Razer Kiyo Pro vs Logitech BRIO

With the rising popularity of video streaming and conferencing, the need for high-definition webcams is a necessity. We no longer need the fuzzy 480p resolution of webcams. We should gear more towards the high-end models, particularly Razer Kiyo Pro and Logitech Brio. These webcams from Razer and Logitech are top-notch, in our opinion. Find out … Read more

Logitech BRIO vs C930e

If you’re looking for an external webcam built for streaming or video chatting, audio quality is crucial. The Logitech BRIO and the Logitech C930e, it just so happens, have both in spades. Let’s compare and contrast the differences between Logitech’s BRIO and C930e webcams. The Logitech Brio is a 2017 model, thus it is newer. … Read more

Logitech C270 vs C270i

When the Logitech C270 and C270i are hooked into a computer, they all operate right away. Zoom, OBS, the Windows camera app, and any other tool that detects webcams can access them.` Both webcams have similarities and differences, some are good and some are changes that other users won’t enjoy. Read on and find out … Read more

How do Webcams work?

Every webcam works seamlessly in the same way – they capture and convert moving images into streams of digits that can be uploaded to the internet. The chip of the image sensor is the heart of a webcam. If you opt to know how a webcam works, we will further discuss it in this post. … Read more

Logitech C270 vs C505

With a large number of identical models available at comparable price ranges, the Logitech webcam portfolio is broad. In order to dispel any misunderstandings, we will provide purchase recommendations as well as a comparison of the Logitech c270 and the Logitech c505.   Main Differences There are hardly any differences between the Logitech C270 and … Read more

Logitech C270 vs C615

Webcams are becoming essential in this age of video conferencing. It’s necessary not just in the office but also in a home setup. It’s a highly demanded product with several options to choose from in the market. We all want a good-quality webcam that doesn’t hurt our pockets. If you’re onto budget webcams, Logitech got … Read more

Logitech BRIO vs C922

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Can a Webcam be hacked? & How to tell

It’s the horror scenario of many laptop and PC owners: A hacker gains access to the webcam of one’s own computer and can suddenly see everything the camera sees – without you noticing it yourself! And what if he were to publish the footage or even use it for blackmail?  But can hackers really take … Read more

Logitech C270 vs C525

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Logitech C922 vs C922x

If you’re searching for a webcam, you’re probably thinking about various Logitech models. This is unsurprising given the abundance of Logitech products aimed at various sorts of customers. Both Logitech external webcams are excellent choices for streaming or regular video conversations. What exactly is the distinction between the two? They are, in fact, the identical … Read more