When Websites Replace Gods: Indian Village Changes Name to SnapDeal.com Nagar

Snapdeal Village

The northern Indian village once known as Shiv Nagar has replaced the first part of their name (which came from the Hindu god Shiva) to the name of the company that gave them what they really needed: water.

SnapDeal, the Indian variation of Groupon, spent $5000 to install 15 hand pumps that allowed villagers to get water locally rather than walk 2 miles to the nearest clean water.  28-year-old CEO Kunal Bahl said this is the first of many works of philanthropy that he has planned.

“The intention was not for us to ask for money or anything. They just wanted to express their gratitude,” he said.

Express it, they did. Here are some images of the results:

Snapdeal Clean Water

Snapdeal Children

Snapdeal Home

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