The Kindle Fire Gets the Lion’s Share of the Tablet Market (*Scraps)

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Every good set of statistics should come with a compelling asterisk as a footnote to the data.

In this case, it’s a tale of domination in the minor leagues, of being the big fish in a small fishbowl, and of overusing cliches to illustrate a point. The Kindle Fire, released last year to much fanfare and anticipation of being the last remaining “iPad Killer” candidate, has been at the king of the Android tablet market since shortly after its release. They had a tremendous Christmas (I bought 4) and can be seen at coffee shops and on airplanes traveling every in the country.

The asterisk is that they might have control of 54.4% of the Android market, but Android only accounts for 29% of the total tablet market. iOS and their singular representative, the iPad, fill 2/3rds of the tablet cases in the United States. It’s great news for Amazon and tremendous news for Apple. It’s better to be the dominant one picking up the scraps than the poor tablets left fighting for the scraplets.

Here’s a quick chart from Statista that comes to us via Atlanta Ford Dealers detailing the numbers. Below the Kindle Fire, there simply isn’t much to see.

Kindle Fire Dominates Android

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