10 Best Ways To Protect Your Family Online

While many parents look at the computer as a much more educational option for their children than plopping them in front of the TV all day, there’s still plenty of trouble they can get into online.

There are so many things to consider, however, that it can seem daunting at times. Fortunately, our friends over at ZoneAlarm have put together this handy-dandy infographic outlining 10 things you can (should!) do to keep your family safe online.

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Where Are They Now? (“They” Being Startup Winners of TC Disrupt)


It takes talent to pick a winner. Particularly in the volatile world of technology startups, it’s often easier to pick a trifecta in horse racing than to pick the next big tech company.

Techcrunch has had some success over the years in identifying viable businesses worthy of funding. This graphic by our friends at Namesake takes a look at the past winners and losers and breaks down where they are today in their quest to be the next big thing.

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last update: April 17, 2014


WordPress oopsie. Maybe you should have described that page element differently?

By the time you read this, there’s a pretty good chance that WordPress.com will have changed their site and fixed the oops. Good thing we took a screen shot this morning.

If you hovered over the orange button, which is rather large when compared with other links on the page, you can see the html coded into the link.

When telling the designer where they wanted that button on the page, however, perhaps someone should have described the large, orange sign-up button differently.

Not as “big-ass orange on left.”

Just sayin’.


The History of Networks

People have been using networks in one form or another for centuries in an attempt to make this pale blue dot we live on more manageable.

From the railroads and telegraph, to Usenet and the information superhighway, here’s a look at how networks have evolved.

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15 Facts About Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Many people talk about net neutrality but often do not have a full understanding of what it is and how it would affect them. They get a partial story – the story is often different depending on which side of the fence someone is on.

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Groupon Files to Raise up to $950 Million

Groupon Inc, the fast-growing online coupon seller, has been authorized to raise up to $950 million in what would be the biggest round of equity financing by any company since Pixar in 1995.

The company said in filing with the state of Delaware that it intended to sell shares at $31.59 each.

That price would value Groupon at between $6.4 billion and $7.8 billion, depending on the number of shares issued, according to VC Experts, a research firm that specializes in providing data on private companies.

Groupon, with annual revenue said to range from $500 million to $2 billion, sends members daily e-mails with steeply discounted deals from local merchants. The deals are activated when a certain number of people agree to make a purchase.

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Hurry Up Match.com Has A Free 7 day Trial!

Just in time for the holidays match.com has decided to allow for a free 7 day trial to find that special someone of your dreams. Or at least find someone to go to your family holiday parties so they don’t think you are still a single loser who writes blogs for a living. Deadline for the trial is Jan. 4th so hurry up! Match.com

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Report: Facebook sales likely to hit $2 billion in 2010

Facebook Inc is likely to generate 2010 revenue of about $2 billion, more than previously expected for the popular social networking site, Bloomberg reported, citing three people familiar with the matter.

Facebook’s 6-year-old service, which ranks the world’s largest Web social network with roughly half a billion users, posted 2009 revenue of around $800 million, Reuters reported earlier this year.

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