The Hidden Cost of Household Gadgets


It’s a gadgetized world. Chances are, you use or interact with dozens of different gadgets every day. We don’t even notice anymore much of the time as the concept of living without them has become a distant memory.

There is a cost. Despite the fact that these household gadgets are more affordable and accessible than ever before, we are creating a tremendous strain on our power grid (and our wallets) that many may not notice. We add surge protectors to our wall sockets in an effort to plug in our ever-growing inventory of gadgets. We often run these gadgets non-stop. It all adds up.

To put it into perspective, we look to our green friends at 1bog to break down exactly what is happening, what the costs associated with gadgetizing are, and we look at different ways to prevent the over-consumption of energy.

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Cost of Gadgets

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