About us

TechVert.com want to help its readers make the right buying decisions. In doing so, we have primarily specialized in technical devices and gadgets. For example, if you want to know which gaming headset is the better one or which CPU liquid cooler you should buy, we will help you with our comparisons.


Our Mission

The selection of different products is becoming ever larger and more confusing. This is especially the case online. Accordingly, one quickly loses the overview of which product is the right one for one’s own requirements. We would like to counteract this. That’s why we try to clearly compare all possible products with each other and provide the most important features at a glance. in doing so, we make sure that we actually compare the most important characteristics, cater to the needs of our readers and don’t just focus on which product has the best price. After all, the more expensive product is not always the better one, or the less expensive product does not always save money.

Accordingly, we at TechVert.com recommend only those products that we would choose ourselves. If we cannot recommend the products to our best friends or family, we would not do so to our readers.

To ensure that we recommend only ide best products, the articles on this site are written by experienced authors who know and feel comfortable in their subject area. You won’t find any texts about devices and gadgets on TechVert that are not written by a tech enthusiast.


How we earn money

When it comes to our income, we are 100% honest: We earn our money through so-called affiliate links. If you go through our links to online stores, we receive a certain share of the purchase price as a commission. This has no disadvantage for you. You pay the same price as if you buy the product normally at Amazon and Co.

In fact, the affiliate model has a clear advantage: we are not dependent on selling the most expensive product. Instead, every single sale through the affiliate links is a profit for us. Accordingly, we do not make our comparisons and reviews dependent on the price of the product, the manufacturer or similar, but solely on its features, advantages and disadvantages.


Our Team

Founder of TechVert.com. Tech enthusiast. Interested in gaming, computers, and walkie-talkies.

Also owner @ home-planetarium.com and walkie-talkie-guide.com.


Senior Editor at TechVert.com. Passionate about tech & gaming. Gamer since 2003.


Senior Writer at TechVert.com. In love with technology. Keyboard and headset expert.


Passionate author at TechVert.com. Loves science and books. In a relationship with her cats.


Missing something?

We try to cover all possible product areas completely with our comparisons. Since our time is also limited, it may be that we have not yet compared certain products. If you would like to see a specific product comparison on TechVert.com or have another request for us, please feel free to email us: info@techvert.com.