You Don’t Look So Good: How Pinterest Might Hurt Your Blog

Pinterest for Blogs

I have been blogging for a while now and having a tremendous blast. From the resources I have acquired, I have discovered many facets of adequate blogging tips and strategy. I reach out to my buddy Veronica (Confessions of a Social Media Girl on Social Media Today) for advice when there is something on the social media front that I can’t figure out.

The source of good blog writing, as assumed by most, would be good content. As content is important for blogging, having a solid picture attached to your blog can aid in gaining readership and emphasize the message of your blog post. With the rising popularity of Pinterest, pinning your blog posts with a variety of pictures can really help your blog stand out. However, blog posts that do not have many images or none at all, can suffer the wrath of poor presentation.

A reader of your blog might find the writing interesting and tweet on their phone or post your stuff to their Pinterest account. Sharing is caring and we all want our blogs to reach the furthest ends of the galaxy; but at what cost? The blog you poured your heart into is now hanging on someone’s Pinterest board with irrelevant pictures or no pictures at all (image not found)!

Images are great for your blog posts and if a picture is worth a thousand words than you got yourself a pretty solid posting. Sharing is a good way to show support, but like your kids making breakfast for you, make sure they leave in the good stuff.

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Jim Vacey is an editor and content specialist with a marketing firm in Bohemia NY. Jim is currently graduating from Dowling College with a degree in English and History and looks to pursue an MBA in Creative Writing. Jim is expecting his first child, Harley Quinn Vacey, this summer.

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