Tools Every Successful WordPress Blogger Should Be Using

From mommy bloggers to corporate accounts, it seems everyone is using blogging as a way to get their message out. WordPress, one of the most popular platform options for bloggers, can be especially effective if it’s used to its full potential. Using separate applications for certain tasks is essential in order to stay productive and on top of the game.  With that in mind, we’ve gathered five tools essential to getting the most out of your WordPress blog.

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Enter The Digital Divide (Infographic)

Digital Divide

It’s no big secret that the Internet is changing the way we spend money, interact socially, conduct business, and portray our personalities to the world. What may be shocking is that this Internet revolution is actually leaving many individuals, companies, and entire countries behind due to socioeconomic divides. As we enter a political era that is anything but content, the growth of the Internet only further increases the disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ Continue reading Enter The Digital Divide (Infographic)


Two Companies Dominate the Automotive SEO Search Terms

Automotive SEO

There is something super-competitive about the automotive industry. It’s one that, for the longest time, had avoided the internet even when it was clear that it was here to stay. Back in the late 90s, many dealers didn’t even have a website. Today, most of their leads and sales come as a result of their websites.

It is for this reason that I thought it amazing that PCG and TK Carsites were the only two representatives for the term “Automotive SEO” on Google. Is the rest of the industry really that far behind, or are these two companies just dominant?

We’ll see. For now, it’s clear that the competition has a ways to go.


AOL Hacked

America Offline

As AOL tries to reinvent their company and reclaim some of the glory they held in the days of dial-up, setbacks like this are more damaging than they are for companies on the rise.

The Postmaster subdomain was hacked Saturday and remained that way for 2-4 hours according to Reddit. The html placed after the hack was created in Microsoft Word, adding insult to injury and begging the question, “Does AOL not take security seriously, or are they just incompetent?”

Either way, it doesn’t look good.

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