Does a Gaming Mouse make a Difference?

Do you need to spend more on a gaming mouse? Is there a difference between using a regular mouse and a gaming mouse? Does using a gaming mouse make gaming better?

You are probably here because you’re trying to check on the answers to these questions. Is that right?

If yes, then you are on the right page. This article will provide you with a better understanding of gaming mice, and if they make a difference.


Gaming Experience

If there’s an obvious difference between your regular mouse and a gaming mouse, it is the gaming experience. Indeed, having a gaming mouse is not a prerequisite in building yourself a nice gaming setup. You can just use a regular mouse to play.

However, there are extra features and functions of gaming mice that are built especially for gaming. Some gamers say they experience very different gaming experiences while using a gaming mouse. These extra features can never be found in a regular mouse.

Deciding whether to buy a gaming mouse or not varies on your preference. It depends on how much you value or need certain features for the game you are playing. Some features may be portrayed as vital in gaming, but for you, it is not just what you need. You must understand all these extra features and functionalities before having one or deciding if it is worth investing in.


What Makes a Gaming Mouse Different?

Physically, you can already tell the differences between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. However, more than the physical features, there are other features of gaming mice that you need to know and understand. Some of these extra features are the sensors, buttons, the DPI or Dot per Inch, aesthetics, and the possibility for customization. These said features are portrayed to provide gamers to enjoy their game better and longer.

Here are some things that make gaming mice different:


DPI or Dot per Inch

To track the cursor’s move in real-time is very important in gaming. This allows you to take action with your mouse before it is too late. DPI pertains to the rate of pixels of the cursor in your screen per inch. The higher the DPI, the higher the sensitivity of the mouse. For a regular mouse, you might have 1000 dpi. Gaming mice on the other hand can have 4000 dpi up to 16,000 dpi. Some gamers may find high sensitivity to be great, but for some, they perceive high sensitivity as hard to control.



Gaming mice use laser sensors and optical sensors for high-quality gaming. With the use of laser sensors, one can achieve a higher DPI. High DPI means higher sensitivity, remember? As to the question, or if it is better to have greater sensitivity, it still depends on the game you are playing and how comfortable you are. Some gamers prefer higher DPI for they can act faster and more accurately. But for some, higher DPI doesn’t fit well in the game they’re playing.



Regular mice have 3 buttons; right-click, left-click and scroll which perform the standard function of a mouse. Gaming mice, however, are not limited to three buttons. It can have 6 buttons or more. These extra buttons can be customized to different shortcuts desired by the gamer.

These buttons spare gamers a bit of time looking for keys to press. They can be mapped to keyboard functions and serve as gamer’s hotkeys. They intend to provide convenience while playing. The question is, is it necessary for you to get these extra buttons?

The answer is no. It is not. But just because it is not necessary doesn’t mean you should not have it. If you feel extra buttons will give you a better gaming experience, then you should probably consider having one. But if you think you won’t need extra buttons for the game you’re playing, then you can stick with the mouse you are currently using.



Gaming mice come with different modern designs that are very far from the typical mice designs. They are unusual, adventurous, and very edgy. The reason behind this is companies intend to give gamers mice that would fit perfectly in their hands since we all do have different hand sizes. Gaming mice can be ergonomic or ambidextrous.

Ergonomic mice are designed for players that have their right hand being the dominant hand. While ambidextrous mice are designed to be used with ease regardless of what hand is the dominant one for the gamer. In gaming, a good grip is required pretty much in all types of games. So you need to choose a design that would fit perfectly in your hand. One that would not slip, or one that is not too heavy or not too light for you.

You can also choose between wired and wireless mice which gives you more options. But, many gamers prefer wired gaming mice over wireless ones since wires transmit signals faster, reducing the latency. If you feel that these designs seem too weird or will probably make you feel uncomfortable using them, perhaps gaming mice are not for you.



Regular mice are built with simplicity and less complicated manners that many still appreciate. Gaming mice on the other hand have features of customization. Let’s say, for example, you can customize the backlight. Most gaming mice are built with RGB lighting that provides many different colors that are visually appealing. These RGB lights are positioned differently. Therefore, it is up to you in choosing the mice that are attractive and fits your style.

Moreover, gamers have different preferences in terms of the weight of their mice. Some wanted to be their mouse light, some wanted their mouse to be heftier. There are gaming mice that are built with removable weights, tablet-shaped, that will make the weight adjustment possible. You can increase the weight of your mouse by adding modules or making it less heavy by removing some. You have more freedom in expressing your style or getting what you need with these kinds of gaming mice.


Do these Differences Make a Real Difference while Gaming?

Maybe yes. Maybe not. These differences, the additional functions, and features may give a different or probably even a better gaming experience. But this would vary depending on the type of game you’re playing and which feature you need most. Some features may not apply to the game you are playing or some may not be just the feature you need while playing.

Most importantly, these extra things you find in gaming mice might only make a difference depending on what gives you more comfort while playing.


Conclusion – Does a Gaming Mouse Make a Difference?

Gaming mice do give different gaming experiences. But, you can just actually observe and experience the difference once the game you are playing requires such features as mentioned above. A gaming mouse will make a difference for you if you get to use those extra features.

However, you might think that there’s nothing much different between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse if the game you are playing requires simple commands or controls. You don’t need to have extra sensitivity or extra buttons if you are playing simple games just to have fun gaming.

If you are serious about playing and you think the above features may help you satisfy your needs and will provide you more comfort, then a gaming mouse will be worth investing in.


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