Router Connected but no Internet – How can I fix it?

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Netgear C7000 vs C7000v2

Wi-Fi connection management in the old days was straightforward. It is true when Wi-Fi connections still have their limits, which we have fortunately have surpassed right now. Netgear’s Nighthawk C7000 and C7000v2 is an excellent testament to that. These devices are 2-in-1, where they could both act as a router and modem. This freedom has … Read more

How often should you replace your Router?

Although your router is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment you own, in most cases, we tend to set it up and then hope that we never get to think about it again. Getting a good router is essential for keeping your network up and running smoothly. In today’s world, where most … Read more

Netgear C6300 vs C7000

Router modem combos are taking over the market these days, with many manufacturers releasing and improving their models as soon as possible. Netgear is one brand that delivers high-quality products designed to boost internet speed and stabilize bandwidth. Netgear C6300 and C7000 are two models that can be considered the best in the market, but … Read more

TP-LINK AC1200 vs AC1750

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TP-LINK AC1750 vs AC1900

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Motorola MG7550 vs MG7700

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Netgear C6900 vs C7000

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TP-LINK Archer A8 vs A9

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Nighthawk AC1750 vs AC1900

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