Samsung X5 vs T7

From smartphones laptops to electronic gadgets, Samsung has proven itself to be a reliable manufacturer of tech devices. Two of its outstanding products are the X5 and T7 portable SSDs. The X5 and T7 have similar specifications that allow them to store large files within a few minutes. They differ in some ways, and their … Read more

Samsung T3 vs T5

While HDDs have dominated the market for decades, it seems like their performance is overshadowed by the demand for newer software and PC components. No PC or mobile phone would function without storage. Fortunately, we have SSDs, which stand for a solid-state drive. Instead of having mechanical internal parts, SSDs store memory on flash memory … Read more

Samsung T5 vs X5

Portable storage has never been in demand like it is right now. With many manufacturers perfecting how to approach these peripherals, commercial access has risen, and now everyone has a shot of owning even 2TB of storage that is truly portable. Years ago, we would only settle for HDDs for portability, but those days are … Read more

Samsung T5 vs T7

Finding it difficult to choose between Samsung T5 and T7? It’s not surprising. Truth be told, both portable SSD models are excellent choices for your extra external storage needs. They can store large files, which you can transfer in seconds. But which of the two portable storage devices should you get? For your convenience, this … Read more