The Classic Toy Stirling Engine 1900 Mercedes

Stirling Engine 1900 Mercedes

The love for classic cars is certainly nothing new, but increasing exposure has been given to the adoration of these vehicles since the introduction of the Internet and rise of social media, creating even more fans of these classic automobiles. Photos of these old-fashioned and stylish cars are being shared amongst friends and followers on various social networks; and it’s no wonder, for they are truly amazing machines.

Collectors are now able to connect with other classic car enthusiast from across the globe and can relish, together, in adding a new item to their collections with this Stirling Engine 1900 Mercedes.

The Toy Stirling Engine 1900 Mercedes is a fully-functioning replica of the life-sized sports car and is powered by an external combustion Stirling engine that is built in Germany. The 1818 designed engine uses thermodynamic principle of regenerative heat that is powered by the expansion and compression of air and the body style is that of a 1900 Mercedes 35 HP.

For $1000 you can purchase this toy sports car at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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